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Black Dahlia Cheats

Black Dahlia


Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve Black Dahlia. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll ruin the game. And Dennis Hopper might come after you. He's nuts, y'know...

Black Dahlia

A Walkthrough


P. Hart

 Black Dahlia is a linear game in the true sense of the word. You cannot do certain things, get certain items, or go to specific places without having done certain other things first. The game is very rigid in this sense. A feature that you have to get used to in this game is clicking and sliding, very similar to clicking and dragging. You will do this to items that you come across in the game, and to certain items in your inventory itself. Doing this action often reveals something else. And speaking of inventory, examine items carefully; click on them to flip and turn them. And with certain jigsaw puzzle interfaces, clicking on a piece and holding will have that piece "bump into" other pieces. Instead, click on it and let go: that piece now becomes your cursor and you can place it where you want (except, of course, on top of another piece). And don't forget, of course, to explore your environment in detail; look up, look down, scan all around. There will also be certain puzzles where there will be no particular sign that you have completed it; if it looks complete to your eye, then it probably is; an example is a jigsaw puzzle. At the end of this walkthrough, I've included some cheatcodes for what I consider to be some of the more difficult puzzles. To use the cheatcodes, just be in the close-up of a given puzzle, and then just type in the letters on your keyboard; you won't see them appear on-screen, but the puzzle will be solved for you.
This walkthrough was made possible from all of the help I received from other gamers over at Gamenexus's message  board; this was a very challenging and difficult game at times, and I couldn't have done it without them. Now, on with the game.


 After the opening movie sequence, begin to explore your office. Click forward and head back behind your desk. Behind your desk, tilt your view down and click open the center drawer; read the little newspaper article. Then click on the little green book to the right, and read the Preliminary Report. Then, open the right-hand desk drawer; read the "To-Do" list. Take note of #9, one of the ones that is not checked; it says to check back with professor Strauss. Put the "To-Do" list back down, but then click the mouse pointer on it - HOLD - and then slide it to the back of the drawer; this reveals the gun. Click on it to take it in to your inventory. Then turn right to the file cabinet; click on the little black book on the top of the stack of books on the file cabinet; read the Fifth Column Lessons for America. Then open the top file drawer and read information inside; Jim will note that it is a bunch of gibberish. You can, if you want, click on various parts of the book shelves, though nothing on them is accessable right now; this includes the little locked door/drawer on the far end of the shelves. For now, let's check out what's in the inventory. Click on your badge; notice on the left hand side the little piece of silver metal sticking out: click on it, it's your lucky St. Christopher's medal. Then click on your case file, and click on and study the different aspects of it. Remember you can slide certain pages up & down. Next, examine your revolver; notice when you put the cursor over the butt/handle of the gun, it turns into the pointing arrow. Click here - HOLD - and pull forward to the barrel of the gun. This reveals a key; take key. Next, click forward to that little locked door/drawer at the end of the shelves by the door to your office. Get in a close up, and USE the key. Click on the message on the left by Dr. Strauss; then click on notes on the bottom. Study these cryptic writings carefully; the numbers and letters on the left refer to a phone dial. Especially notice the little scribbling that says, 0+1-1, and then (+) or (-) ? Next, click on your office door and go to Sullivan's office.

 Talk to Sullivan. When you're asking about the case file, click on the document that says, Initial Crime Report. Then move your cursor down to the bottom across the signature and it will say, Ask about detective; click on this. Then move your cursor up top until it says, Ask about Finster; click on this. When he asks you to look at the invitation and asks what you make of it, choose response, Tell him it looks like facist propaganda. Next, access your World Map and go to Finster's office.

 Talk to Finster. When finished talking with him, access your World map and go to police station and Detective Merylo's office.

 Talk to Merylo. Now remember the detective said you can look at the mug book if you want to. Tilt your view down and to the left; click on the mug book. When book is open, click on paper on top to take it into your inventory. Page through book and make note when you come to Louis Fisher, the man with the bushy beard. So in inventory, you now have Finster's stationary. Next, access your World Map and go to McGinty's bar.

 If you want, you can try talking to the bartender about the foreman, but he won't be very cooperative. Instead, turn towards your right, and go to the man sitting in the back by himself; talk to him. Winslow mentions Black List to you. Now access your World Map and go to Sullivan's office.

 Talk to Sullivan. When you get the Black List, go back to your office. Go back behind your desk. This is where you have to use a "special code" for getting Strauss's phone number. Bring up Black List, and in inventory, slide the list up to the top of the screen, and at bottom of list, see Dr. Karl Strauss; note that his number says, CLV 51 22 40. Now remember those cryptic scribblings you found in the locked door/drawer on the shelves? For the first part of Strauss's phone number - the CLV part - on a phone, C=2, L=5, and V=8; therefor, 258. Then the other scribbling on the page said, 0+1-1. So, with 258, 2  5  8  , 2+0=2;  5+1=6;  8-1=7. All total, you now have 2  6  7; 267. So the first three digits are 267. Then you have the rest of the number to figure out: 51 22 40. The other scribblings said, either (+) or (-); use (-), which is subtract. With 51, that becomes 5-1=4;  with 22, it's 2-2=0; with 40, it's 4-0=4. All together, you have 404. Combined with the previous figure, you now have, 26 74  04. Now click on the telephone on your desk and dial this six digit number. The person on the other end eventually tells you that Strauss isn't there right now.
 Now, if you haven't done so yet - and who knows, maybe you have in your explorations - go to your office door and click on the light switch there to bring some illumination on the scene (not that it was impossible to see without them on !). Then, turn and face your desk from the doorway, and tilt your view up and look at the light source; you should see some shadows inside of the light shade; click on them. Examine these in inventory; you will now have parchment sheets and the bag of runes ( Special Note: If you want, in inventory, you can click on the bag of runes to open it and examine them. But, it is strongly recommended that you DO NOT try to manipulate them yet by putting the symbols onto that gem-shape in the middle. Yes, this will eventually have to be done in the game, but not until much, much later; almost near the end. This is mentioned because this game has been known to have a "bug" here when played on some systems. What will happen is the rune symbols - if you put them on the gem-shape now - will get stuck there and you won't be able to get them off later when you need it. So, to save yourself the trouble and not lose any progress you will make, don't try to assemble the runes now; wait until the appropiate time). Now, access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's office.

