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Black And White Cheats


Custom villager names
First of all this procedure involves editing a game file so please create a backup copy of the file before doing this. Use a text editor (like Notepad) to edit the "names.txt" file in the game folder. You can change the names contained in the file as desired, for example use friends or family but ... the number of names in the file must match the number listed in the first line.

Get any creature
Same as the above this procedure involves editing a game file so please create a backup copy of the file before doing this. Enter the '\lionhead studios ltd\black & white\data\ctr' folder. Find the file for creature that you have (for example, the cow has filename "") and the creature you want to have (for example, the horse has filename ""). Change their filename to each other (for example, "" becomes "" and vice versa) Note: You can also get the ogre, but his filename is "".

Sweet Prayer Power
For all the benevolent Gods, you can sacrifice without having it recorded on your statistics. It's really simple thing to do. When you see that someone has died just pick up their skeleton and put it in the dish at the worship site. Your prayer power will go up. Strange thing is that for some reason the skeleton screams as though it wasn't dead, but it works nonetheless.


Unlimited food and wood
First activate a Food or Wood Miracle. Then hold the Hand over the door of the village store or workshop and quickly and repeatedly press the "Right Mouse Button." If done the right way, a large amount of food or wood will be created for very little mana.

Unlimited Water Miracles
If You want Unlimited Water Miracles on first level do this: at the place where there is the first silver reward, scroll on land one. After completing it, knock over the rock again and it will turn into a Water Miracle.

How to get wood faster
Next to a large forest start to create any type of building. While the building is being worked on, drag as many trees as you can over it to add to the wood pile for the construction site. When the building is completed, take the left over wood and deposit it in the village store.

Time changeing
Hold [Alt] and press 1 to slow down time or hold [Alt] and press 2 to speed up time.

One-shot miracles
You can sometimes find one-shot miracles under trees and rocks. When you see a firefly-like light at night, follow it until morning. They will hide under a rock, in a tree or something other object. Pick it up and you will get a one-shot miracle.

Get rid of curse
To get rid of the curse in land 5 do this: destroy the wonder that is near the village center, left above your temple.

Save drowning villagers
To save drowning villagers ut on the fluffy leash and make your creature go next to the men. He will then pick one of them up. If you move your creature onto land he will put down the current man.

Walking skeletons
On World 3 there is a silver story scroll where you have the learn the notes are that you have to play. First, you have to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". Play the notes in this order, from left to right: 1, 1, 8, 8, 9, 9, 8, 6, 6, 5, 5, 3, 3, 1. You then have to play the "Funeral March:, which is: 2, 2, 2, 2, 5, 4, 4, 2, 2, 1, 2. A circle should appear. If you put someone that has died in it, they will start walking again, but will still be a skeleton.
Note: Also, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" turns it to night and the stones will turn into tombstones and if you play "White Christmas" (2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), it will start to snow.

Creature Growth Spurts
Wanna make your creature grow really quick!? Do this: go to the second level and do the singing stones task. Tap the stones to produce songs. Tap twinkle twinkle little star by pressing rocks 11889986655331 in that order. Then it will turn into night. Get your creature to sleep in the pen and each night he will grow 3 meters taller. Repeat the task every day to make it turn to night and get the creature to the pen. Keep doing this and you can grow him to full size in 7 creature years instead of 40.

My Creature Can Cast Mega Blast
Just so You know it's doable but it just takes a lot of patience. Now, Your creature can be taught how to do big miracles like Mega Blast. The easiest way, though tedious, is to go into a Scrimige (have one god to avoid distractions) game and find the miracle bubble for Mega Blast (it's on the hill). Build a village center to get close or get your creature to fetch the miracle. Find your creature put him/her onto the leash of learning and hand him the miracle bubble, don't stroke him or let him cast it, wait just long enough for your creature to gain the points from it then get him to put it down. This way you teach your creature as well as you keep the miracle handy to get him to learn straight away rather than to have to look for or cast another miracle. You can teach all one-shot miracles this way they give about 2-4 points per try but Mega Blast takes 4 tries to even get 1% of the miracle learned therefor it takes some time but megablast can and should be taught to your creature easily if not quickly.

The Red Death
So you wanna kill some enemy villagers but when you try the enemy puts up a shield? Just find a Red Mushroom (There are some on the first realm, just trow them into the vortex when you leave) Just throw 1 of the Red Mushrooms in the enemys village store. The food will become poisoned. The villagers will become infected. Then wait about 5 minutes for the poison to take effect and then they start dropping like flies. You can usually expect to reduce a town full of 200 people down to just 10 in half an hour.

Extra Creatures
Sheep - Get all ten sheep. On the first level
1.Beside the house of the stonecutter; 2.Behing the big green fence; 3.Near the pigs at a farmer; 4.On a mountaintop
5.At the trees near the sickman; 6.At a singing stone near the visplaces; 7.At the big stone thing where you can practise stone trowing; 8.Beneed palmtrees at the beach where you begun; 9.At the mountain near the palmtrees;
Zebra - On the second island. You have to get all creatures (the turtle and the wolf and your creature) in the fighting ring and cast a shield.
Turtle - Fourth island. Help the boy to catch two school's of fish
Funny Thing - Set your computer on 1 april and your creature will do funny things
Brown Bear - 5th level there will be a town owned by no one if you take the town over there will be a silver reward scroll click on it.A man will come out and say some thing smells in the forest. You must find pieces of crap with flies around when you find all of them you will get a brown bear.
Polar Bear - If you help the sailors on the first level when you get to the last level you will find a ship crashed.
In side will be the sailors and they will give you a Poler Bear.

Dizzy evil conscience
Start the tutorial and wait for your conscience to stop talking. Repeatedly move your mouse in circles and your evil conscience's head will eventually start spinning.

Teasing advisors
Wait without doing anything and the advisors will start making fun of each other.

Beach balls, bowling balls and bowling pins
Go to the God's Playground (press [F2] during game play) and exit out of the first tutorial by pressing [Esc]. Then zoom all the way out. Look for the small island off of the larger one. When you find it, zoom in on it. Rotate the camera so that you are looking at the small island and can see the large island in the distance. At the base of the small island you will see two beach balls, two bowling balls and some bowling pins with smiley faces on them.

On Gods' Playground, press [Esc], then move forward to the group of rocks next to a rock that resembles a pointing finger. Tap and break the large boulder to reveal a pair of dice.

Control logo
Move the mouse during Lionhead logo animation to scatter the particles. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, spin it to control the speed of the animation.

Phone dialogue
On the first island, do the leash gesture, then motion up, right, down, right, up, right, down, right and up in straight lines with your hand. A red phone booth will appear on the north side of the island and allow you to hear a conversation between the game developers.

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