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FEATURED VOXPOP danielrbischoff
Peace in the Era of Call of Duty
By danielrbischoff
Posted on 04/15/14
In a world dominated by violent media, Americans are no more eager to go to war than they were in the 1980s or the 1960s or the 1940s. Hasn't it always been someone else's problem? The overwhelming majority would rather go on thinking it had nothing to do with them and there...


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A Chance at Something More
Posted on Monday, November 24 2008 @ 15:37:07 Eastern

Well, after deliberating for over a week, asking the advice of people I know and respect, and who have read and even critiqued my own ramblings on paper, I decided to do it. has put a call in for contributing writers, and I threw my name into the ring by submitting my Phychonauts review and my Vox Pop Article “Fanboyism And The Ongoing War.” That was actually an alternative choice, but I picked it because of the wit and frankness of the language used, something I think would of worked better on Gaygamer than my deep, oftentimes lugubrious text on historic information from articles like “From Rise to Ruin: The Story of Acclaim.”

It’s funny, really. I never thought of myself as a coherent, capable writer when I was younger. I mean,  I always wrote short stories, poems, and the like because it helped me think before I go into a major paper for school, and I always contributed news articles to my schools paper to keep me fresh in my prose. But for the first time ever, I feel somewhat excited about the prospect of writing articles regularly.

True, I do that regularly on here, but this is for my pure indulgence. The reviews and blog entries I have posted here is just my passions as a gamer coming through, discussing and arguing topics that pertain to the medium I know and love, one I play each day. I definitely feel like I grew as a writer from four years ago, when I entered college. Hell, looking at my progression on this site is proof of that. I have the urge to go to my first review here, my Ocarina of Time review, and totally rewrite the whole thing to fit my new, semi-professional style.

But it is remarkable, to me at least, that I can now do something for a website that pertains to the game medium. Granted, it is, which is such a niche group (for good reason) that I doubt it will be a major foot in any door, let alone a blip on the map. But it’s not about personal glory or moving up to some dream job in the gaming industry, it is about what I enjoy.

I am a writer at heart. I guess I always have been, and in my chosen profession I get to write a lot, both for someone else and for myself. Lesson Plans, test makeup’s, even book reviews in the hopefully not so distant future is what I chose to do. It is something I always wanted to do, and will do for my vocation, but is it all I will do? Writing reviews on Game Revolution, articles for school newspapers, resumes for a job, even my own fiction stories, shorts and novellas that will never be read by anyone but my close circle of friends, have had such an effect on me, I sometimes question what I chose to do.

 I feel rejuvenated when I write. I feel like the stresses of the days go away when, and I can portray my opinions more thoroughly in a well thought out paragraph then a well-crafted monologue. I feel like people listen to the words on the paper, whether they agree or disagree with the points made, and take it to heart. I feel like I can still do better, become even more handed in this ancient craft, if I keep working at it. I feel like I can do this for the rest of my life.

And if Gaygamer rejects my writings? I won’t be discouraged at all, really. It will just help with my own resolve in maybe one day writing semi-professionally. It is a journey to create something out of nothing, be it a book, a song, a game or a movie; a hard, artistic journey that has rewards for those who are patient. And at the very least, my own little corner here on Game Revolution I can feel welcome and respected by my peers, through good and bad.

So thank you, to those who have read my reviews and commented favorably, who have sent me private messages with glowing praise as to how I influence them. Who have told me they value my opinion almost as much as the main staff, a notion that humbles me a great deal at times. Even if I fail to become a contributing writer for Gaygamer, I can at least continue my passions on Game Revolution without any qualms whatsoever.

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Red Rings of Death
Posted on Monday, November 17 2008 @ 13:52:51 Eastern

While playing Fallout 3, my X-Box 360 froze one me. Normally I think this is something wrong with the game, and I have one minor scratch on my Fallout 3 disc, but after attempting to restart my system, it froze again, this time on the first boot up screen with the spinning logo.

Now, I am wary. So I restart, and the most ominous symbol for the system, the red rings of death, pops up.

Second time for me, which is never good. I need to make sure the system is under warranty (which it should be, since it's three years.) so I can get a new one. Looks like the Playstation 2 is going to get more play than usual, as will my Wii.

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Confessions of a Pokemaniac
Posted on Friday, November 7 2008 @ 11:28:11 Eastern

Today on I was browsing through they’re in-depth pokedex and I suddenly realized something, something that has not crossed my mind in years. Pokemon is pretty damn old now. Maybe not as ancient as most game franchises are, like Tetris, Pac-Man, Mario or Zelda, but it now has over ten years on their belts notched ever since the game graced the game boy back in 1997. And with the Pokemon Platinum released in Japan back in September, chances are it will grace the U.S shores sometime in April again, marking it the 14th game in the normal series of the Pokemon RPG games.

For a franchise that has sold over 175 million units in a little over ten years, that is impressive in it’s own right. And let’s be serious for a second, almost everyone growing up in the late 1990’s played pokemon on the handheld, watched that still awful tv show on the WB, bought, traded and played the collectable card game (with two shiny rare Charizards that I once got $200 for one of them.) Hell, pokemanics who won’t be afraid to admit it can still name the exact statistics and strategies that you need to take down Mewtwo without the use of the Masterball.

But I digress. Over ten years old, Pokemon is still going strong on the handheld, and in Nintendo’s fold of cash in games. The series has spawned one of the cultural phenomenons of the past few years, and is still a benchmark for pop culture today. Where as phenomenons like Pogs and My Little Ponies have faded into pure obscurity, Pokemon is going strong after eleven years.

