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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...


splinter1991 splinter1991's Blog
No real fun in videogame anymore...
Posted on Sunday, April 20 2008 @ 11:31:39 PST

    Video games are an amazing work of art by artists that have many followers and fans. I don't know how people can just sit around and play games that were conceived in vain. A video game is only made if the developers are damn sure that this little "product" will make them twice as much money. The rapid commercialization seems to have gone unnoticed by everyone. The most annoying thing is is that people who are against governments and rules just "rebel" to video games that have been made just for money. If you understand my meaning here, you may have asked why there can never be a single game anymore that doesn't involve money. There will never be one because people are garbage who are greedy. The whole world is built on greed and we just whine about it.

    Sorry about that post. I was a bit annoyed....

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Next Gen Olympics
Posted on Saturday, April 19 2008 @ 23:10:23 PST

This is a highly extensive event that focuses on many controvercial  flaws, facts, and subject matter about the next gen systems.
Sony's Playstation 3
Microsoft's Xbox 360
Nintendo's Wii

Event 1: In-home convenience
    The PS3 has followed the basic plug, plug, and play that has been enforced since NES days. It is a little big but it is good looking enough to make up for that in a sense. It consumes a decent amount of power to run your games but it makes it happen. It also has Blu Ray which means you can kick the **** out of that disc and you can still play.
Score: 7/10

    The 360 is a little bit slower in this department. It has that enormous heat generator power converter on the back which causes some frustration and fear that your carpet is going to catch flame. It is also so heavy that if your desk isn't high enough to keep it off the floor, it will pull your system right off. Other than that it has conformed (that is good) to basic installation practices. It looks nice too. If you can look past the fire hazard.
Score: 5/10

    The Wii is a bastard in this field. If you are like me, you hate wires everywhere. If you hate any one thing out of place such as that bright gray color to the cords and the extra wire for the sensor bar, you will deal with some teeth grinding. That sensor bar can usually hide itself away. Now get ready to break some windows with that mofo. If you have any kids under 7 or 8, get ready to see that little twinkie go flying across the den. The Wii is also ugly. Nintendo was going off the little Target look that says simple is better. That took a dive when it was just a little pizza box design. It has those annoying ass flaps that open to SD cards and controller ports that make it worse. It also forces its controllers to be wireless. Shameful loss for the Wii...
Score: 3/10

Event 2: In gamedness
    The Ps3 has those beautiful backgrounds that go forever. They seem to be overexaggerated  at some points such as with early production games like Motorstorm but were harnessed by Ratchet and Clank. Its gorgeous nonetheless. It has the Remote play feature with the PSP that makes me smile.
Score: 6/10

    The 360 has kind of the middle ground when it comes to graphics. Nothing spectacular but you would never dog them. It is nothing to brag about in this category but the ease of play in most games must be mentioned. Now that I did, i must remind that it is still up to developers in that aspect.
Score: 4/10

    The Wii is prime ruler of this category. It practically forces you to be in the game. The graphics aren't really much better than the Gamecube but its not laughable. The Wii is revolutionary in its gameplay and deserves much praise for that.  It is difficult to explain but im sure people will agree that it kicks ass.
Score 9/10

Event 3: Processing
    The PS3 is the Alienware in this category. You have all kinds of **** that you don't even know what is doing in there. That translates to beautiful games and endless fluid kick assness. The processing power is split excellently in between AI control and graphics. It is sadly not getting many great games for it right now.
Score 8/10

    The 360 may have been rushed onto shelves to beat Sony but I don't think extra time would have yielded extra processing. The graphics are really great but that's all it really does. The 360 is in danger of itself. It gets so hot up in there, the processing can slow a bit and this can sometime yield longer load times and lags but other than that it is pretty good.
Score 6/10

    The Wii is a little misleading in this criteria. It uses a lot of processing to translate that motion of the controller into a format that is similar in orientation and movement to that of a button being pushed and translated on screan in real time. That takes away from the graphic experience. This doesn't put the graphics worse than last gen. It is basically more about fun.
Score: 6/10

Event 4: Online

    The online aspect of the Ps3 is pretty lame. No one really cares about it but it has some die hard fans. The ease of use is pretty solid and the convenience is as well. There aren't as many online-friendly games for the PS3 and it is being ignored for other reasons. Great potential, flawed exectution.
Score 5/10

