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My All Time Favorites
Posted on Monday, June 22 2009 @ 08:14:22 PST

Hello everyone! Your favorite blogger is back with another edition! This time, I am going to be discussing my all time favorite video games! Keep in mind, these are my favorites, and even though I haven't played all the video games known to mankind, these are the reasons why I picked them.


I really enjoy playing this game because of the action scenes, and the battle scenes as well. When this game was released  here in the United States, I was about six years old. The only reason as to why I even found out about it was because of my brother, who at the time was about fifteen at games' release, thus more exposed to it. Now, throughout the years, we kept the game, and continued to play it. The game circles around Cloud, and the boss, Sepiroth. You, potraying Cloud, must take down Sepiroth, who was once a member of SOLDIER, however is no more.

It is a game with a very good plot, and nonetheless, you have to like the fact that you can name the characters whatever you like, and throughout the three game disc, the names continues with it.  The music is another cool factor in the game, because I remember winning a battle and hearing the theme music. Its actually playing in my head right now,  I wish I could add sound to this...

NUMBER FOUR: Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64 is another one of my personal favorites for a few good reasons. One of the main reasons why is that you can pick all of the retro characters, and no less, race against them. You can choose from the popular likes of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, DK, and many, many more. I do enjoy this more than I do NASCAR racing games, or any ATV games, or what have you.

The power ups were always a pain for me, though. Even though I did enjoy using them, I HATED when others used them on me. The banana was always a toughie to use, but I used it in the emergency situations, where another kart was right behind me, and launched it, just to see it spin out.

The game consisted of a few different races, just like in auto terminology. The modes (Modes also varied) were: 50 CC, 100 CC, and 150 CC. Or, in other words, 50 was easy, 100 was medium, and 150 was hard. Don't even bother with some of the courses on 150, your just wasting your time. The only reason why I continued to play 150 was because it was just insanely fun.


Mega Man should be higher on this list, but considering what is in front of it, you'll see why. Anyway, I enjoy the earlier versions of Mega Man, mainly because there wasn't much to it. You were just some random guy in a blue suit, and shot at enemies. You can tell it took place in the future, but that was pretty much it.

The levels was amazingly difficult, but kept you playing. That had to have been the marketing ploy used by Capcom. Still, to this day, I cannot figure out how to beat any of the Mega Man games. All of them are pretty much a trial and error kind of thing, and you'll be lucky to defeat them, but I must say, playing Mega Man, the fun never seemed to have any end in site.

NUMBER TWO: Super Smash Bros.

Who didn't like this game? Nothing like a bunch of your favorite video game characters beating each other up! Rather you were Mario, Yoshi, DK, Ness, Pikachu, or any of the other original characters,  you paved the way for the future of the game. Super Smash had two sequels, one for the GameCube, and the other for the Nintendo Wii, both named Melee, and Brawl. However, nothing can beat the original.

Characters aside, you have to like many of the weapons, such as a hammer, mines, PokeBall's, mushrooms, and many others. The weapons obviously came from the video games that these characters represent, and just add laughter to all the ways someone can kill their opponent.

The levels seem basic, and off the top of my head, I remember Star Fox's spaceship, Saffron City, Hyrule, and DK's house as the levels. There were about 8 levels all together, but all of them had some kind of perk. For example, Saffron had a Poke Center, where Pokemon would shoot out, Hyrule had tornadoes coming by, and so fourth.

The controls were very easy to remember. The up arrow key jumped, and you were able to jump in ANY direction you wanted to, which was awesome. Also, you had Z, which set up a shield that lasted about 5 seconds or so, and afterwards, if you held it too long, it'd explode in your face.

NUMBER ONE: Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 has to be my all time favorite game because of the weaponry alone. The weapons that were utilitzed, had to have inspired Rockstar to come out with Grand Theft Auto, and launch that series to new heights, all though, it is possible that GTA was around for a little bit longer than the original Perfect Dark, but regardless, you cant tell me that Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar used some of the aspects used in the first person shooter.

Perfect Dark was so cool. I never even played the story mode, in all honesty, I just wanted to shoot the blue enemies (Blue Bastards). I know that the game took place in the future, and when Perfect Dark Zero came out, it was shown as somewhat of a prequel to its precessor.

Anyway, the control scheme was remarkably amazing to use. Z shot, while I believe A switched guns, and you can look up, down, left, and right, using the arrow pad. It's funny because I remember GoldenEye having relatively the same exact controller layout, but it still couldn't compare to the gameplay.

In Perfect Dark, all you did was just go around, and shot the hell out of these "Enemies" with plenty of "Toys" to choose from. Weapons were grenades, sniper rifles, AK-47, and many more awesome ways to kill people.

Even though my parents couldn't stand the fact that I played this game, I would play it for hours on end, because of all the possibilities, and I remember having a video game night with my friends, and we would play this game more than any other game because of how fun it was. It was either that, or play hide and seek outside...Well F that, you stay in and played Perfect Dark!

Those were my top 5 video games of all time, stay tuned for another edition of my blog!!!

PS, No Colosal Con for me :(

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