 Ask Merylo about Special Agent Winslow. Then go back to your office; there should be a message waiting for you. Helen Strauss called; click on the note and there should be a CD change.

 At the museum, talk to Ms. Strauss. Then, in your inventory, Use the bag of runes on Helen. Then Use Finster's stationary on Helen. Then Use case file on Helen. Next, study the book carefully that she shows you; make note of the following crests: on the opening page, the top right hand corner, Notorious Tyrrant and Sorcerer. Click by three more pages, and then on your left hand page, bottom right corner, Sergeant at Arms, Knights of the Trinity. Then click two more pages, and you'll be at the back of the book; on the left hand page, top left corner, Scribe, Knights of the Trinity, and just below that, bottom left corner, Herald of the Order of the Trinity. After Helen puts the book back, talk to her and ask about the stain glass window. Click on the stained glass pieces to bring up the puzzle interface. One of the crests is almost already done for you. Now assemble the pieces so that you have all four crests. It doesn't matter in which order you do them, or where you place them at on the board. Clicking on a piece then holding will drag it, but it will "bump" into other pieces. Clicking on a piece and letting go has the piece become your cursor; you can now place it wherever you want (except, of course, on top of another piece). One of the ways you can check on your progress is to look for the embedded words in the stained glass using the red filter light located hanging above the table you are working on. Don't worry about backing out of the puzzle interface: you won't lose any of your progress, the puzzle does not "reset". So when you click on the lamp hanging above the table, you are looking for four words (names) embedded in the stained glass. So when you've completed the puzzle and all four shields/crests are represented, look through the lamp/filter above; the four names you should see are : Landolph, Fischterwald, Finsterlau, and Mulhaven. When the puzzle is completed, nothing actually "happens"; you just have to see the four names clearly through the red filter. Then, access your World Map and go to McGinty's Bar.

 Click forward to the man in the far back of the room, the one who is bald and has a mustache; talk to him. Then turn to your right and go over to the phone on the wall. In the close-up, look at the top right hand corner of the corkboard; you will see the name, Lou Fielding, with the number CMR 259. Get to a close-up of the dial and dial this number. When the man asks you who you're calling for, Type in this name: Louis Fischterwald. The man on the phone will let you know about the Raven Room. Access your World Map and go to the Raven Room.

 Go over to the door and click on the intercom box; tell the man that Finster sent you and you'll find out about the Mission. Then go over to the table on the other side of the room; examine the book on top. But then click underneath of this table and find the little Holy card. Examine card in inventory and flip it over to the other side by clicking on it. Access your World Map and now go to St. Bart's Mission.

 Talk to Ernie behind the counter. Then click on Ernie again and "trick" him into leaving to get a package. When you're behind the counter, lower your view and click on the suitcase. When the case is open, FIRST move all of the items on the left and slide them over to the right. THEN slide them all the way back over to the left; this will expose the photograph. Take the photograph and examine it in inventory. Then access your World Map and go back to the Museum.

 Ask Helen if she's figured out how the pieces of the runes are assembled. Then go back towards where the stained glass is, but then turn to your left and click on the desk. Click on the book on the left and read it, and then click on the book on the right and read that too. Then access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's office.

 Show him Ernie's photo. Then access your World Map and go to the Raven Room.

 Louie should now be there. Confront him about the invitation. Then, Use Ernie's photo on him. Next, be prepared for a gun fight.

 When you're in control again, turn to your right and click forward; then, click on the bottles. Jim will use the bottles as a diversion/distraction. When the crook comes out to your top right, shoot at him. Then there should be a CD change.

 Talk to Merylo and ask him about the warehouse gunman; keep asking about the gunman; you don't have to tell him everything you know. Afterwards, tilt your view down and click on newspaper article on desk; read both left and right side. Then in your inventory, examine the matchbook; click on it to open it up and see the name Mulhaven. Click it closed and then flip it around to the other side; note the number: GB5 637. Then access your World Map and go to Louie's loft.

 At loft, click forward once, and then turn 180 degrees around; tilt your view down and click on the area of the floor where the broken lamp with the wire is. Jim will remove a loose floorboard; click on the item hidden inside. Take it into your inventory; it's a lockbox. Then turn to your left and click over near the potbellied stove. Then click on the broomhandle on the floor; this will trigger a video sequence. Jim will make a note of the rune symbols on the floor which you can examine in your Notebook if you want. There's a bureau on the other side of the room, but it can't be opened for now. Access your World Map and go to the Hotel Cleveland.

