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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...


oblivion437 oblivion437's Blog
Peter Moore Said a Thing
Posted on Saturday, May 7 2016 @ 12:51:58 PST

After broadband became available and Steam took off with consoles following suit years later with their own digital storefronts it became fashionable, once in a while, to say a very stupid set of things.  This set of stupid things can be summed as follows: This is the last console generation Streaming will replace in-house boxes Technology has advanced far enough Always-online is perfectly reasonable. Mobile gaming is the future Peter Moore hit three for five in a recent interview.

Speaking to The Daily Orange's Paul Sarconi, Peter Moore first said something stupid about no new consoles ever again.  Some fool says it at the beginning and middle of each generation.  Towards the end of the generation when developers are chafing under the limitations of console hardware they stop saying it, a new set of boxes gets launched with somewhat better specs (which are still behind what PCs of the time are capable of) and someone says that and other stupid things yet again.  Sony and Microsoft are releasing new boxes which are marginally less underpowered than the PS4 and XBOne and that's supposed to mean no new consoles ever or something.

Arguing that streaming would replace it a number of obvious but hidden statements are in play: The game has to be rendered somewhere.  There's no way around that. That somewhere is, in Moore's anticipation, going to be somewhere other than end-users homes because the people whose money funds the entire industry from top to bottom having any control over how they use that money is just terrifying. Being able to wrest significant control from the end user is worth it even if input latency is effectively doubled for everyone. End users will have basically no rights in this system at all; it's an attempt to do an end-run around consumer protection laws. Ignoring the previous concerns there's no denying that most of the country either cannot afford or simply cannot get internet service Next we come to mobile gaming, and I think it's enough to point out that it's an extremely volatile industry in which a very small customer base actually drives a small number of mobile games into profit while the rest wither on the vine.  But we should go one better and say that EA's new refusal to commit to handhelds combined with their emphasis on mobile is, itself, a statement of intent rather than a factual observation.  They want mobile to be the future and handhelds to belong to the past because that's the strategy they've already committed to.  I'm not saying that Peter Moore, who has tried to hide behind minority groups when his company is faced with criticism, is low enough to pretend that wishes are facts but...wait I guess he is that low.

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A Few Words on Mighty No. 9 (Updated) (Again!)
Posted on Friday, April 15 2016 @ 09:46:06 PST

Writing for Gameranx Nick Monroe shows that Comcept have silently slipped yet another ship window.  It's now a year behind schedule and they don't even have a new raft of bogus excuses to declaim personal responsibility.  In fact, they've gone all but totally silent with their English-speaking backers for months.  The odds are getting too long that this isn't a scam but the writing was on the wall from an early point.  Before any of the delays, before the community's unpleasant fight with Dina Karam (who no longer works for Comcept) and before the Kickstarter was even finished some smart wag had the good sense to ask one of Inafune's colleagues about his work.  That colleague was one Hideki Kamiya, who is well known for being completely forthright with his opinions.  Responding to a question on Twitter he stated "He's a businessman.  Not a creator."  And this makes perfect sense in light of every suspicious detail.  Whether it was a 'Chinese' firm actually based in Grand Cayman (insert Simpsons reference here) bailing out the Red Ash fundraiser, hiring a developer whose previous work consisted of mobile shovelware, or going completely silent as yet another deadline slips, Mighty No. 9 was always a cynical cash grab.  I attempted to contact Comcept a week ago and have yet to receive any kind of response, not even an automated 'message received, will review' reply.  Not being a backer myself, nor inclined to lie about journalistic credentials, my message contained only a few questions about how the latest schedule slip might cause backers to have cold feet and whether or not they had plans to begin communicating the current situation to their English-language backers, especially seeing as it's gone almost completely unreported in the English-language gaming press.

If you're a backer on this project and haven't gotten your money back yet, you should do so as soon as possible.  Chargebacks can be done by contacting your bank if Comcept won't give you a refund themselves.  This work has slipped date after date.  Every detail that comes down the pike about the internal workings of the company and the actual development pipeline makes it all look worse, not better.  Please get your money back while you still can.

Update:  Shacknews reports that the game may have been delayed to December.  This is not from a statement of any kind from Comcept or Deep Silver.  It's info pulled from the XBox Live store listing for the game.

Second Update: Apparently the new release date was the result of mistaking a European calendar for an American one.  So we're back to 'game has slipped once again and there is no new information on when, if ever, it's going to release'.  Either way, if you have any money in this I once again strongly urge you to pull that cash out now.

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Final Fantasy XV Will Almost Certainly Fail
Posted on Thursday, March 31 2016 @ 17:57:55 PST

Via this GameInformer piece it's come out that Final Fantasy XV has to sell ten million units to break even.  Ten million.  That's a budget north of 240 million dollars.  Scattered across more than eleven years of development.  To be a success by standard rule means it needs to rack up twice that many overall sales.  20 million sales for a series whose most successful entry racked up a little over half that.  20 years ago.  It's fair to say that Square Enix has yet to grasp the meaning of the phrase 'sunk cost fallacy'.

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Fallout 4 Needs Revision, Not More Content
Posted on Monday, March 28 2016 @ 14:42:13 PST

    So Fallout 4's first DLC, Automatron, came out and it isn't worth ten dollars.  If you didn't get the season pass at the early low price and haven't shelled out fifty dollars for one, or were considering a stan...   read more...

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Regarding Doom's Box art poll
Posted on Friday, March 4 2016 @ 13:37:25 PST

So the Doom twitter account is running a poll for alternate sleeve design for the new Doom box.  You can find it here but you'll need a twitter account to vote.  I have a serious question about this.  WHY?!?!?

Not &#...  

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On Translation and Consumer Rights
Posted on Saturday, February 27 2016 @ 07:49:19 PST

Translation is inherently dicey.  In the 13th century Dante Alighieri warned against even trying to translate his Commedia out of its native Italian because it was impossible to reproduce the original meter and rhyme scheme.  As I sit here ...   read more...

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A Couple News Items
Posted on Thursday, February 18 2016 @ 09:36:32 PST

As reported yesterday by, Warren Spector has left his academic post to join OtherSide Entertainment full time to work on Underworld Ascendant and System Shock 3.  As mentioned in previous coverage of OtherSide and System Shock ...   read more...

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Bethesda Announces DLC Release Plans
Posted on Tuesday, February 16 2016 @ 09:58:32 PST

Fallout 4 came out 3 months ago with no definite word on when DLC would be coming along, making the season pass rather like buying a pig in a bag.  As of today, February 16, the wall of silence has dropped and three planned DLCs have been announ...   read more...

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Reviewing a Bad Editorial
Posted on Friday, February 12 2016 @ 15:27:51 PST

One thing which continues to mystify me to this day is editorialists, ostensibly knowledgeable about video games and gamer culture, going to bat for Ninja Theory's ill-fated reboot of Devil May Cry.  It's not just that they're openly...   read more...

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October 18, 2005: The Day the Guns Went Quiet
Posted on Tuesday, February 9 2016 @ 19:33:45 PST

    The first person shooter genre has been in commercial and artistic near-freefall for a decade.  They were always a niche genre, even if they tended to draw disproportionate publicity, but now the number of actual releases per ...   read more...

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