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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats

Nookway to Nookingtons
You can get Nookingtons by first getting Nookway. You get Nookway by at least spending 65,000 bells in all the stores combined. Then, after you've had Nookway for a while, have a friend visit your town. Let them buy anything from Nookway, it can be expensive (throne) or cheap (Like a pack of seeds). The next day, Nooks should be closed. You can choose to either time travel or wait for it. After that, you should have Nookingtons.

Have a friend buy something from Nookway. The next day, Nookway should be closed. After that, you should have Nookingtons.

Free Gifts and Cake:
Set your clock to your birthday, and get free gifts and cake. To do this go up your stairs to the phone. Select options, than date, and set it to your birthday.

Easy Winter Cash:
In Winter, hire the fishing crew at the beach. Check back every once in a while and you'll get easy money, up to 1,000,000 bells.

Furniture Tree!:
Shake a tree, and there's chance that 100 bells or even a peice of furniture might fall out! On the downside, bees might get you!

Fish Tree:
Plant a Red Snapper on the right side of Town Hall with the Golden Shovel. A fish tree will grow and provide you with a bunch of Red Snapper.

Change the Inventory Background:
Grab any shirt and drop it in the invisible space in the lower left corner of the menu.

The Money Rock:
Hit every rock you find around town with either a shovel or an axe until one of them drops bells. Every day, the rocks will recharge.

Go to a neighbor's house that has the kiddie set. Nudge the right side of the dresser for a minute and it will say, "You found 10 rupees! Too bad you can't use them in this town." It's useless, but entertaining!

The Money Tree:
Bury some money with the Golden Shovel to grow a Money Tree. The higher amount of Bells you bury at one time, the higher the chances the tree will grow.

Money from the FUTURE:
Go to Town Hall and deposit at least 10,000 bells into your account. Then, turn off your DS, restart and set your system date's year to 2099. Save the settings and restart the game. You should now have about 99,000 bells in your account. Withdraw the money, save, and set the system date's year back to normal. You can repeat this as many times as you want. You may need to tinker with the formula, like putting more money in your account, or setting your system date back to 2000 before beginning. The idea is to make sure you're earning interest on your bells.

How to get Feathers:
Go to the TownHall make a donation:
Green Feather - 10,000 bells.
Blue Feather - 200,000 bells.
Yellow Feather - 500,000 bells.
Red Feather - 800,000 bells
Purple Feather - 1,100,000 bells
White Feather - 1,400,000 bells
Rainbow Feather - 6,400,000 bells

Don't go...ever:
If you have a favorite animal in town, and don't want them to move away, make a letter for them and keep it in your inventory. You can do this with more than one animal, you'll just need more paper.

Unspoiling Turnips:
If you're tired of your expensive turnips spoiling, or want to get more money for them, place a shovel or fishing rod in front of the table in your house. Then place the turnips on the table. As long as you leave them there, they won't spoil. So relax already.

Helpful Snowmen:
Roll up the snowballs you sometimes find lying around to make them bigger. Roll one onto another and you'll make a snowman! If you make him with the right proportions, he'll mail you an item from the snowman set.

Getting K.K. Songs:
You can only get songs from K.K. on saturday between 8:00 and 12:00, so just keep switching the date back to saturday get a song each time.

How to get a scallop:
The first thing you do is buy a red turnip from Joan on Sunday. Next give the turnip to Wendel the next time that he's in town. Wendel should give you either the Turban or the Country Guitar, if he gives you the Turban take it to Sarah the next time she's in town. Sarah should give you a massage chair or a red vase, If you get the massage chair take it to Tortimer (the mayor) on the next holiday that comes around. Tortimer should give you a scallop the last thing you have to do is wait for pascal to come again and give the scallop to him he will give you a golden axe. (Pascal comes one day every week he's the other guy that is a sailor.) If Wendel gave you the Country Guitar instead of the Turban take the country guitar and give it to K.K. Slider on Saturday at the museum in the coffee cafe.

Get the Gold Tools:

Golden Slingshot Shoot down 15 items from the sky, then shoot the Golden Slingshot down.
Golden Bug Net Catch every type of bug at least once.
Golden Fishing Rod Catch every type of fish at least once.
Golden Watering Can Upkeep a perfect environment for 16 days straight. Then Pelly or Phyllis will give it to you.
Golden Axe Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for it.
Golden Shovel Bury a normal shovel and dig it up one whole day later

Nook Store Upgrades:

Nook 'n' Go Spend 25,000 Bells in Nook's store.
Nookway Spend 65,000 Bells in Nook's store.
Nookington's Spend 240,000 Bells in Nook's store and bring a friend to shop there.

Presents from the Stars:
If you see a falling star press the "a" button right when you look at it and then in the morning check the mail box and youll get a present from the shooting star

Go to the beach catch one fish and get all of the shells then put them in your house and then the next day there will be a dog looking at the fish because its hungry. There now you have a new dog

Cash from Mom:
If you need money like right now just set your clock to Jannuary 1st in your systems settings then save the settings, restart your Nintendo DS, Start playing, then check your mail and see if you have mail that says, "Love,Mom" and with a present attached to the letter. Drag the present over to your inventory and then open it in and there you have 10,000 Bells.

Bells For Bees:
If you go up to a tree in your town and shake it, your likely to get 100 bells, furniture, clothing or fruit. But sometimes, you may find a bee's nest that popped out of it. If so, you would probably run as fast as your can to the nearest house or shop. But you don't have to. If a nest comes out, press the Y button and take out a net. Then press the B button and press the A button to catch the bees. Take them to TomNook's Shop and sell them. In return, he will give you 4,500 bells. NOTE:You may get stung on your eye from the bees. If so, go to Mr.Nooks shop and buy medican. Place it over your eye and you will have your eye back. This was a long cheat, but is really short once you do this in the game. So don't panic.

Get a Stringfish:
To get a Stringfish go to the stream which runs through your town. If you see a really big fish it will probably be a Stringfish. WARNING: Only go for the biggest fish you see , if you don't it will be a carp ( not worth a lot of money )

The Simpsons Theme:
If you enter the following code at town hall in the town tunes section you will get the Simpsons theme song f_ _a_g_dc_ _a_f_d

Thanks to Revolution readers caleb, Killercat45, pokemonlover803, Kyle, Nathaniel, nat, Stealth, ROBERT, Don_Juan, sempret,  Jose, Jarred, mays18, Taryn, DANI, Babbigail and Brianna!

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