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Becoming A Zombie On WoW
Posted on Monday, October 27 2008 @ 02:52:34 Eastern

Not really intended as a Devil's Advocate article, but enjoy anyway.

Please note that this is about the World of Warcraft 3.0.2 patch. For other zombie-orientated madness, check out Valve's upcoming Left 4 Dead, the Half Life 2 modification Zombie Panic: Source or even the next Call of Duty title.

Hi, I'm Melaisis and for the next twenty minutes I'm going to show you how to make the most out of the undead madness that has taken over Azeroth and beyond. Please note that becoming a zombie (at the time of writing) does not hold any real benefits, aside from being able to infest towns, infect other people and being able to turn them into your kin. Its a great way of making new friends about both factions, however.

You will need:

- An active World of Warcraft subscription.
- A patched client.
- A willingness to die repeatedly.
- A hatred for all living things.


- Friends.
- A level 70 (you keep your level and general HP when infected).

1. Getting Infected

- The easiest part of the entire process.
- Find infected NPCs (easily noticeable by their green aura) and, when they turn into a zombie, let them hit you a few times and run off.

- Roaches and rats are an alternative to this; you'll spot them in most major cities and simply hit them once to become infected.

- Hordes of zombies are also a prime place to get infected, but beware; if you are a low level you'll often be killed before you actually get the disease.
- Suspicious crates littered the harbors of Azeroth during the opening stages of the invasion and are probably the easiest place to get infected, if you can find them.

2. Being Infected

- After becoming infected, you'll have up to two minutes to decide where you're going to go.
- It is very important you make use of your time wisely as an infected. You cannot mount or use flight masters (they turn hostile) as a zombie, so think strategically.
- Unless you plan to go to a empty district or one which is definitely in the hands of a zombie group, cities are a bad idea. You'll be healed (often by altruistic Paladins or Argent healers) if you enter any of the major parts of most capitals and you'll have to get infected again.
- Alternatively, if you have somewhere secretive to go where you know NPCs will be, then go for it. See the example of the Mage Quarter (and specifically, Blue Recluse or Slaughtered Lamb) of Stormwind.

- If you know that a large pack of fellow undead are in your area, then it is generally a good idea to stick with them (see Stage 4).
- Don't head somewhere too remote (like outside of Karazhan) as it'll take hours to get back out of the bloody place when your work is done.

- In writing this guide, I've picked Nethergarde Keep; due to the lack of 'civilian-like' NPCs (won't call for help from level 65s) and its remoteness. However, there are a number of ideal locations for the solo zombie to go; see the end list for examples.

- Interestingly, if you ride/sprint past an Argent Healer on your way out they'll be too slow to cure your disease.

3. Being A Zombie Arsehole

- Don't attack flight masters upon landing at a location if you turned into a zombie during the flight; they'll call gryphons/bats and instantly kill you. Even if you manage to infect them, their pets will kill their zombified version, heh.
- Make use of all your abilities as described below. Zombies take attrition damage naturally, so remember to heal (either use 'Retch!' or attack something)!
- If you're at a Scourge hotspot, notice that you are now friendly to their cause. I recommend getting zombified in the Plaguelands especially (although flying in will get you instantly killed during flight).
- At Sanctuary locations, such as the Stair of Destiny or Shattrath, restrictions are put on a lot of NPCs so they cannot become undead. However, vomiting will still affect player characters and entire units of Draenei patrols can be infected if you explode nearby.

- Avoid areas that will appear to be easy targets, specifically Goldshire, Brill and so on. During the Halloween event they'll have many level 70s in the area who are hoping to bag some cash from quick dailies. Even in the days following the event these small towns may be too close to the capital cities and not very far from help.

3.1. Abilities

1 - Mangle; instant. Increased attack power and shaves away at your enemy's armour.
2 - Retch; an Area of Effect attack that slows your adversaries, as well as infecting them if they stay in the radius for a few seconds. Also provides zombies in the area (including yourself and NPC ones) with healing to negate the natural attrition.
3 - Beckoning groan; calls 4 NPC zombies towards you, but has limited effect.
4 - Lurch; works a lot like sprint, giving a short speed increase (useful, because zombies usually move at walking speed) to both yourself and nearby zombies. If used tactically, a large group can be forever sprinting.
5 - Explosion! Basically causes yourself to explode, kamikaze style. Anyone around you will be infected, and is useful if you realise that you're going to die.

4. Getting A Party Started

- Zombies communicate using their own special language and both Horde and Alliance undead can /s to one another (to normal characters it'll just appear as a mixture of '...' and 'Braaaains'). This means that neutral towns are a prime target for cross-faction assaults.
- If there's only a small group of you then tackling settlements that have a steady stream of players (for instance, Westfall and Tarren Mill on active servers) may be the best idea. In general, a lot of old school World PVP mechanics apply when picking locations; you don't want to under or overestimate a place lest you risk total defeat or boredom.
- For bigger groups, city raids are certainly achievable. Argent Healers should be your primary takedowns, followed by higher level NPCs; without these, players tend to be buggered.

- Its important to keep down a lot of vomit puddles to ensure healing across the entire group for all the time.
- If you die, don't worry! As covered in Stage One, its simple to get infected again!
- Certain NPCs cannot be infected. These include all children and certain faction leaders (at time of writing, Vol'Jin and Makkatroque are still killable).
- It is recommended that you strip your armour if becoming zombified for a long period of time, as dying will still affect durability (unless killed by a player character).

4.1. Recommended Solo Targets
(Average Level 70)

- Mage Quarter of Stormwind

- Nethergarde Keep

- Shattrath (explosion is killer!)
- Deeprun Tram (easy to escape from large packs of hunters)
- The Great Lift (awesome place to tackle travelling lowbies and spread it up and down Kalimdor)
- Eastern Plaguelands (lots of Scourge here, anyway)
- The outskirts of Theramore (Jania occasionally spawns out there, and the guards are humanoids around level 35)
- Many Outland towns that are otherwise deserted (Stonebreaker Hold, etc.)

4.2. Recommended Group Targets

- Wizards' Sanctum, Stormwind

- Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands (lots of mobs that are tightly packed together; its the guard spawn which is a problem)
- Light's Hope Chapel (show those Argent guys the might of the Scourge!)
- Sen'Jin Village

This has been Melaisis for The Three Rs; good luck my zombie brethren!

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