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Solaris10 Solaris10's Blog
Cooking Mania!!!
Posted on Thursday, January 8 2009 @ 17:10:02 Eastern

Thanks in part of me buying Personal Trainer cooking and Duke's review, I learned the joy of cooking! As a teenager, like many of you, I always looked at my mom and asked myself: "How can she keep cooking so much like that? How can she enjoy it? Isn't that a chore?" .

I never understood her passion. She wanted to be a true chef but couldn't because she is a woman. A few years back and even today, women in general cannot be true chef in big restaurants because they can't lift the heaviest cauldron (I am not joking trust me). I have much in common with my mother but she lacked some maternal instinct (let's say she was not the sweet mom on the sunday TV Show) and I had no hobby I could share with her so we were not close.

When I bought this game (will bought it... I leeched it on the net to try it) I fell in love with cooking and haven't been able to stop. Looks like my mind want to make a new dish every week!

As in any hobby (yes it is a hobby now just as gaming for me), I had unpleasant surprise. For example, never EVER do the garlic soup recipe in this game.... my stomach still hurts,the soup smelled and tasted bad but the basic Vermicelli soup rocks!

Just for kicks, I showed my mother the game. She was impressed with the selection (Like the Pavlova from australia) and the simplicity of this game. Soon after, she began to "borrow it" to try some recipe she never thought of or try new recipes (my step father which a born French curses me now because he only likes MacDonald and french food :P and my mother try to fed him Thai and Couscous).

Funny how that game help me bond with my mother (a feat I have never been able to do anymore) and helped to talk to her a lot more. We now talk regularly since we found our new common passion. The incompetent cook that I was, only making pasta with commercial tomato sauce now can do dishes like Pavlova, Yakitori, Phad Thai, Lemon chicken, mushroom pie and Strogonoff.

Hey it may not be a big deal for many, but in my case, that's a huge achievement!

It may be weird but I think I figured out why I love cooking so much.

As a kid, I loved playing dungeon and dragons and pretending I was an alchemist of the sort selling potion (my inner nerd).... Now that I think about it...isn't cooking ressembling Alchemy or potion making? Fun times.... Also, for the hardcore of good health, many low calory dishes are offered in the game like the Tom Yum soup and the cabbage salad. It may help you lose a few pounds (I actually lost some. I eat less and better food). For anyone mildly interested or beginning cooking... buy this game! You won't regret it.

I just also want to thanks ( again) like LinksOcarina (my new official mentor) for Duke to have reviewed this game and do it justice.

Cheers to the Duke and his crew!

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Religion analysis in the 21st century
Posted on Wednesday, October 8 2008 @ 16:27:37 Eastern

Since a few years (9/11 to be precise), religion have become a major topic (more than usual). Tolerance and acceptance have been replace by fear and misinterpretation. Many point the Islam religion for all the troubles happening in the middle east. As such, the fear of the unknow and misunderstood grow by the day.

Lately, Islam followers have been growing rapidly. I said to myself: " All those people can't all adopt this religion if it was so bad" ! So I decided to do some research on the matter.

I am going to keep this short and sweet and it is late and my hands are killing me.

Islam teaching are not really different than other religions. In fact, it is quite nice at the source. Islam is about as evil as Christianity. It can be bad.... if you interpret it by the book. Islam is a new religion and as such, if we compare Islam to a human, it would be at the puberty level. When I look at the teachings of Jesus-Christ and Islam, I can't believe how their history are similar in some ways.

Let's see.... during the middle age, many people were killed because they were accused to be witches, impures, evil or just bad christian. Christians have brought massive genocide in the name of God. Right now..... that's what is happening with Islam I guess.

Let me explain. Since Islam is still relatively new (speaking in century terms), I believe it is at the same stage that christianity was in the middle age. Not saying that people who pratice Islam aren't bright or ignorant. It just can't be helped. Every religion who firmly belive their god is superior will suffer the same fate. Give Islam some years (decades or even Centuries!!!) and it will become as Judaism or Christianity.

Last point, just a little something that bothers me.... don't you think it's odd that one of the main criteria for a good president in the US is to be a good christian? Hell, Hitler was a damn good christian (prayed and went to church regulary) and that didn't stop him being a mad man! Again, it is important for people for one reason. They fear the unknown, fear of something being different.

But for an Atheism like me..... it doesn't really matter!

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Simpler time
Posted on Monday, May 5 2008 @ 04:38:21 Eastern

Less than 20 years ago, I remember life as it was back then. Of course, this view might have been affected because I was only a kid back then. as a kid, you don't understand the hardship of adulthood, nor do you understand how life works..... but for me.... and my parents and the parents of many other children, those were simple time.

Of course, the same basic pattern we had for generation was still there: Sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep. But between this basic pattern, people had a priority in their mind: Family. I remember when I was younger, my father used to take some time before supper to come and talk to us, my brother and I. My mom, which also worked, would be glad to be back and see her 2 kids at the time.

 We took vacation together and even though we would still argue from time to time, we still loved each other very much.

This settings is typical. I know it was like this for many families.

But, it all changed around 1996. There was a technological boom, the internet was released for the general public. We found new way to optimize ressources and get the job done faster. It should have been en age of prosperity.

However, it IS an age of prosperity for the higher class of society. Their riches only got larger and larger while we, the middle and the low class, have been struggling ever since. Long are the time with my family gone. Heck, we don,t even see each other for supper. Everyone go in their room and do their things. This is not what I call family anymore. We get more and more angry and tired with each advancing day, our bosses always asking us to go faster and faster. Though I don,t really blame them though, to survive as a business, you have to be better than your competitors...... and there is a lot of those we have the same tools.... so your employees gotta make up for it.... if they can't, well, they are gonna be replaced by cheaper people.

I am in my early twenties and I am already sick about this pattern. I tried to break it by taking what is my rights. Exemple: I don't feel well, I call sick at work. Somebody is sick on my side, I take a day off to care for them. For this, I get scolded and almost rejected by my boss... Even though I got plenty of extra time that I never got paid..... and I work for the government!

I know it is a lot worse in other countries (I'm in Canada.....Quebec to be precise) but still.... I don't know how much can the people take it. Unfortunatly, when I see what's happening to China.....well....maybe a lot more. But it still ain't right. Either you work your ass off and get sick for your job or you try to keep life for yourself.... each way, you lose.

It shouldn't be so.... it must not be so.....

But then again, I am just one guy among more than 6 000 000 000..... what else can I possibly do?

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originality in videogaming
Posted on Monday, March 24 2008 @ 23:59:06 Eastern

When I was a kid, I remember small games that turned out to be revolutionary in the end. Those games were Mario, Metroid, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and many others. For a time, many new ideas were thrown on the table of the devellopers. Some were...   read more...

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