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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...


spartan317 spartan317's Blog
What's new is old again...
Posted on Thursday, October 11 2012 @ 20:17:16 PST

Name one person among you that didn't jump while playing Dead Space. Its ok I'll wait. Who hasn't gone to the top of a mountain in Skyrim and just taken a moment to admire the view? Despite its flaws and shortcomings L.A. Noire sort of showed us a cool new trick that our consoles were capable of. I'm sure that there are some games coming that will make us squirm (you see what I did there). However, every game that we oooh and ahhh over is from the current generation of consoles. They have reached that which is only spoken of in whispers and hushed voices. The apex, apogee, pinnacle, the tippy top of the graphical mountain. If you need proof how about the fact that the only comparison we can draw anymore is to reality and top’o’the line CGI animation (which video games are essentially). Hell! The trailer for Mists of Pandaria was more graphically intense then the Final Flight of the Osiris was and I remember having to remind myself to breathe when I watched it. All of this and more brought to us by these monstrosities that sit in our living rooms and bedrooms growling at us daring the collected masses to game until the sun goes down twice... These cantankerous old farts... These dinosaurs that are the PS3 and Xbox 360.
Now to clarify I don't own a PS3 because despite the awesomeness that is the PS3 and its titles; I have just never cared enough. Uncharted was cool but it looked like a Tomb Raider and I hated Tomb Raider. I appreciated its position in the gaming world but I hated it for the simple fact that I could not beat it and my girlfriend at the time had to show me how it was done. I haven’t touched a platformer like it since. Resistance looked awesome and had real promise but then I heard about online support… or lack thereof. Free may be free guys but you get what you pay for. So I waited like most gamers will. I waited for that once in a lifetime game that screams out “BUY ME OR YOU WILL BE MOCKED IN THE AFTERLIFE”. You know what games those are. The ones that we tell everyone we know about. The ones we brag about it being so flipping easy once you "got the controls down" when in reality you had to buy new controller and make up lies about why you were getting a new TV. The Last of Us changed my mind as I'm sure it will others. It has become that game for me. It will be the clincher.
We’ve all had them. Those games that you refuse to go without because your gamer friends with weak constitutions that are too small to pick on anyone else start making you cry yourself to sleep. Halo and Madden were mine for the Original Xbox (I was young, stupid and full of bravado); Final Fantasy VII for Playstation (you have to admit that after the 64 Nintendo stopped making consoles and started making games). Those games that redefine and reshape the gaming world taking us places we haven’t been and once we’re there wonder why they hadn’t done this sooner. This is still possible. Now, in this generation we can still have those. Case in point; the gaming gods at Bethesda were able to put out Skyrim, Oblivion, Dishonored, the modern interpretation of the Fallout Universe (1 & 2 are Legends but their time has past) and lest we forget that they control ID software now as well... They know how to make a game... they know how to make a game HUGE. They also know how to extend the life of a game for years... Seriously I've had to stop playing New Vegas because it was overwhelming with all of the DLC and there are still areas in Fallout 3 that I haven't even gone to yet. And there it is, The Future of Gaming. A proven cash cow and if done properly a gamer’s best friend. Downloadable Content.

Hush now my pasty skinned partners! Be still your cholesterol filled hearts and asthma ridden wheezes! For most of you this is nothing new. WoW, SWTOR and the newly popular Guild Wars 2 all have this. Patches, Expansion packs and more that you pay for eagerly, not to mention the reoccurring fee for WoW and we can’t forget that just because they are free and user generated Mod packs for PC’s are the same thing. So it makes money, is effective in prolonging a game’s shelf life and despite the *****ing and moaning from those who need something to ***** and complain about; DLC improves the game most of the time. Forget about new characters or clothes and maps are small time. I’m talking DLC as in a New World, more quests, continuing story, plot twists. Instead of exploring five rooms spread across three floors in a rendered skyscraper. I’m talking Battlefield destructible and Dead Rising interaction with every item in every damn room on every g*****n floor in every m***********g building. Ahem… Excuse that little outburst.
It is a fair assumption that 1080p is to Color what HDMI is to RCA in this day and age. These things are supposed to look pretty. By extension then it is safe to say that graphics are reaching a point where we can put them to the side for a moment. HOLD!!! Do not throw me under the bus for having the audacity to point out that it doesn't matter how many leaves flutter in the wind on a tree. What I want to know is that if I take an acorn from this tree and plant it as one normally would do in life. Will a tall and mighty oak eventually grow? Can I explore the entire realm of the Empire with a walking rug aboard a space jalopy and eventually meet a Grandmaster at his beginning? Can I go to a city under the sea teeming with genetically altered psychotic’s and actually explore the city? I might even one day live in an apocalyptic wasteland that doesn’t look like I got lazy and refused to clean…
IP’s, Sequels, Prequels, Spin-offs and of course Pokemon. These are the games we play. We play them every day. We’d play them as a job if we could (and hey some of us do). Sure we want new stuff. It sparkles and nobody else has it. I personally love the world’s I play in and wouldn’t mind if suddenly a new bad guy enters the fray and makes the game new for me. I wouldn’t mind more story, new missions/quests or the occasional cross platform co-op in a shared world…
I don’t absolutely need 10 brand new ideas. Maybe just the 2 or 3 great ones that get better with age…

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A+ my pickled ring
Posted on Saturday, January 21 2012 @ 21:25:44 PST

Perfection? Doesn’t exist.

