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Longo_2_guns Longo_2_guns' Blog
I think I broke my pinky
Posted on Tuesday, May 22 2007 @ 02:21:54 Eastern

So I got Guitar Hero II. The last few hours have been a blur of playing GH and wanting to play GH. The damn blue keys hurt my pinky when I was trying to reach it.
But I have already had my first "concert", where a few people in my family came to watch me play. I played mostly on easy, but managed to get 79% on my first time on hard. No more to type. I am going to go play more Guitar Hero.

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What I hate about the PS3
Posted on Thursday, May 10 2007 @ 23:57:37 Eastern

Part two has arrived. What I hate about the PS3:
Lack of good games. Right now, all it really has is Resistance, Motorstorm, and various 360 games. No thanks. Lack of stuff in the store. Really self explanitory. The price. Well, that one is kind of a given. It is the most expensive thing on the market right out of the box. It is huge. It is a giant in comparison to my 360 or my other stuff. Price of Sixaxis=too high. I will be honest, I like sixaxis more than rumble. But the controllers cost 50 dollars. Too much for a single controller. Mediocre online service. There is no trans-game communication. The friends list doesn't carry over from games, etc. etc. Headset not included. This makes me mad. Because of this fewer people talk on the Network, making teamwork quite a bit harder.
Well I was lacking inspiration. More later an maybe something on Wii.

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What I hate about... Pt 1
Posted on Thursday, April 26 2007 @ 23:13:03 Eastern

So, I was inspired by a certain topic in the forums. After looking over the topic, I've decided that all of the consoles out suck in their own special way. So without further ado, i present to you:

What I hate about the 360!

It is so loud. While I am playing my games, I have to turn up the volume on my tv as loud as it can go just to mask the loud droning of my 360's fan. I mean, you'd think that they could make a quieter fan. Every other system ever has done it. One million essentials, all sold seperatly. This is what really bugs me. There are many things that can make it a lot better (wifi, HD-DVD, a headset that won't break, cables, etc.) that you have to buy seperatly. I've already spent an upwards of 180 dollars with mine.
The online costs money. The 360 has the best online service. However, it costs 50 dollars a year just to actually use it. You could just use silver. But then you wouldn't really be able to do anything. You can chat and that is about it. Or you could pay by month in case you want to cancel. That cost even more money. Not only that, but with gold a lot of things in the store still cost a pretty penny. Also, why is it called silver. It makes it seem like there is some sort of merit for using it. If they wanted people to buy gold, they should call silver "Online Core Version". The store sucks. Well, not completly. But they charge money for stuff that should be free. Like it costs money to get your username changed. Or it costs money to download skins. It is free to get demos as long as you have Gold. Whoop-de-doo. I can get all game demos free on my PS3. Worst people online. I am sorry, but I cannot stand to play Live. So many people are obnoxios teens who think that everyone who doesn't stay up till 4 am playing Vegas every day is not worthy to play. Even worse, the slightest sign of a slower connection than the T-900 they get and they will ***** to the host about that person until one of them gets kicked. Lack of games for a wide audience. This doesn't affect me at all, but there are people out there who are not allowed to play M games. Shocking, I know. With a 360, these people have about 3 good games to play. That's it. Terrible compatability. I download a lot of songs. It really pisses me off when i can't simply put the songs I want on a memory key and transfer them onto my 360. No hard drive middle ground. You either get a 20 gig or a 120 gig. Nothing in between. Either too little or far too much.
Thats all that I can think of for now. I'll add more as I think of it.

Tune in next time for What I hate about PS3.

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So much space now...
Posted on Sunday, April 22 2007 @ 02:06:34 Eastern

Today, I had my room cleaned. Not just cleaned, but more like cleared out. All of my games got put into storage. My broken bed frame got thrown away. All my clothes were cleaned out. Etc.

So now all that is in my room is my matress, my des...   read more...

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Still waiting...
Posted on Friday, April 20 2007 @ 22:22:41 Eastern

So it has been 1 month and 7 days, and still no Gear Solid Medal for me. I will sit and wait for as long as it takes, with intent to egg GM houses.

In other news, this is my first blog.

In sports, instead of playing basketball i...  

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