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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...


UghRochester UghRochester's Blog
Experiencing #PlayStationE3Experience (Pittsburgh)
Posted on Tuesday, June 16 2015 @ 07:33:12 PST

Sony announced again a way to experience like you're part of E3. Giving fans The PlayStation E3 Experience (again), many theaters across all 50 states of the U.S and parts of Canada were given the opportunity allowing fans to watch it on their big screen. My expectations of going all the way to a select theater was low, but I later found this was just great to be at.   When Sony first made this experience last year, there were two reasons why I didn't go; I was a bit speculated as to what this was and two, I didn't have a car for transportation. After witnessing PlayStation Experience goers getting access to the Destiny alpha and Battlefield: Hardline closed beta, I decided if they offer this at my local theater next year, I would go. Though it wasn't at my local theaters and rather 25 miles south of it, I decided this year I would try and reserve seats. I have a car now and everything is free, so why not? My car (luckily) doesn't waste much gas and this really isn't a distance considering it's off a highway. I'd figure to give it a go at least once. It could be fun and so I drove.    It didn't take me long to get there. Reserving the tickets themselves on their website took longer due to so many people registering, the site crashed for about 40 minutes. It probably took fifteen minutes at the most due to me driving like Need For Speed going 80mph while others were going equally fast. Upon my arrival, I was told to wait in a line. I showed up two hours before the press conference started. Didn't want to not be in a huge line and also wanted a seat right in the middle of the screening. It was a sold-out screening to my belief and thought prematurely there would be hundreds of people.    To my surprise, there were just a group of four young college students waiting in line. Soon after I arrived, behind me was an Ohio mother taking a couple of their twenty year or so children to the event.This lady wouldn't shut up about her son's truck she painted. She claimed to be at the event last year and had visual proof with her lanyard. It was fascinating to see someone in the past that has experienced the experience, but I was hoping to interview her past experience. Instead, they were rambling on about seeing Jurassic World. About an hour and half away from the conference, representatives of Cinemark, the movie theater's name, were making sure people weren't on the waiting list. To my surprise, the college student group in front of me were actually on the waiting list and thus removed from the line. I couldn't believe it, I became the leader of the event, I was first in line.   An hour or so left until the press conference begins. They began setting up a couple tables. Didn't understand why there were two, the other table wasn't used for anything besides decoration. The main table contained lanyards and a badge with a voucher code to make you feel like you were at a press conference. Inside another box, I couldn't see too well and later confirmed they were double sided posters, a 7-day trial for PS Plus and a Battlefront sticker.     A lady arrived shortley wearing a white golfing polo shirt with PlayStation's logo on it and shook hands with a couple of the theater representatives. I deduced and later confirmed she was a Sony executive. She was carrying around her camera and told people she would be taking pictures to document our fandom. I was quite excited about this, because if the pictures are then shown on PlayStation's site, you would see me in front of the line. Enough of me being famous, it's almost showtime!   The seating began a half hour early before the press conference. We were shown a pre-show which were just bunch of trailers. They were obviously still setting up the stream with the movie theater's sound system. You can tell it was the wrong audio source, because the audio source sycing to the game trailers were nothing but Cinemark's advertisements. This wasn't the only problem. I expected surround sound, but were left with just stereo setup. While this is all happening the crowd continues to enter filling up the theater. I certainly made things awkward for people. I'm alone and sitting exactly in the middle for what I hoped to have the best view and sound experience. Why would anyone want to sit next to this weird guy? Before the press conference, the Sony executive took a couple more pictures.   Showtime! Firstly, I enjoy press conferences and enjoy the announcements. I could have sat at home and watched this on my laptop like countless others have, but to be part of a small audience watching the stream was truly a great experience. When the audience on the stream clapped, we clapped. When there was something funny going on, we laughed. I was however disappointed with our audience for opinions on the surprised moments. They didn't care for The Last Guardian and had no idea why that game in particular is so important. So when gameplay footage was shown, they were not cheering and I was the only person bursting out for that game. Too make matters more uncomfortable came Final Fantasy 7 remake. The crowd went insane and I felt alone. I have no idea why this game is so great. I have yet to play a Final Fantasy game. However, being part of the crowd and seeing them excited really made this experience great. The press conference ended and it was almost time to go home.   After the press conference ended, we given a post-show with Geoff Keighley interviewing the developers and giving us exclusive coverage, which we'll probably see on other gaming wesbites. The reason why we were staying to watch was to see what our voucher code was for. Unfortunately, we were given disappointing news. A T-storm came in and disrupted our signal during the Firewatch interview and left us unknowingly what the code is for. Yes, I asked the Sony executive and she wasn't told herself. Once I got home, I typed my code on their website and was told our gifts would arrive within the few months. I still don't know what they are.   Overall, being able to experience the live stream of the press conference with a crowd was pretty well worth the drive. It certainly made me feel like I was an important figure. It was just disappointing to not know the digital gifts avaialble to us. I asked around, tweeted to Geoff Keighley and received no responses. Oh well, a surprise is a surprised. The lanyard itself is a collectible in my opinion and I'll be keeping this memory with me. If they have another E3 experience next year, I'm definitely going to try attending.  Lots were shown during the event and can't wait to dive into some of these games.