 Talk to the man at the desk. Then, try to bribe him. Then, turn to your right and click over to the phone on the wall. Dial the number you saw on the matchbook: GB5 637; this will trigger a video sequence. Then, turn around and click on maid's cart. Then click on cart again to get a view of the middle shelf; click on the knife under the napkin to take it into your inventory. Then click on transom above the door; Jim will use the knife to get in. Inside, turn to your right and click over towards the bed. Then click on the vase on the right hand side of the bed; in close-up, click on the key inside the vase. Then, clicking on that piece of paper you see in the bottom of the vase will trigger a video sequence. Afterwards, go back to the vase and get the photograph that is now in there. Examine it in inventory and click on it to read the other side. Then access your World Map and go to Sullivan's office.

 You will walk in on Winslow and Sullivan; then, talk to Sullivan. Then access your World Map and go to the F.B.I. office.

 Talk to Dick Winslow. Then access your World Map and go to your office. For now, examine some items in your inventory. Look at Helen's notes; then examine the lockbox you retrieved from Louie's loft. To open the lockbox, use the following sequence :
First turn wheel on right side all the way down.
Then turn the left little smokestack to the horizontal position by turning it to the right.
Then on left hand side of house, push in the top half of the door.
Then click on chimney on roof and lower it.
Then, back on left hand side of house, raise the lower part of the door up.
Then on right hand side, turn the wheel all the way up.
A section of the left hand wall should retract.
Then slide a segment of the lower left wall at bottom front of house to the back of the house.
Then on left hand side, lower the top half of the door by sliding it down.
Then raise the chimney on roof back up.
Then rotate the wheel on right side down, then on the left side of house, top half of door pops back out.
Then rotate that little smokestack back to the vertical position by turning it to the left.
Then click on the front door - HOLD - and open it all the way.
Then slide the door to the left.
Then, just below the door, slide that long board all the way to the left.
Now, raise up that small little block that has the symbol on it.
The box should now open.
Inside, retrieve the key and the signet ring.

 Now, access your World Map and go back to Louie's loft.

 In Louie's loft, click forward once, then turn left. Click on the bureau, then on the lock. In inventory, Use the lockbox key. Then, using the moon phases posted above the bureau as a reference to manipulate the lock, turn the key thus: push in, turn left, back out, turn right, right again, push in, turn left, then back out; it will open. Retrieve the tooth/fang. Then access your World Map and go to Hotel Cleveland.

 Click forward once, then turn around, then click on the wardrobe cabinet. Click on the wardrobe cabinets doorhandles to get a close-up. In inventory, Use signet ring on door handles; this will trigger a video sequence. Afterwards, in the open cabinet, examine the Raven Room invitation; examine the hand written note; examine the bar-bill tab; examine the magazines if you want; examine letter to Joseph; examine Scrumpy's Propholactic; examine belt/collar; examine the telegram. Then access your World Map and go to the F.B.I. office.

 While Dick is "busy", you need to get the Pensky file that's in the safe. Go over to the small bookcase that has the world globe and two candlesticks sitting on top of it. Notice the sports picture of Dick Winslow; make note of the numbers 19, 6, and 1933. You are actually just going to use 19, 6, & 33. Make your way over to the other side of the room that has a picture hanging of fruits; grapes and a pitcher. Click on the top left hand corner of the frame; then click on the safe to get a close-up of the dial. Spin the dial all the way around once to the right for good measure and then stop on 19; then go left all the way past 6, then come around again to 6; and then right again to 33. Then click on handle, safe will open. Click on big manilla envelope on top; read contents. By reading the Pensky file, you find out about the Sunnyvale Rest Home. Then click down towards the bottom of the safe, and see the security card pass below. When you exit out of the safe interface, there will be a short video sequence with Dick Winslow; you automatically end up back at your office. Examine your inventory and see the Raven Room invitation and Winslow's pass. Then access your World Map and go to Flannigan's.

 Question Mulhaven. After questioning, Use the invitation from your inventory on him to get it signed. Then access your World Map and go to Sunnyvale.

 Talk to Pensky. (Make special note of when Pensky says to you, "Find the Black Dahlia and destroy it.). After talking to Pensky, you realize you already have one of the talismans; the tooth/fang. Access the World Map and go back to your office to get the feather.

 At office, click on the middle bookshelf towards the middle/right hand side; click on the book entitled, The Crusades: A Pictoral History. Retrieve the Raven's feather. Then access your World Map and go to the Museum.

 At Museum, you want to get the stamper so you can make the seal on the invitation. Turn to your right to where the stamper is, but first, click to the left of the stamper, and you will have a "vision". When it's over, examine the five seals below; you want to make a seal that looks like either the purple or the blue one. Back out of this close-up, and then click over towards the right onto the cylindrical stamper. First there are dials 1 through 4, 1 being the one closest to you with the beige colored beads. Dial number 1 controls the left lower quadrant of the stamper; dial 2 controls the right lower quadrant; dial 3 controls the right upper quadrant; and dial 4 controls the left upper quadrant. The 5th dial rotates the retracted pieces that you cannot see. Turning dials 1 through 4 to the right retracts a piece, turning to the left makes it pop back out. For the 5th dial, you have to "listen" for the pieces to click. When you have the stamper in close-up, click on it again to open it. Follow this order for one solution : dial 1 to the right; 5 to the left; 1 to the left; 2 to the right; 5 to the left; 2 to the left; 4 to the right; 5 to the right; 4 to the left; 5 to the left; 5 to the left; 3 to the right; 5 to the right; 3 to the left; 5 to the left; 3 to the right; 5 to the right; 3 to the left; 5 to the left; 3 to the right; 5 to the right; 3 to the left; 1 to the right; 2 to the right; 5 to the right; 1 to the left; 5 to the left; 5 to the left; 2 to the left; then a video sequence, then a CD change.