Nothing in this world is complete; much less a video game designed by one group of people for another. There will always be a complaint about some small thing that supposedly makes it flawed. The camera isn’t just so, the controls are screwed or the story is convoluted or threadbare. The action is too frenetic or gets bogged down.

So calling something perfect and flawless is retarded because as anyone with half a mind knows that flawless cannot be perfect.

Flawless 1. having no defects or faults, especially none that diminish the value of something

Perfect: 1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type

So which is it? Is it made perfect or does it become perfect? If the controls come easy and simply to one man and flabbergast the next is the defect with the game or the players? Who’s ideal are we making? Mine? Yours?

I would say that my A+ thus far is Skyrim. Seriously! What does this game not have in it? You can craft, thief, murder, maim, explore, enchant, marry, drink, kill dragons, visit ghosts, be a vampire hunter, be a vampire or werewolf or demon worshipper. Hell if you have a PC you can turn people into bunnies.

Sure it’s unfinished and sloppy in some parts but you can’t have everything and they are getting around to fixing it and making it better. Just like Morrowind and Oblivion before it; it comes broken now let’s fix it better.

I could wax nostalgic about LoZ and Mario. Perhaps talk about the endless hours spent in Kotor and name drop NWN but they would be lies and can’t hold a candle to what Skyrim has done to my expectations of future games.

There it is. Future. What’s coming next.

If someone came to you and told you that you would only be allowed 1 gaming console for 10 years and you had to choose one. Can you honestly say that you would choose a gray box Nintendo or Atari 2600 over a PS3 or XBOX?

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The pen is blue
Posted on Monday, December 12 2011 @ 09:01:16 PST

He beat it. It took me a month to beat Ocarina and I couldn’t beat Majora’s mask without GR’s assistance. I still haven’t played Wind Waker or Twilight Princess and this lil $hyt just up and whooped Skyward Sword’s ass while I struggled with Skyrim. He still laughs mercilessly when I get mauled by the occasional bear. He flipping lost it when I got chomped by a Frost Dragon. I was a bit… perturbed… when it happened. I decided then and there that:

1) Fast travelling, while convenient and useful when travelling between towns, should be used sparingly in later levels. Problem being is that occasionally it drops you into the middle of a fight between 3 giants and a dragon. It once put me directly in the line of fire between some imperial soldiers and a Hagraven. While this is not as much of a problem when wearing my heavy armor, ready to battle with Lydia by my side it does present some issues when I’m in sneak thief mode with little more than a dagger, some strength potions and Nightingale armor.
2) I will not play while he is in the room. He questioned every move and purchase I made. He was giving me TIPS. He hasn’t played it (yet) and he stands behind me asking if it was smart to be putting points onto smithing.

Dad don’t you think that you should be making your guy stronger? What about your bow? Isn’t that one a bow? Why do you want to make clothes when you can buy them?

My wife got a little annoyed on Saturday. Well to tell the truth she got MAD! Not just a little mad but put your head down and leave the room mad. All because I woke up early that day to play some Skyrim while everyone else was sleeping in. Well a couple hours turns into “most of the ****ing day” pretty goddamn quick when Dovahkiin decides to explore westward. She didn’t buy my lamentations and apologies that claimed ignorance at the amount of time that had gone by while I was exploring Tamriel’s Northern Province. She did not understand how 8 hours can seem like a quick 2 hour dungeon crawl. I explained that I could not see the clock because it was to my right and the TV is in front of me. I don’t think she was very accepting of that argument as her response was “Are you serious?” Apparently that was a rhetorical question.

On a side note, I still sound like a small girl when I yell. My voice has left me and in order for me not to sound small and feminine I have to speak calm and at an inside voice level appropriate for a high school library. Any louder, say a scream for help or the whimpering sobs of a broken man, and my voice rises to the pitch of your kindergarten sister with a skinned knee.

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Yes Milord
Posted on Friday, December 9 2011 @ 14:58:42 PST

We all remember ICO and Colossus; beautiful games that told a story with gameplay and atmosphere. When’s the last time we had that experience? When is the last time you just looked at the scenery in a game and thought “Jesus Christ!!&rdqu...   read more...

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Posted on Monday, November 21 2011 @ 12:36:22 PST

So I wanted to share with anyone who would read this something that happened to me last night that gave me hope for the future generations of the world. But before I begin I would like to preface that with some back story.

My w...  

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