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Indie Gaming
Posted on Wednesday, April 30 2008 @ 14:28:23 PST

(Its alternative - Mel) I am no pioneer of pop culture, I was not one of the originals and I was not the last of the blood and sweat brigade. I'm not one of those fellows who played miniature games before Warhammer or paid $6/hour for their first internet connection back in the day that was. No I'm no hardcore gamer, I've played more games than I can remember, I've played games out of pure boredom, hell I maxed out all the characters in Dynasty Warriors 4 which is enough to qualify me for therapy. But the originals always complain about the state of this year of our lord 2008, oh how dreadful, the synthetic high-pop mixed in with something so unoriginal it titles itself as grunge music, the Avril Lavigne college melodramas and the voyeuristic pseudo-burlesque groups singing about feminism, the black cry for re-enslavement. This year plagued by atheism, the death of philosophy through the rejection of agnosticism, this worship of consummation, O brave new world. Quantity over quality, the world turned into a game of Pac-man, a race of true human quality, to see who gets the highest score in this worship of money. Video games praised as the new medium of art, filled with potential, but potential and originality are famous rivals. The video game revolution falls flat when it faces the world, like it's drafted into some army after living with it's parents for 20 years, all of a sudden realizing that what you need in war is money, money and more money, now in this vortex of survival it clings to the one thing it has learnt from more than one gunshot wound.

With God and art dead science rules supreme, cold and heartless it doth not embrace the philosophy of Einstein, no no it is to grand for that old goat. The sheep so baffled by the wondrous entertainment technology is able to bring them, the sheep go where the entertainment leads them, gently into the pen, the sheep are afterwards fed and slaughtered and then turned into some Boeuf Carbonade at a french restaurant where the food is cooked by Spaniards. But the sheep are not some semi-moron they know they are treading the green mile, they know of the carnage that lays before them in the butchers pen, this passive-aggressive worship of violence so widely embraced by the human instinct now comes in a box for only $30-$50, it could be free if you pay for an internet connection, that way you could also watch the latest adventures of Stupid_Cunt on Youtube, her videoblogs are so wacky and fun, and that rack, wow. But of course you can indulge, this is the year of hedonism, not the hedonism of Oscar Wilde but the hedonism of the mindless ape jacking off and then falling down, laughter ensues whilst the ape is quite bitter about the whole situation and goes of to wank behind some rock.

With the rise of the great imperial the rebel forces always gather, and the rise of the indie tossers, the ones who find pride in being obscure and unknown even when they are famous, naturally this isnt always the case but it sure is for those who rise to commercial success. The video game industries "indie" tossers aren't always like this on the other hand, it's a playground for the brilliant, where genius shines true but only genius does so, in the commercial wankfest of the video game stores you find mediocrity and **** stacked on shelves with someone who could just as well have worked in a gas station, these aren't your vinyl store owners, no these are you Walmart greeters at worst and your gas station part-time workers at good, your World of Warcraft player at best. But the "indie" video game world gets to much praise and is not much different from the commercial wank-a-tron, brilliance always shines, and genius always finds a way to dig through the crust of **** covering the sphere of illusion we call originality. Indie games are no more prone to create the game of the decade than the $20 million dollar FPS. Would Gish really have been better with a larger budget? Would Defcon or Garys Mod or FaceWound be so much better if you threw in a few more fellows and millions at it? The difference between the two spheres of creation seems to be that the big companies rely on manpower and money, and hell that works sometimes, but the "indie" does what she does out of personal interest and out of the sweat of her brow. And because of this, indie game makers make games they want to play, the ones that get famous make games that happened to appeal to alot of people, only when they get a fanbase do they start listening to them, once they get buyers and viewers, the ones that can give them sponsors and money, indie game makers are just in the early stages of a large company and hell that's what makes them beautiful, they are in that slightly more advanced state after rebirth that state that will surely grow out of proportions and be reborn into some awful incest-spawn who will breed with new concepts bringing forth a new rebel, a new indie, and the old indie is now the imperials looking down at those filthy rebels, they do now know the power of the dark side.

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