 At party, talk briefly with Dick Winslow. Then, talk to man guarding the door. Then turn left, tilt your view down, and click on the upside-down dish on the table. From there, go forward to the 2 blue screens you see in front of you. When you get there, turn to the right and notice the rotating table and the tray of glasses. In inventory, Use the dish on the rotating table. Then click on the tray of glasses; this will create a diversion so Jim can get into the back room. After the video sequence is over, you can explore the room if you want with your flashlight, noting the astrology painting to the right of the fireplace and the rune symbol chart to the left (and what each rune stands for). Then, eventually, make your way so that you are facing the wardrobe closet. Then turn to your left so that you are facing the big round table. Then tilt your view upwards so that you see the cord hanging down with the tassle; click on this to turn on the lights. You'll notice that the panel directly in front of you does not open, but you can open all the rest of the panels and read the inscriptions underneath. Make note of all the rune imprints; remember the crests from the book Helen showed you? How about Helen's notes? Also, in inventory, look at the parchment and note runes from the line, "Each gift to him is now devoted". All of this put together gives you the sequence of panels to click on to open that last panel in front of you that's locked. Start off with all of the panels CLOSED. Then, starting with the one in front of you with the hourglass/bowtie figure on it that you can't open - and counting this as number one - go in a clockwise direction and open the panels in the following order : 6, 8, 11, 12, 9, 4, 5, 7, 2, 3, & 10. The bottom one then opens and reveals a book, and then a video sequence.

It is now December 2nd, 1941

 Read the note from Cassandra Rollins; you will automatically go to see her. Talk to Cassie, and then answer "Yes" that you want to be put into a trance. When in trance, click forward into that area that is in-between the two torches. When inside of this trance-world, click around to different areas of it and listen to the different phrases that the voices are whispering to you; this will be giving you "hints" that you will be able to use later to solve a puzzle; the door puzzle. When done listening to the "hints", head back towards where you came in; turn and face the door that is guarded by two skeletons. Click on the door to get a close-up of it. The "hints" you heard were telling you the order in which to arrange the symbols you see flanking the door. Arrange the symbols in the following order, starting on the left side going from top to bottom : crown, key, serpent, star, key, shield, sun, & bird. The right side : bird, moon, shield, fish, serpent, comet, crown, & fish. The door will open and then you will be among revolving planets with rune symbols on them. You have to pass through these planets in a certain order, but you don't know what they are right now. So, leave the trance state by either hitting the "escape" button on your keyboard, or accessing your World Map and clicking on that. Talk to Cassie and tell her about the crystal spheres. Read the astrological tome that Cassie gives to you; make note of the different planets names and their symbols. Then, for now, access your World Map and go to Sullivan's office.

 Talk to Sullivan. Then access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's office.

 Ask for evidence on the Torso case; review the evidence. Review the evidence item by item starting with number 1. As you're reviewing the evidence, you're going to come across newspapers; notice the dates on them and what the blood splatters cover up and what they don't. Notice that item # 19 is impounded by the F.B.I. Then, ask Merylo about Von Hess; also ask about Von Hess's medallion. For now, if you want, you can examine some of the items in your inventory. Examine the invitation, but don't manipulate it yet; also, examine the lizard skin book. Then access your World Map and go back to Cassie the Psychic.

 Have Cassie put you in the trance again. In the trance, you will be at the crystal spheres (planets) again. Keeping in mind the newspaper articles you saw, go through the planets in the following order (the symbols for each planet were in the astrological tome Cassie showed you) : click to Saturn, then Mars, then Mercury, then Venus, then the Sun, then the Moon, then Jupiter, then Earth, and then the gray sphere. Then click forward till you make your way to a pool of water; click on the water to get a close-up. Then, click on the stones with the symbols that you see one at a time into the water; pay attention to the "visions" that you will see: there will be a clue here for later. Then hit the Escape button/ World Map to get out of the trance. Talk to Cassie about the stones and the pool; then tell Cassie that you saw yourself in the pool. Then access your World Map. You may have noticed on your Map that the Kingsbury Run Sewers is available, but if you go there the gate will be locked and you can't get in yet. So for now, go to the F.B.I. office.

 Talk to Winslow. Then access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's office.

 Ask if Winslow has returned the evidence. You can now look at item # 19. But, go back and look at item # 1; page through it, and on the last page, click on the upper right hand corner, and Jim will say, "Hmm, I wonder...." Then, access your World Map and go to Santini's home.

 Talk to Mrs. Santini. Then, notice that with the window shades that you can pull them down, but they go right back up. So go back to the doorway, and click off the light switch there. Then go to the shade that is on the right hand side of the bed. Pull it down and Jim will get a photograph. Then turn the light back on. Then click foward to the far right corner of the room. Look down and click on the base board in the right corner; retrieve the items inside, including the letter on top, and the envelope beneath with the rune symbols on it. Next, access your World Map and go to Kingsbury Run Sewers, and CD  change to # 5.

