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I Beat a Final Fantasy Game!
Posted on Saturday, January 26 2013 @ 19:02:05 Eastern

I suck at beating JRPGs.  I buy them up without thinking twice, but I invariably get distracted, or overwhelmed by the world map once I get access to a boat or something, and soon I forget all about what I was doing.  I also tend to buy older games in bulk, which lessens my determination to complete any single one of them.  But today is a happy day, as I finally beat a Final Fantasy game.  

The game in question was Final Fantasy IX.  My impressions of the game were pretty good, but not as good as I expected.  The story was a little confusing, but the characters were fairly likeable.  That said, I could not get over how bad Zidane looked with those ridiculous oversized cuffs on his arms.  To me, it was even worse than Kuja's leather panties.

I'm not sure what game I should try next.  Personally, I think I'll try FFVIII, as I never played it that much before, and I'm not going to play FFVII.

Anyway, now I can update my list of JRPGs:

Games Beaten:

Final Fantasy IX

Games to Beat:

Lost Odyssey - I really like this game, and I made it to disk 4 once, but lost track of what I was doing.
Dragon Quest VIII - I really like this game, but I'm not sure I can ever beat a game as long as this one.
Persona 3 - played a lot, but kinda gave up.  I really don't understand the fusion and leveling system.
Persona 4 - yeah, will play after I beat Persona 3.
Chrono Trigger - I liked it, and made it pretty far, but stopped for some reason.
Xenogears - I loved this game.  I beat disk 1 no problem, but after disk 2 opened with a giant wall of text and a huge break in the story, I became confused and disinterested.
Xenosaga - For some reason, this game is really hard.  Fairly interesting though.
Xenosaga II - Probably the only game I own that I've never played.  Will play after I beat Xenosaga.
Final Fantasy I - made it pretty far, but somehow lost interest.  I like the magic system.
Final Fantasy III (VI) - Never made it very far for some reason.
Final Fantasy VIII - Didn't play much of this one, but the junction system confused me.
Final Fantasy X - Played for several hours, but the temptation to swap out party members to get EXP made the battles so long that I gave up.
Final Fantasy XII - I actually like the LP board.  It was like Christmas when I discovered the stat-enhancing section of the board.
Final Fantasy XIII - Overwhelming despair in the story led to overwhelming despair while playing.

Games that I have played and will not finish:

Tales of Vesperia-  I tried out a Tales game, but clearly I am meant for turn-based combat systems.
Final Fantasy VII - I tried, but the story makes no sense, and the characters annoy me (damn eco-terrorists).
The Last Remnant - PC version.  Beat all the side-quests, made it to the final boss (who apparently gets more powerful as you complete side-quests), and got one-shotted.  As in, he hits me once, I die.  The fact that leveling skills occurs at random and that enemies level with you makes the game nearly unbeatable.  Watched the ending on Youtube.  Needless to say, the main character sacrifices himself, and it is finally revealed that he isn't actually related to his sister, which somehow makes his sexual attraction to her alright.

Games I need to acquire:

Rogue Galaxy - I heard this was good, and it was made by the studio that made Dragon Quest VIII.
Xenosaga III - It was too expensive to get alongside I and II.  Will get if I ever beat II.
Another Suikoden game- I really like the first one, but it is the only one I've played.

If you have any suggestions on JRPGs out there (for the PS1/2 or 360) that I have yet to fail at beating, please tell me!
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