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Aiming Towards PS4. Thanks, Microsoft
Posted on Wednesday, May 22 2013 @ 03:18:47 PST

Good time (I like to say time, because I don't know what timezone you live in) everyone! Yesterday, Microsoft finally announced their new system, Xbox One. However, people that were so thrilled and excited waiting for that special moment were (in my opinion) let down like what Tony Stark did to Harley Keener. So, am I leaning towards Microsoft's Xbox One or Sony's PS4? I'm actually pretty positive I'm leaning towards purchasing Sony's PS4.

Microsoft's announcement was a huge letdown. Yes, it was great being able to reveal their next-gen console, unlike Sony. However, in order to reveal a console, you gotta reveal what it's capable of doing. Being a black box with its new controller and better version of the Kinect doesn't make me want to reach for that console like Magneto reaching for his mom. I need details! Thankfully, Microsoft was able to do just that. Looking at the specs, they're amazingly similar to the PS4. Also, they've finally added a Blu-Ray drive to the system, unlike Xbox 360's system. "Hey, Microsoft! My PS3 can already read BR discs. Suck on that!" So, their visualizations in games will be pretty much identical to PS4's system. This actually makes me quite happy, because it's extremely annoying seeing people complain about how much their multi-platform game's graphics on the PS3 is identical to Xbox 360's where it should be better looking. Hopefully, this would put a stop to those complaints. Xbox One may have similar hardware specs, but their focus on what "next-gen" should be, is completely opposite than what Sony's views are.

Microsoft is thinking about having an all in one media box. Their mission is to bring media entertainment instantly. They're not focusing on games. In fact, they're still calling their consoles "entertainment systems" and not "video game consoles." During their announcement, all I saw was Windows 8 in a black box. Their dashboard interface looked very similar. It seems like they're trying to go with a Windows 8 feel and that's exactly what they're doing. With their new and fully rebuilt Kinect, you can grab a window and switch from game to Internet to back to game instantly. Wow! Not only that, you can use simple voice commands to switch from TV to game and back to TV. Amazing! This is pretty much useless to me, because I for one don't have cable TV and I definitely don't need to waste power just so I can switch it from TV to games. During Sony's announcement, they weren't thinking that way, obviously. Sony actually cared about games. Sony wants people to share their game experience instantly. They want games to be sociable. With their new instant live streaming, gamers can do just that. They weren't focusing on motion controllers, unlike Microsoft. The most they added to their controller was a touch pad and an instant stream button. Not entirely sure how this is going to work, but E3 will most likely explain everything. I'm actually glad Sony didn't focus on motion controllers. I mean they did, but they weren't showing off PlayStation Move's ability, did they? Sony learned we're not ready for that, yet. Microsoft, on the other hand, believes we are. Speaking of their new Kinect, this leads me to believe why people won't buy their next system.

Besides the horrible announcement that happened yesterday, they've been answering the rumors that have been floating around for a good while. One of the those rumors happened to be about the Kinect being required in order to run their system. And their answer was yes. Boom! That's going to drop so many sales for Microsoft, because there are many people like me that have very limited space. If you can't work the new Kinect properly, how else are we going to run the system? Not only is space needed, but lighting as well. Okay, lighting may not be a problem, but it certainly doesn't help. Also, there are families with pets. What if those pets decide to bump it or chew on the Kinect's wire? It'll render the system useless. It doesn't just have to be pets. It could be from a clumsy person as well. It's bad enough I wasted money on my Kinect. Now, it just sits there collecting dust.

So, with Microsoft's mission on how to make this system not a video game console, the games were ready to be announced (Well, at least I thought they were). They mentioned 15 exclusives and 8 of them were new. So, I'm hoping for bunches of games. Oh wow, Forza Motorsport 5 looks amazing, unfortunately for me I'm not a racing type person. In fact, I probably dislike racing games the most. However, the detail on the graphics was pretty impressive. Too bad I already stated earlier the tech specs are ideally similar to Sony's PS4. So, I'm not really impressed from the details I saw. Then there were bunches of EA games I didn't give two sh*ts about. Not really a sports gamer. Now, there was one game I'm thinking might turn out well and that's Quantum Leap. Being developed by Remedy is a plus. You may remember Remedy from being the developer of Alan Wake. So, this may be a great game, but I wouldn't waste money on a console (err, I mean "entertainment system") just for a game. Then it happened! The most greatest news that happened during yesterday's conference. The announcement of Halo TV's series. To help with in making this projected happen, Steven Speilberg was hired for the project. Yes, this is great news. Unfortunately, I don't have cable, but I know other ways of watching this. Ending all the disappointments that were made on that day came more details on Call of Duty: Ghosts. Hooray! Swimming with da fishes and having them evade me! Their most greatest news was the service dog. Being able to use a service dog in the game by your side is a plus. Of course they go on for a few minutes about how much detail they placed in the game due to Xbox One's incredible hardware. Oh and they're releasing the game exclusively first on Xbox One. Whoopee f*cking doo!

With these announcements today, I can confirm with you I'll be purchasing the PS4 first. There are questions that still needs to be answered, but it'll have to wait until E3. Really, Microsoft's announcement was pretty terrible today. Maybe it's me, but I was more excited waiting for the announcement then I am waiting for the system to release. There are more stuff for me to b*tch about, but I'm thinking Microsoft will get my point. Oops, let me scratch that out for you, Microsoft isn't focusing on the gamers. Sony, you weren't my first choice back then. I actually enjoyed my time with the Xbox as well as the Xbox 360 and still enjoy it. However, the PS4 will be my first choice of this generation of consoles, unless Microsoft can magically change my opinion. Microsoft, you have until E3 to change my mind.
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