 At the entrance to the tunnel, take this path: North 1 click, then East 4 clicks, then North 5 clicks, then turn right and face the guage puzzle. Click on it to get a close-up. Notice the guage on the bottom is set to 30; adjust the rest of the valves so that all of the guages read 30. When completed, a passageway opens; enter. Inside, click on and take notice of the symbols on the door; also click on and take notice of the cross-shaped hole in the middle of the door.

 [ Want to see something humorous? At any point in the game - except for movie sequences - click and hold your left mouse button and move it to either the far left side or far right side of the screen; let the image spin. Next you'll see a funny video sequence ]

 Now access your World Map and go to the F.B.I. Ask Winslow for the cross (Actually Hess's medallion). When you get back to the sewer door, just click on the center where the cross-shaped hole is; Winslow will give you the medallion. After Dick leaves, click on the door in front of you; this will be the sewers bars puzzle. What needs to happen is all the bars need to come down at the same time. Look at this configuration :

1 2
8 3
7 4
6 5

Then move those toggle switches in the following order : 5, 4, 2, 3, 7, 5, 2; the door will open. Now if you click on the door in front of you, Jim will say something like it's obvious you can't get through that door, that there must be some other way to get in. So now, look up and to your left, and notice the grate/ grille; click on it; this will trigger a video sequence. Afterwards, access your World Map and go to the Raven Room.

 When you get to the Raven Room, Jim will break in. Then, go to the back door (back room); if you want, in your inventory, you can bring up the Invitation and try manipulating it/folding it to get a clue as to how to open the back room door. But, you don't have to do this (besides, this "oragamie" stuff can be tough !). Instead, click on the back door to get a close-up of it, and click the panels in the following order: Bottom row center (Red diamond), top row center, bottom row left, top row right, top row left, bottom row right, bottom row left, and bottom row right; enter. When you're inside, click forward to the wardrobe closet; then click on the lock itself for a close-up view of it. Notice there are indentations missing for the center piece of the lock, and the two that are on the bottom left and right. Click out of this view. Then click down to the candlestick holders, and then on the one on the left. There are actually five pieces on which you can turn on this candlestick; the base does nothing itself. Section 1 will be the top, the part where the candle would go. Here is the solution to make the pieces pop out of the bottom to fit the indentations in the lock: Turn section 4 two times to the right; section 5 two times to the left; section 3 two times to the right; the closet opens. Click on the green medallion hanging there. This will be the killers talisman. Then access your World Map and go to the Psychic, Cassie.

 Ask Cassie to put you in a trance; click forward and go to the pool. Tilt your view down and look at the pool; there is now a new stone to be put into the water. It is the second one from the left. Watch the next video sequence carefully (Hint: the bookcase). When you finally end up at the Raven Room, turn to your right and click forward to the bookcase. Face the bookcase and click on the middle shelf on the far right; secret passage will open behind the wardrobe. Watch the video sequence.

It is now 1945; Jim Pearson is now a member of the OSS.

 You are in a mineshaft. Look above the door you are facing and notice the painting; then click on the door itself to get a close-up. The object is to manipulate the planets around the sun so that they are all reflecting up to the picture above the door (not towards the sun in the center). Then, when all of the planets are reflecting up to the painting, then you may click on the sun in the center; the door will open. After short video sequence, you will now be faced with three archways & three puzzles. Turn to your left and go to the Lever puzzle. Use the following moves with the lever: left one move; up one move; right one move; down one move; right one move; up one move; left two moves; down one move; right two moves; down one move; left one move; up one move; down one move; right one move; up one move; left two moves; down one move; right one move; up two moves; down one move; door will open. Next, turn to your right and go to the Keys puzzle. Number the keys across the top - from left to right - one through eight. They wil go in the holes like this :
4 8 1
3 6 2
7 5
Also remember to push each key in. Then make another right and go to the Switches puzzle. There are seven switches from left to right. Flip switches, 1, 4, 6, & 7; then, keep pushing the red button below (this will keep turning the gear below). Then, click on the Black Dahlia.

