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VGX Review
Posted on Thursday, December 12 2013 @ 11:32:19 PST

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The VGX - The Next Generation of Video Game Awards, attempted to bridge the social aspect of sites such as and with the granduer of a full out awards show! I'll run down the successes and failures of tonights three hour show and hopefully I won’t insult all of you by spouting snarky, unenergetic quips the whole time. Hmm, maybe I should. I don’t get paid for this...moving on!

Success - Spotlight on Dev's

It’s not often we get to hear first hand from developer’s beyond having to pay for extra content when a game releases or the summer trade shows. For a video game award show to acknowledge the developers is standard, but to actually let them talk is great and really they should of let them talk more. Also getting Reggie Fils-Aime/Nintendo on is a first, but sadly only Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze was featured. If only Spike/GT would have let someone direct them some good questions maybe people would be more excited about this aspect of the show.

Failure - Joel McHale/Music Hosts

I love Community. I enjoy catching The Soup every now and then. But dammit man, you’re on an awards show for, yes, “video games”, but c’mon. It won’t surpise me to see a few fem-blogs jump up in anger at the misogynistic comment you made less than 5 minutes into the show and I’m hoping with the backlash that follows on twitter/twitch and elsewhere that next years VGX move past forcing a star into the show. I love McHale’s humor, but it just didn’t fit with Keighley and turned it into one large awkward cringe the whole way through. This also goes for the music hosts down stairs for the GTAV performance. Stupid. Just stupid.

Success(ish) - GAMES!!!!!!?

A total of 4 new IP’s were revealed and two from the same developer, Telltales Game of Thrones and Tales from Borderlands. We only saw reveal trailers for the TT games, but we know they will be solid with their track record. We also got to see an indie game, No Man’s Sky, which actually looked impressive coming from a four man indie team. No Man’s Sky sounds amazing on paper. Travel anywhere. See a star? Point your ship in that direction and you’ll find a planet to land on and explore. Lastly, Remedy sneaked an iOS game called Agents of Steel, a sea based RTS/tower defense game. There is a lot of potential with these games here, but sounds like there’s going to be wait until they’re in our hands.

Of the rest of the games shown, well, we’ve seen them all. We got a peek at some of the Titanfall story. Quantic Dream showed about 10 seconds of gameplay, but the developers did get to speak on it a bit. There will be moments in the game where you play as the villain and make key decisions. They explained this in that the games two main characters and the villain all have time controlling powers, with the villain being able to see the future and at that junction you can choose what path to take. This then unlocks the TV aspect of the multimedia creature Quantic Dream is.Thief gameplay was featured and looks to be great, but again not to much new. Destiny showed up for a moment with a trailer, and while looking great was nothing not seen before. Donkey Kong made Kranky Kong’s appearance in the game official and demo’d two levels. Looks good for you few Wii U owners. Dying Light gave us some gameplay. It looks very much like Dead Island, but smoother, faster and more fun. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Lastly, Tim Schaffer gave us some Broken Age gameplay, which artisticly looks fantastic. With the recent success of the TT games, I see this doing great and its good to see Schaffer getting his ideas out there.

Failure - Viral Youtube clips/GTAV Music

Now this one is very subjective for me. Between the Twitch chat doing its thing (darude-sandstorm where?) and the lag that I experience during the show, these Virals were terrible. I’m not a fan of pewdeepie whatsoever and it was just painful to watch him “play” the Dying Light demo.  As for the others, they weren’t funny, but thats my opinion. During this “Viral” segments also seemed to be where it lagged the most. As for the GTAV live music it was very hit and miss. The live tracks performed were terrible and artistically a complete failure. But the score tracks were amazing and I would love to listen to those again.
Both - The Awards (A LOT of opinion here)

The awards themselves came off feeling very forced this year. Bioshock Infinite won Best Shooter. What? The one aspect of that game that kept it from being GOTY earned itself Best shooter? Ugh. Gone Home won Best PC game. A great indie game for sure, but really, BEST PC game? And GTAV won GOTY. I feel that what was the cluster**** the release of the multiplayer was that it shouldn't have been considered, but the voters must have ignored this though and if I do I guess I can live with it winning.

The rest of the awards were well earned. The score for GTAV was great, kudos. Troy Baker is a GOD and was nominated twice as Joel from TLOU and Booker in Bioshock. Honestly, he could of been up for a third as well with his performance as the Joker in Batman:AO. The last notable game in my view was Ni No Kuni winning best RPG.

Overall, the show was O.K. Completely cringe worthy throughout and very painful at times, but good in game content. Although, you'd think there would be some sort of Microsoft/Sony presence by now. They say "For the gamers", except when it comes to the VGX

Anyways, you would think after 10 years of doing these awards that they’d have this down, but nope, so maybe next year. Right? Ehh…

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