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Gamerevolution, a better place...
Posted on Sunday, May 15 2011 @ 07:28:18 PST

Dear Gamerevolution staff,

I am a long time visitor and fan of this site. Started coming here since ten years ago when I was on the hunt for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings cheats because frankly… I did not know what the f**k I was doing. To be honest I do not even really remember how I came here in the first place. Opened Google, typed in  'Age of Empires II cheats' and bam! your site was first one on the list. Maybe even Google recognizes GR’s awesomeness. Since then I have been hooked. Kept coming back, started reading reviews, previews, forums, even dared to check out the chat rooms as an innocent nine year old. Even today I do not know if it has left my soul unda – PUSSY!, ahem, undama – PENIS!, *loud cough*, UNDAMAGED!

Goddamn it.

*clears throat*

I have a lot of fond memories from here, which is why I wish to make it a better place. Gaming has become mainstream these days, gamers are not perceived as they once were (basement dwelling, pizza and Mountain Dew filled, amoebic slobs that are incapable of basic social functioning) though some of them are still giving us a bad name (looks at the rabid PS3 and Xbox 360 dogs while the Wii ones piss on them both). Internet sites about our hobby have flourished, if you seek information about gaming you have a wide palette to choose from.
And this is a problem for GR – competition. Now if were living in the system that once governed my country (a one party political system you are either ON OUR SIDE or DEAD) this would not be a problem. You carry the word Revolution and all of your competitors would probably get shot in the head, hanged, drowned, torched, thrown into Siberian wastelands with no clothes, left to rot on a desert island... Wow, they were very creative about this stuff.

Ahem, sadly this not the case, you must compete with other sites to get attention for potential readers, clicks, adds and what not in order to survive. You are already doing an awesome job, but I would like to see this site grow, to see it expand because it is, in my opinion, the best site about gaming. The biggest mother****ing badass fish in the grand ocean we call the Internet. Before people start yelling ‘brownnoser!’ let me just say something: I do not care. This is my opinion and I will stand behind it. With the brown smudge on my nose!

1. Forums need a bit of trimming

Gamerevolution suffers from an annoying problem that it (as it stands for now) does not have a lot of forum activity. I would like to see the forums become livelier, bursting with energy and excitement!  Maybe it would help if you would fuse some of the forums together in order to make a bigger, bonker, busting, mega, super, ultra forum.
I would recommend fusing the Classical gaming forum and RPG forum with the General Gaming Topics forum. Cancel the News Forum altogether because the last post made there is from 2nd of April, you have the main page for that. Maybe even go further and fuse the whole Systems forums with the General Gaming Topics and give them subforums. Now you would have a lot of forum activity and be organized at the same time.

2. An original ‘piece’

I became aware of due to Yahtzee and his Zero Punctuation reviews. Destructoid lured me into their site because of their cool little robot, without IGNs arrogance being constantly talked about on the internet I probably would have missed it too. I think I am not the only one. See where I am getting at? Every big gaming site has something that makes it unique.

If GR would have some sort of mascot, some sort of original ‘piece’ (it can be anything really) it could stand out more and lure potential users to this site. Maybe start a weekly comic about games with an original cast of characters (how original, har, har)? The art does not be of the highest quality, look at the Cyanide and Happiness comics ( the art is **** (probably deliberately) but the writing makes up for it (for the most part). I think you guys have the creative abilities to think of something up and use to help GR grow as a gaming site. Or offer blowjobs and pudding.™ (

3. Write more!

If it were not for your reviews I would have been long gone from this site. The reviews, more specifically, the writing is top notch. It is objective, it is funny, not too long or too short --> perfect in my eyes. Why not use your writing skills more? Like the GR rant posts? You guys could talk about specific characters (like Links does --> they are awesome by the way), memories of playing videogames (Memory Card made on the Destructoid as an example), specific genres and their evolution, Easter Eggs in games, how gaming has changed, ‘pro’ gaming, merchandise (where did that lovable robot of yours go?)... anything. You got the talent, use it!

4. Use the point system

There is one thing I hate about nowadays achievements, Trophy systems. They award you points for no use except for dick waving. Why not award the users who put extra effort into getting some of the achievements, Trophies? Some of them are a real ***** to get ( and you get nothing special for doing them. In my opinion you should. Otherwise I do not feel special...

GR has a pointless point system. I have a GR Score of 740... yay? Why not reward active forums members who are writing constructive blogs, reviews, organize forum games with points and when they reach a specific set award them with gaming items you guys get? Posters, used games with your signatures on it, game OST’s, DLC codes, figurines...? How such a system would function I do not know yet but we could make it happen through meaningful dialog (threats) and constructive criticism (rants).
Even if you will not even consider anything I wrote about, do not worry you guys... I will still love you. With a broken heart, but still. You are too awesome to hate.

<3, Kijan

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