It is now 1946

 You are in a Nazi cellar. Turn around and find the staircase; click forward to it. When you get to the door, click on the little black square in the center; it is a peephole. Then, turn 180 degrees from where you are, and shine the light around till Jim says, "Hmm, what's that over there?" Then, as you're making your way over, you will notice a well in the ground with a hook hanging high overhead which you can't reach. Then turn around and make your way over to the Winch Control Lever. Click on it for a close-up. There will be two levers and a crank. The left lever is in the UP position, the right lever is in the DOWN. Switch the two positions so that the left lever is in the DOWN position, and the right lever is in the UP; this automatically lowers the rope. Then, after that, make sure BOTH levers are in the DOWN position. Exit out of this interface, and make your way back over towards the well. Look down and click on the hook (a CD change). { It's a good idea to Save Game here, because it will be easy to get lost. The following directions may not be the shortest path, but it will get you there; just follow it as written }.When you reach the shaftway, click forward once. Then, make a right, and keep going right until you reach the alcove; make a right into the alcove. You will see some skulls and vases on an altar. Turn slightly to the right and click down low; click on the big box. Get the artifact inside. You can examine it in inventory to see the markings on the back. Exit the alcove. When you exit, you will automatically go to the left; but then turn completely around 180 degrees. Then click forward and keep going right. You will end up at a sarcophagus; notice the hasp on the front with its markings. Go to inventory and Use artifact you just acquired. When the lid opens, notice the Rune symbols reflected in the top of the lid; click on them and Jim will make a note of them. Exit this room. Then click forward but keep branching to the right. You will end up in the main Pillar Room. In the Pillar Room - while facing the altar - turn to your right and go to the sixth door opening; enter. Go forward and keep making rights. Then, when you come to the open area where there is a bridge and steps, click forward twice; an arrow will hit Jim's torch. Then, click on the steps in the following order: left step; right step; left step; center step; right step; left step; and then right step. At the top, click on the sarcophagus; then click on the broken lid. Then click on the rune symbols and Jim will make a note of them. Then, inside of the sarcophagus, notice the skull is missing. Then click forward to go back down the steps. Click on the steps in the following order (it's the opposite of when you came up): left step; right step; left step; center step; right step; left step; and right step. Then go back down the passageway, and keep going to the right. You'll end up at another sarcophagus. Click on the sarcophagus once to bring it in close-up, and then click on the lid to bring up the puzzle interface. The object of this puzzle is to manipulate the blocks so that the four corner stones are freed up ( This one can be rather tedious and time consuming, so, type in the cheat-code : Blockhead ). When the sarcophagus opens up and you get a view of the skeleton inside and the sword on his chest, click on the symbols on the sword, and Jim will make a note of them. Exit this chamber. Click forward, and keep branching to your right. When you enter this chamber, turn to your left and click on this sarcophagus to get a close-up; click on the opening to get a view inside. The click on the little square stone pieces you see scattered in front of the skeleton. Then, turn to your right until you see the basin of water beneath the figure on the wall; click on it to get a close-up. In inventory, Use stone pieces on basin. Then, arrange the stone pieces inside of the water to form the rune symbols that look like : A straight vertical line; A slanted letter "X"; What looks like the letter "N"; The letter "F" slanting downwards (Note: each letter/symbol is three blocks high; you arrange them by clicking and dragging on them). When completed, Jim will automatically make a note of them. Exit this room, and make your way back to the main altar room with the four Pillars; do this by going forward, then two lefts, and one right.

 Go forward to the main altar area where the four Pillars are; then click on the Pillars one at a time and enter in the correct "combination" by using the rune symbols that Jim copied down in the notebook at each of the sarcophaguses. Remember, one of the sarcophaguses that you saw - where you saw the symbols - was actually reflected in a mirror; remember to do these backwards. When all four combinations are put in correctly, a door will open in the back of the room revealing another secret passageway, and CD change to # 7.

 When you enter this new room, click forward once, and then click on the figure lying atop the sarcophagus; notice that it's hands are cupped. Now here's where you finally get to use that bag of runes you've been carrying around with you for the entire game so far. In inventory, click on the bag of runes to open it. Assemble the runes pieces onto the figure in the center in the following order:
TOP ROW: What looks like the letter "N"; a slanted "Z"; an "F" pointing upwards; a vertical line; what looks like a bowtie; what looks like this <; the letter "R"; the letter "M".
MIDDLE ROW: A backwards 7; a left & right arrowhead; an actual letter "N"; a slanted letter "X"; then what looks like the letter "N"; an angled letter "S"; a diamond shape that is crossed at the bottom; an arrowhead pointing upwards.
BOTTOM ROW: What looks like the letter "C"; a backwards 7; an angled letter "S"; an "X"; an "F"; a diamond shape crossed at the bottom; a vertical line with an arrowhead in the middle of it; a "T" or line with arrowhead at top.
Then, Use the assembled rune in the figures cupped hands. Watch the video sequence.

 Afterwards, click on the figure atop the sarcophagus and notice it's eyes are glowing red; back out of this view. Then tilt your view down and to the left, and notice now you can go down into a trench that is around the sarcophagus. Go down inside towards the head of the sarcophagus and notice a pair of binoculars; look into them. All you will see will be a fiery red fog. Notice the panel to the left of the binoculars; click on it till you get to the gray stone face, and then click once past that. Then go around to the foot of the sarcophagus and you will see two more panels. Do the same as you did to the other panel to each of these two panels; click to the gray panel and then once past that. Then, go back to around to the head and look in the binoculars now; notice the red "dot" in the middle. Back out of this view, turn towards your left, and move your cursor along that inner wall of the trench until it turns into the pointing arrow; click on this. Jim will remove a dagger from the wall and another secret passage opens.

 Talk to Von Hess. Then watch video sequence.

It is now 1946

 Talk to the pilot. Then turn to your left and open Captain Collin's trunk at the foot of the bed. You can, if you want, examine the items on the right - but - slide the tray that's on the top left over to the right. Then, click on the letters.

It is now 1947

 On the train, on the table in front of you, examine the ashtray with the black cigarettes in it. After the porter leaves, click forward to the end of the car. Then turn to your right and click on the seating chart on the podium; click on it to get a close-up view. Notice on Shift 2, in the fourth table, the name Matt Collins (this is the name of the dead pilot; evidentially, Dick Winslow is impersonating him). Then, turn back to your left, and go through the door. Then, just keep clicking forward until you get all the way to the back of the train (Do Not try to open any of the passenger doors along the way; this will get you thrown off the train). Along the way, you will enter the baggage car. As soon as you enter this car, turn around and click on the door; in the close-up, get the blueprint out of the metal pocket on the door. Take this into your inventory. This will come in handy later; you can use it by clicking on a certain car to jump from car to car. Turn around and keep proceeding to the back of the train to get to the conductors office. Enter the office.