    The 360 has decimated all others in online play. Xbox live is syndicated to no end. It is to the point that people are posting their Gamerscores on myspace as pics. That is pretty substantial. The online community is vast and growing. More games are being produced that cater almost expressively to online action. Some may deny this but in the back of some developer's minds they are saying, dude this would be badass online. With subscriptions becoming more and more skanky, AKA being more expensive and shorter, we can give microsoft the big middle one for realizing success and milking it for cash. Those punks (,,|,,).
Score. 8/10

    The Wii had online compatability? Apparently it does. It is pretty bland and unexciting. It does have a cool little feature that allows you to directly control a PC from your TV. This merits only some interest but it is overall slow and not that great.
Score: 4/10

Event 5: Accessories
    The PS3 is pretty cool in itself and doesn't really necessitate many peripherals. The keyboard and mouse aren't really necessary but there are still morons that must have it. Like text messaging. The blu-ray remote is pretty swank and the intercooler that you put on the back is helpful as well. I am also a fan of the controller charging bay.
Score: 7/10

    The 360 is a whore. It has so much extra crap for it, it's unreal. I've seen people running fish tanks off their 360, The paneling option is a nice touch if you are sick of the plain white. There is a skin for every occasion. You can also do a quick youtube search for people that have customized their 360s to no end. Plexiglass covers and LEDs everywhere.
Score 8/10

    The Wii is ok in this aspect. There aren't many accessories that make the thing look any less ugly. The main theme of the extra junk is an obnoxious blue LED but that's ok i guess. Some of the accessories for the Wii are actually quite necessary. If you had got your Wii before this Christmas, you probably don't have the cushion diaper that you slide over the wiimote. That is necessary when you let that fastball go awry.
Score: 6/10

Event 6: Hard Drive Space
    The Ps3 is pretty grand here. It comes with a standard that is higher than a default 360 but is sadly non upgradeable. It is also kicked in the nuts by the fact that rich *****es will buy the 120 gig SATA for the 360. Double that of the best PS3. It can still store all your extra **** on there too.
Score 7/10

    The hard drive, should you choose to accept it is okay for what you need. I miss the old days when an 8 megabyte memory card could hold all your stuff. Where did that go? You can upgrade from little 265M cards to 9G drives and 120G drives if you have the money. The video game is a hobby not for the poor.
Score 5/10

    The Wii got owned. SD card are so jank. The highest memory of an SD is rarely over 2 gigs. This means like its two older brothers, the Wii is not for any real media fun. The 512M internal storage is what it is. It's not big enough for lots of pics or saves. Definite room for improvement.
Score 3/10

Event: 7 Car comparison
This isn't really a competition, more like a study to show if what car you like pertains to your gaming system.

PS3 - Lamborghini Murcielago

Xbox 360 - Mitsubishi Eclipse

Wii - Scion Xb

of 60

SONY PLAYSTATION 3 - 40 (37.38%)

MICROSOFT XBOX 360 - 36 (33.64%)

NINTENDO WII - 31 (28.97%)

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Its Coming...
Posted on Thursday, April 17 2008 @ 16:55:26 PST

    I have received word that there is a new up-and-coming way to play games. This is only available to the money friendly people though. It is a system that actually puts you totally in the game. It is basically a 10' mesh steel ball that you get inside and it rolls around on a spindle. This translates walking in the game. You have a wireless gun and ammo and a full 3d visual helmet.  (this is a cheaper rendition) Click here.
I am aware that this has been talked about for about 2 or 3 years now but there is a company that is going to make it available for semi-mass production for buying and renting it out like bounce houses and paddle boats. They put the price of all the components and equipment at about $1000 now which is a grand leap from the original.
    Sadly, no developers of major games will look at this thing because there aren't millions of people buying it and they can't make money.

The one i saw has a full peripheral vision helmet and a cooler gun. The game is pretty BA too.

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I have found the Holy Grail
Posted on Thursday, January 24 2008 @ 16:46:39 PST

I went a plunderin' down in my stock of old stuff. A time capsule if i would. And as i was rummaging, i came across a black disc. What could it be i asked my foot. I flipped it over and saw another shiny black surface. It was two PS1 games joined at ...   read more...

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What we really want from Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
Posted on Wednesday, January 9 2008 @ 22:37:25 PST

Why hello ladies
    It is my wish to clear the air about why GTA - SA has hit the deck and fallen through to the sharks. It has been totally "figured out" by all its players, they have played it up and down and they're ...   read more...

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