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PlayStation Camera Trend: Good or Bad?
Posted on Monday, June 23 2014 @ 16:31:23 PST

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As I sit here waiting for my PS4 to finish install the update 1.71, I begin pondering on how much people share their gameplay with their next-gen console(s). For Sony, many users have the option to stream their expressions by using the PlayStation Camera. This is positive/negative feature. Could be the same for Xbox One, but I'm much familiar more with PS4. Let's discuss this.

Buy a PS Camera and a PS4 SKU: It's a new trend I see. PlayStation 4 users everywhere are broadcasting with their PS4. It certainly isn't dying down. Even Sony admits they underestimated the demand of the PS Camera. Whether it's broadcasting Outlast Speed Runs or being a moron and broadcasting gameplay while you're still on embargo, PS4 sharing is amazing. As a broadcaster before PS4 ever was mentioned, I start feeling like a hipster amongst other PS4 broadcasters. When the PS4 launched with its ability to share, I predicted correctly how limited you are with broadcasting your gameplay. People don't know you need great upload speed to broadcast high quality gameplay. And with the PS4, you can't change the bitrate or any other format you want to send out. As I said before it's very limited, but it's great seeing this trending. It's even better seeing how much people are buying the camera for this reason.

People know entertainment is how you get viewers. So, buying a PS Camera to broadcast yourself and the gameplay is a +1 on your end. If you want more viewers, one positive is being a female with the camera. However, that could be a negative due to so much sexual harassment. Another alternative, which is a trend I very much dislike, is broadcasting The Playroom.

Back in the launch day of PS4, nobody was broadcasting The Playroom. It was pointless. Just you or somebody showing off the tiny droids and its motion sensing capabilities. How lame is that? One day, a fellow by the name of Mike (don't know his last name) used The Playroom to broadcast himself and his modded PS4 controller. It was going well, but what boosted his show was when he turned it into a call-in show, which I happily failed at Rick-Rolling him. I enjoyed this guy. He became viral and later on began broadcasting a legit show without much use of the Playroom. Little did I know at the time, he was the pioneer of broadcasting The Playroom. Great for him, but The Playroom trend disappoints me.

Why does this annoy me so much? Is it the fact that people just sit there and do nothing more with their PS4 beside responding to insults by commenters? I feel if you're going to broadcast with your PS4, broadcast the video games and not just you sitting in your room. Well, it's not just people broadcasting themselves sitting there or any sort of activity to annoyingly. The Playroom broadcasters do another skin-peeling trend that is just as equally annoying. And that's pointing the camera at the TV. Man, that irritates the sh*t out of me! It's like searching on YouTube for a video clip, and you get some jackass pointing a cell phone at the TV. I used to do that, when I was a kid, but please don't try broadcasting games by pointing the PS Camera at the TV. I'm not the only person who feels broadcasting the Playroom is moronic. Twitch itself bans users if they broadcast it. Ustream doesn't and holy hell, that's one of the very first streams I see in Live from PlayStation.

I want to know how you readers feel about this trend. I love when people broadcast their gameplay and themselves with the camera, but seeing people broadcast The Playroom just grinds my gears.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of GameRevolution, but we believe it's worthy of being featured on our site. This article, posted earlier in June 3, has been lightly edited for grammar and image inclusion. You can find more Vox Pop articles here. ~Ed. Nick Tan

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Why Do I Broadcast?: A Broadcaster Story
Posted on Monday, January 6 2014 @ 14:33:54 PST

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First and foremost, I want to make it clear I'm not a professional broadcaster. I'm a just a typical person like you. Most of my knowledge of broadcasting comes from UrbanMasque's advice  So, why do I enjoy broadcasting? Let's begin with how I got started broadcasting.

When browsing around YouTube vids trying to find a clip, what is the most irritating thing to see? That's correct! Watching a video of someone using a camcorder pointing at their screen. This just ruins the video to me. As soon as I see the unstablelized video within a second or two, I'm outta there. It's truly unappealing for me to look at that quality. Unfortunately, that's how my videos were when I first started recording GH3 completions. I didn't want to show off that low of quality anymore, so I invested in the Dazzle dvc 100. Recording in standard def looked good for me at the time. I began questioning whether I could live stream this somewhere so my friends or family could watch me live. That's when I found Ustream.