 Talk to the conductor. When he asks you the name, type in: Matt  Collins. He won't give you the number of Collins/Winslows compartment. Exit and go back to the baggage car.

 When in the baggage car, click forward once, turn 180 degrees, and click on the suitcase on your right. Jim will pick it up and put it on top of a crate; after that, just wait. You will notice that it will vibrate off of the crate by itself. You may have noticed above this suitcase when it was on the crate the Emergency Stop Pull Cord. Then go back towards the door where you got the blueprints from and look on the shelf and get the string on a spool. Then click that suitcase back on the crate again but then right away Use the string on it to tie it to the Emergency Stop Pull Cord. Then quickly return to the conductors car. When he leaves, open the left hand drawer of his desk and get out the listings; notice the name Matt Collins; this is Winslow. He is in car # 283. If you want, notice on the clipboard on the desk that car # 283 has repairs listed for the broken number plate. Now exit here and, using the blueprints, go to the fourth car from the front. Enter room # 7.

 Turn to the bureau and click on the top drawer; open it . There is a piece of paper with a single rune symbol on it; click on it. As you do, Jim will get dizzy and fall unconcious. You wake up to a blonde haired woman. Afterwards, go back to the conductors office (use blueprint). Talk to conductor and ask about Collins; you find out Collins/Winslow left in Chicago and switched to the express train, but his luggage is still there. Return to the baggage car.

 Go to the end where you had found the blueprints, but then turn to your right (the shelves) and click on the clipboard; in close-up, notice that Matt Collins' tag number is 0100AA. Turn around and head to the opposite end going all the way to the door ( Special Note: It might be a good idea to Save Game here. It's been noted among many players of this game that there is a "bug" here and the game might crash at this point, so you wouldn't want to lose all of your progress up to this point ). Then turn back around 180 degrees, and click on that crate on your right; this will be Collins/Winslows crate. First, remove the small pin from the top, and put it in the small hole in the front. Then remove the large pin from the top and put it in the second hole in the front. Then, flip the top hasp down, and open the lid; you'll notice it has champagne. Close this back up, and flip the hasp back in place. Then flip the bottom part of the hasp all the way up. Then, remove the large pin that you put in the hole from the front and stick it in that center hole. Then push the hoop up to the top. Then, remove the small pin and put it in the front center hole where the hoop was. Then, on the left hand side of the trunk, remove the handle; put it in the top holes over top of the hasp. Then, just where you got that handle, remove the handle holder from the left, and put it over the hoop in the front. Then get the handle that is over top of the hasp, and put it into the holder in the front. Presto, it opens. Jim will automatically switch the stamps on the crates. Now, make your way to the dining car (use the blueprint).

 Talk to the blonde haired woman to apologize. Keep talking to her and ask about Winslow and where she is going; then CD change to # 6.

You are now in L.A.

 In your room, click on the telephone. Call everyone possible starting with the police ( To see a little humorous video sequence, after you have called everyone and the only choice you have left is "Hang Up", instead, click the cursor on Jim himself; watch ). Then, access your World Map and go to Gabe's Diner.

 Talk to the detective. After bumping into Alice, you end up at your hotel room. Then, access your World Map and go to the Train Station Shipping Office.

 First, talk to the incoming clerk. Then, talk to the outgoing clerk. Then, look to the left of the outgoing parcels, and notice the trashcan; click on it and then click on the box inside. Ship the box to the outgoing clerk. Use box from inventory. Then, choose, Express delivery. Then - just to check - talk to the incoming clerk. Then, access your World Map and go to the Boarding Home.

 Talk to the landlady. Then, turn to your right, and check the drawers of the bureau; nothing to take there though. Then, open the closet door and check the pocket of the jacket. Then click on the matress of the bed and Jim will notice a shoe underneath. Then, click on the bedside table, open the top drawer, and read the note. There's nothing in the second drawer. In the third drawer, notice the romance book, but, click on the napkin underneath, and notice the Biltmore Hotel Bar. Then, access your World Map and go to the Biltmore Hotel.

 Talk to the bartender. Then, Use Lizzie's photo on him. Then access your World Map for a brief stop back at your hotel room. But then access your World Map right away again, and go to the Shipping Office. Talk to the incoming clerk; when you see the shipping manifest, notice that Matt Collins is using the ABC Moving Company (you will now also have gotten your package!) . Then access your World Map and go back to your hotel room.

 Click on the telephone; choose the ABC Moving Company. Then, access your World Map and go to the ABC Moving Company.

 Shine the flashlight around, and find the memo on the wall next to the calendar; read it. Then turn to your left and click on the desk; then click on the left middle drawer and read what's inside. Now, from the memo you read next to the calendar, and using that formula, here is the file that you are looking for: SO1AKP52. Turn to your right, look down, and find the file cabinet ( To see a humorous video sequence here, try opening the top cabinet drawer, check through about ten files or so, then watch ). Click on the bottom drawer to open it; scan along there until you find that file, and click on it. Now, if you want, you can access your World Map and go to the Movie Studio, but the guard won't let you in. Now access your World Map and go to the Biltmore.

 Lizzie will now be there. Talk to Lizzie and ask about the Black Dahlia. After the video sequence, access your World Map and return to the Biltmore.