Why is that? Why is it that some random game that is offensively Japanese, is totally kid friendly, has more cute creatures than a pet shop and really has remained unchanged since the first game came out, still the number one seller on the handhelds? Also, why is it that a lot of the elder fans of the game shun their roots from it?

The first question is easy, and it has to do with appeal and gameplay design. The Pokemon’s appeal as a kid friendly title is part of it, but it is also the appeal of catching and collecting creatures to do battle with. That core game concept keeps players going back for more, to find rare and exclusive creatures to fill out a collection, and collecting the Pokemon is just one half of the rubrics cube. The second part, the gameplay design, and keeps those players hooked (even if they won’t admit it.) The game has very deep and well thought out strategic elements that have evolved over time to create one of the better strategy battle games on the market.

The limit of four attacks a Pokemon is pretty much put down into a science by most poke maniacs. They know what to use on whom with what attack, and who has the broadest chance of hitting an opponent. The games statistics are also highly detailed. Depending on the type of one’s Pokemon, the type of attack, attack strength, and if the attack is a physical or special attack, will calculate the damage you can do to an opponent. Likewise, defense and speed is categorized in the same fashion, all of which is coupled with a base statistic score that can range between 60-120, not to mention the augmenting effects of stat boosters and reducers.


Any given pokemaniac can sit down, calculate what is needed, and win a battle accordingly, which is why the game has such a broad appeal with a lot of age groups.  Hell, kids who have grown up with the game, on average, still play it today, because of the deep strategy elements in the game. Some of the biggest tournaments worldwide are in Pokemon, granted the rules are different somewhat depending on what tourney your participating in, but the competitive battle scene is really deep and engrossing.

And that is just the game itself. The card game has a great appeal as well, like Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, and continues to pump out four sets a year with constant updates to the gameplay mechanics. Pokemon’s influence is not just in pop culture, but also in other venues all over the world. The Thanksgiving Day parade, the infamous ANA Boeing 747 with Pokemon inked on the sides, hell, a new protein was named after Pikachu by scientists early in 2008.The influence is totally widespread.

But still, there are those who have played the games, were engrossed into the statistical nature of the battle system, even religiously watched the anime every day through recordings and video releases, yet have shunned it as a phase, like it was something to grow out of. And I bet some people took it even further and did extreme things, like go see the Pokemon Live! Show or write Pokemon fan fiction where Ash and Misty are rocking the casaba. (Incidentally, I have a fanfiction on if you want to read it, it’s an original story so don’t worry too much about it.)  Yes, with every great fad there is a lot of excess, but when the fad is still going strong after all these years, perhaps it is time to embrace it once more. You can't just grow out of a game series you like. You can move on to better (or sometimes worse) games, but you will never stop loving a game from your past that you played, even with all of the flaws it may have or the image it presents to you.

I am a pokemaniac and I’m not ashamed of it, and everyone else who loves the games from their youth should not be either. You may have moved on from the cuteness of Pokemon, but the core gameplay, the strategic merits that can be learned to help with cognitive thinking, still exist in the cartridges memory banks. You would be doing yourself a favor to play the adventures again, even if it’s just for nostalgia’s sake. I can guarantee, the inner pokemaniac in you won’t complain about it.

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History has been made
Posted on Tuesday, November 4 2008 @ 20:30:53 Eastern

As of right now, the projections for the presidency say Barack Obama has become the 44th president of the United States.

This is a time for jubilation for some, doubt for others, and hopefully, the promises of change that will occur. This...   read more...

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Posted on Friday, October 31 2008 @ 14:05:50 Eastern

Eight! I did eight reviews for games in a month! Damn I must either be good at this, bad at this, or I really have a lot more time on my hands than I think I do.

Eight? Seriously, I haven't written this much in a month in a long time, and ...   read more...

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The Sequel Effect: Part II, Bioshock and the Artform of Gaming.
Posted on Saturday, October 18 2008 @ 00:49:18 Eastern

Today I heard some news that I didn’t find surprising but at the same time was adamantly against. The sequel to the hit game Bioshock was revealed as a cutscene extra on the Playstation 3 version of the game. Yes, a sequel ...   read more...

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2 Jobs and a New Series
Posted on Thursday, October 2 2008 @ 20:37:29 Eastern

Man, having two jobs is killing me.

The first is actually simple sort of. I work at EB Games in New York, one of the few that are left, actually, in the evenings for four hours a day, 2-3 days a week on average. Not too strenuous, even tho...   read more...

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College Loans and Deferrment
Posted on Monday, September 15 2008 @ 19:11:16 Eastern in a rut because I need to begin paying college loans soon and I can't defer them unless I can go to grad school today. And because of the bullshit with my degree conferral, I couldn't register for anything until now, meaning for the Spring...   read more...

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Lucky me?
Posted on Friday, September 12 2008 @ 09:48:22 Eastern

Well I got a call from a local high school here, and they said that they have an opening for a social studies class and were wondering if I was available for an interview tomorrow!

So, damn, excited right now. I just got my certification a...   read more...

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Posted on Sunday, August 31 2008 @ 12:50:07 Eastern

I got my degree, and my teaching certificate!

It's about damn time too, because I have been waiting for it since JUNE. Now it's late, meaning I can't get a job anywhere unless I get called in by a principal, so all my initial shopping for...   read more...

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