"Go Live" as it states when you login to Ustream. Alrighty, easy enough to just select a camera source. Oh sh*t! It recognizes my Dazzle. Simple enough, right? I'm officially broadcasting my gameplay live on the internet. Boy, was I so wrong. I looked at the quality and it's a complete mess. Forget how, but Urban came to the rescue telling me all kinds of information like how I needed to change my bitrate with Ustream Produce or Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't even care about my upload speed. While my quality of the stream improved, my quality overall was still not fitting my expectations.

Fastforwarding, I hold up my new capturing device, the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I soon found out this isn't exactly great. Lots of problems with the software it came with and problems with hardware. Again, with research and patience, my new capturing devices seems to working well. However, it's not recognized on FMLE. It's not recognized on anything! Found out about it having MPEG-2. So, I quit broadcasting for a while until I read about XSplit supporting the device. Of course, I had to fool around and play with this too. If there is anything I know about broadcasting your gameplay, it's never going to be a perfect broadcast. I'm constantly fooling around with my broadcast settings.

So, to truly answer "Why do I enjoy broadcasting?" I simply love showing off my games in front of people. I like bragging and sharing my experience during my gameplay. Sure you can just record a video, but it doesn't have the same feeling as socializing with people all over the world right there with you. Your viewers are watching and everything you're broadcasting is raw and unedited. Whether you have an extra camera to stream yourself, it shows your reactions and that to me is quite entertaining. Whether it's someone cursing at you, you cursing at them or even crying during a scene from The Last of Us, it's what I find and you may find entertaining.

Not only are the viewers there to watch you, but viewers are also socializing with you. To me, I love socializing with people while I play. Some of them, like Urban, will comment on your show. It can be complementary, or it can be BigTruckSeries being negative. It's how you respond back that makes it entertaining. Not just the comments, but sometimes viewers have no idea about the game or will ask about the game. This is where you can be a helpful person and try providing an answer best to your knowledge. When I broadcasted from my PS4, many viewers were there not to see the game I was playing, but rather ask questions whether you can do something with a PS4. I enjoy helping people by answering the questions.

Broadcasting your gameplay isn't the future. It's now.

The opinions expressed here does not necessarily reflect the views of Game Revolution, but we believe it's worthy of being featured on our site. This article, posted originally on December 29, 2013, has been lightly edited for grammar and image inclusion. You can find more Vox Pop articles here. ~Ed. Nick Tan

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Why am I Choosing PS4?
Posted on Monday, June 10 2013 @ 20:37:48 PST

I'm smart, that's why....  

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Aiming Towards PS4. Thanks, Microsoft
Posted on Wednesday, May 22 2013 @ 03:18:47 PST

Good time (I like to say time, because I don't know what timezone you live in) everyone! Yesterday, Microsoft finally announced their new system, Xbox One. However, people that were so thrilled and excited waiting for that special...   read more...

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Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Review
Posted on Monday, October 15 2012 @ 05:38:36 PST

I don’t always write hardware reviews. But when I do, I make it informative with jokes along the way. UghRochester is the Most Interesting Gamer in southwestern Pennsylvania.   Hello, everyone! A week ag...   read more...

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ABC News: Quit it, It's the parents' fault!
Posted on Saturday, March 31 2012 @ 10:39:28 PST

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, but this event gave me motivation to post one more before procrastination takes effect one me (again). Rob Hayes’s article was brought to my attention on Wednesday, March 28th by an...   read more...

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Gears of War 3: RAAM's Shadow DLC review
Posted on Saturday, December 17 2011 @ 06:39:25 PST

*Don't have anywhere to put this. I'm placing my review for the DLC here

Another DLC, but this time Epic Games is going to “try” having some value to it. Close to three months later, Epic Games delivers Gears o...   read more...

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Thanks Ubisoft, I'm 21st baby!
Posted on Friday, December 2 2011 @ 10:33:34 PST

Today marks the calendar of Ubisoft's 25 year anniversary. You're probably familiar with their works of the Assassin's Creed series which recently released Assassin's Creed: Revelations just a few weeks ago. Congratulations to Ub...   read more...

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Could there be a Gears of War prequel?
Posted on Saturday, November 26 2011 @ 06:36:18 PST

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a good while. Cliff Bleszinski even mentioned on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon about Gears of War ending “like Lord of the Rings style.” When Fallon asked Bleszinski, he replied, &ldq...   read more...

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