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The perils of the Hype Train…
By shandog137
Posted on 03/09/15
The recent release of Evolve and The Order 1886 really got me to thinking about the disparity between the perspective of sales-driven publishers and the quality-driven purchases of consumers. The “Hype Train” is nothing new, but the way it is utilized has been creating far more...


XboxLiveLover XboxLiveLover's Blog
Farewell GR
Posted on Thursday, June 23 2011 @ 17:38:47 Eastern

It’s been awhile since I've last visited GR and I hate to say that this might be my very last posting here.
For those who don’t know, I’ve been trolling GR since 1999; I first came to GR to find some 007 Goldeneye cheats.  3 years later I joined the GR forums where I would spend most of my afternoon after school chatting away about various funny and unusual topics in the GR forums.
A few days ago, I’m really not too sure why, but I started reflecting about the old GR.   Perhaps because I haven’t visited this site in so long that I began to reflect, and as I was pondering I began to wish that the community back then, was the community today.
The GR I remember was before the Bolt merger and all the corporate shenanigans, when GR was still a hidden jem of the internet.  GR, where you can easily find cheats for your favourite games, where you could enjoy the GR staff making fun of AOL users and where you could go to escape your own world at home.
One of the biggest reasons I visited GR was for the straight forward, direct but yet funny gaming reviews. But what really made GR great was the community.
The community I speak of, I wish, everyone could have experience.  I really do not know how to describe it as you truly had to be around to know how great it was.  Where respect was earned not by the quantity of your posts but by the quality, where the true game of mafia wars was born, where the "Post your Pics Thread" was the biggest forum topic, and where almost every forum posting was ridiculed as SPAM.  I also can’t forget about the fanboys for each console, some of the most epic battles happened in the GR forums between the fanboys.
To some that I might have sounded stupid and childish, and to be perfectly honest with you it was, but it was all in good fun, and it made you want to visit the forums almost every day.
There are a few members that I really wish I knew what they were up to now but I have lost contact with, users like, kill umm umm cookies, kaan, k0rndog, bob, Don Gero, downwitdaclown69, white rabbit, duke and the list just goes on and on for me…
I hate to say it but I feel out of place now and that I no longer belong here and perhaps why I rarely visit GR anymore.  I'm not saying that the new users here aren't nice, interesting or fun people but just that maybe I'm getting too old for GR.  Maybe that’s what happened to my past friends on here and I’ve just taken this long to realize it.
I don’t want to conclude saying that I’m leaving GR for good because I know will be back some day, perhaps for cheats, perhaps to hopefully run into some past friends.
Later days everyone!

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April Fools Day GR Style
Posted on Monday, March 31 2008 @ 14:58:52 Eastern

April Fool's Day is upon us, whether your a hard core enthusiast or just take the day in stride, its always a good time to celebrate.  Now I've seen all the pranks from winning the lottery to the ceramic wrap on the toilet seat to the toothpaste filed oreos.

But the prank that takes the cake would no doubt be in my mind the April Fools pranks the GM's did to GR members a few years back.

GR vets know what I'm talking about, it was the day that the GR Forums were "hacked".  Everybody freaked out, the world was coming to an end, and it looked like all the GR members were going to die.  Just imagine about 50 topics having "OMG WTF happened to the forums?!!?!?!" in the subject line.

Soon after the 'hacking' sinked in, 'somebody' finally decided to check the date and realized it was indeed April 1st.

I must give my props to dUKE or to who ever came up with that idea as it was just total pwnage.

I wonder what it could be this year?

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Advertisers take note
Posted on Monday, March 3 2008 @ 00:29:28 Eastern

I'm not sure what company this is directed at, because I usually change the channel when this commercial comes on.

ANY rehashing of the song Mambo 5 is annoying as hell. It was not a good song then, it is not a good song now, no matter how much you change the lyrics.

Again, I don't know whose commercial it is - but it rivals those stupid Rogers cellphone ads that obviously have stupid college kids as their target audience. As a stupid college kid, I take offense to how my people are being portrayed.

What's gone on with commercials? Aside from Coast Capital Savings and JC Petit, commercials suck now. They're too politically correct. Where are the stereotypes we came to love with 'My Name Is Joe', the black Budweiser 'WASSSAAAAAAP' guys or the always great French Canadien Goalie.

Take note - no matter how much money goes into market research, the commercials that are coming out aren't funny. Commercials are meant to be an entertaining interlude to a New Jersey Devils game.

No more Mambo 5. No more lame focus groups. No more facebook references in commercials. No more political correctness.

"Sup, G?"

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XboxLiveLover is going Silicon FREE!
Posted on Tuesday, February 26 2008 @ 22:40:17 Eastern

I am pretty goddamn upset with all them ridiculous boob jobs that is making the rounds in the community these days. I've never been a fan of fake stuff... that would include fake leather, fake crab, fake drums, fake wrasslin', fake hair but most impo...   read more...

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The future of GR?
Posted on Monday, December 10 2007 @ 16:52:30 Eastern

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my “gamer buddies” regarding the departure of Jeff Gerstmann from GameSpot and how with his firing, the GameSpot reviews will be even more bland and boring.  As my friends were a...   read more...

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10 reasons why you shouldn’t poop in a cup, eat it and then throw it up on someone
Posted on Tuesday, December 4 2007 @ 15:14:12 Eastern

For the lucky few people who haven’t seen this 2 girls and 1 cup video, consider yourself fortunate.  Those who have, I feel your pain.  That’s why I’ve put together 10 reasons why you shouldn’t poop in a cup, eat it...   read more...

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Good News Boys
Posted on Saturday, September 1 2007 @ 17:33:18 Eastern

Staring at women’s breast is good for men’s health and makes them live longer, according to a  new study reveals.

Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women’s breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in ...   read more...

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Why aren't people upset about TV violence?
Posted on Monday, June 11 2007 @ 13:01:38 Eastern

With Grand Theft Auto 4 arriving later this year, expect the recurring theme of video-game violence to burst up again.

It's noteworthy this week because of the absence of fuss over the finale of The Sopranos and the release of the horror f...   read more...

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40 Nights in Paris
Posted on Friday, June 8 2007 @ 14:19:07 Eastern

Well this is just another reason why people should not give a **** about Paris Hilton.  After just three days in jail, Paris will be under house confinement in her West Hollywood home for 40 days; where she has a 3000-4000 ft. radius of freedom....   read more...

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Lebanon Evacuees Should Be More Grateful
Posted on Tuesday, July 25 2006 @ 19:54:06 Eastern

With the conflict between Lebanon and Israel, there have been thousands of evacuations of citizens from many countires.

Now, here in Canada about 40,000 people registered to be evacuated out of Lebanon. And yes, Canada was little slow to send ...   read more...

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