 Talk to the barman. First, play along; then insult the bartender and you'll find out Lizzie's room number. Then turn to your left, and click forward once towards the door. Then turn to your right and click up to the stairs. Then go to the end of the hallway where the window is; turn to your right and you'll see room 201. You can try knocking but there'll be no answer. Turn to face the window again and click on the bottom of it; this will open it and then exit out through it. Click on Lizzie's window, and Jim will try to open it, but it won't budge. You will now have a close-up of the window. Then tilt your view so you're looking all the way up and click on the top of window; this will bump the window down a little bit. Then, click on that stick you see to the far right sticking up (this was the stick that prevented the window from opening). Now open the window from the bottom and go in. Inside Lizzie's room, looking inside the chest of drawers yields nothing, nor does looking on the vanity table. But, to the right of the bureau drawers, tilt your view to look above the door; then click up top of the ledge of that door. In the close-up, click on the key you see on the ledge. Then, access your World Map and go back to the Sunset Arms Hotel.

 The detective is waiting for you. Talk to him; finally Alice steps in to save you. Talk to Alice. When done talking with Alice, access your World Map and go to the Train Satation Lockers.

 Now remember that Lizzie removed the number from the key that you have, but wrote in her letter that she had a full proof combination to remember the number. Her initials were E.S.; E.S. is 3 & 7 on the telephone dial, so try locker # 37. When you find the locker, you can read Matt's letter if you want to, but in the jewelry box, get the receipt from the antique shop. Then accesss your World Map and go to the Antique Shop.

 Talk to the proprieter; Jim will buy the cane. Examine the cane in inventory; notice the rune symbols. Also notice, around near the head of the cane, are four vertical lines. Along these lines, match up the four sets of rune symbols you found back in the monastery caves. When the cane opens, you will get a treasure map. Then access your World Map and go to the Sunset Arms Hotel.

 Look at your bed, and on top of the pillow, you will now have a Studio Pass/VIP Access. Then access your World Map and go to the Movie Studio.

 After video sequence, go over and talk briefly with Alice. Then, turn 180 degrees around, and go over and look at the open crate; inside the crate, click on the delivery requisition. Then go back over and talk to Alice. Then, access your World Map and go to Al King's house.

 Talk to Alice again. After speaking with Alice, turn around 180 degrees and go back towards the desk. Then turn to your left and click on the telescope. To the left of the telescope is the scope's inclination and declination chart. Then,back out of this view and click on the desk; then click on the little notebook. Make a note of the coordinates that you see here: these will be useful for "practicing" with the telescope to get the hang of it. Make particular note if it has a "negative" ( - ) sign in front of the number and of decimal ( . ) points. Then, turn back to your left, and click on the metal box that is just beneath the telescope. Try entering the coordinates:  -.8, - 45. Exit out of this interface and click on the telescope itself again. Then, using the click and drag method, make the Triangles you see inside the telescope view meet horizontally and vertically; see what you see. Then, click on the settings box once more each for these coordinates:  -1.0, -25;  .2, 5. Remember to click and drag to make the Triangles meet. Then, turn to your right a little, and click on the trash can next to the desk. Click on the torn up pieces of paper inside; also click on the newspaper article, chisle, and pair of gloves. In inventory, examine the torn up telegram and assemble it. Only one of them is important: Winslow's;  it was sent from Zurich, he'll arrive in January, and wants crate delivered to abandoned shooting lodge.  After reading that newspaper article you found in trash, access your World Map and go to the Cemetary.

 At cemetary, make your way around the sarcophagus and click on the gold urn; get the piece of paper. The page number - 165 - is circled with the Saturnus logo, and Winslow also wrote, "Look at it a hundred times". Access your World Map and go back to Big Al's house.

 Turn around and go over to the desk; click on the map on the wall above the desk. In inventory, Use the treasure map on the map and superimpose it so that the "crosshairs" will match. As can be seen, Al's house height is 100 and the marked position is at 250. Now go look at the chart for the telescope. For the range of 16,500 and a height difference of 150, there is an angle of 0.5. ( Also, from the graffiti at the cemetary, by studying the one puzzle on the wall - the Saturnus one - the correct amswer is 27 ). Use the location device on the telescope and set it for: 0.5, 27. Then look through telescope and line up the Triangles again; you'll see Dick Winslow.

 In the abandoned loft, turn around and click on the picture on the ladder; then click on picture in close-up. After the ladder breaks, and the fire starts, turn towards the lockers. Open them from left to right one at a time; by the third one, Jim will have a rune mark burned into his hand. Then inside of that locker, click on the key and Jim will get out. You'll automatically return to your hotel and read a letter from Alice; then you'll end up back at Big Al's.

 The place is a shambles, it's wrecked. Click forward once, turn right, and click down into the main area. Turn to your left and click on the projector; click on note on projector. Then click the ON switch down the bottom. After watching film, turn around and go back up landing to the bar, and turn to your left and click forward. Turn to your left and click on the cuckoo clock; in close-up, click on the note. Back out of this close-up, and set the hands of the clock by doing this: move the little hand (hour) to the 5; then move the big hand (minute) to the twelve: 5:00. As soon as the hula dancer comes out, turn the big hand (minute) back five minutes; the secret passage will open.

 As soon as you enter the underground passage, turn to your right, lower your view, and click down: see severed head. Then turn back to your left, and see Alice hanging in the background; click towards her. Click on Alice to free her (or on the knife on the ground to her right). Uh oh.......After the long video sequence, there are three possible choices you can make that lead to two different endings.

 The best ending is to shoot the Black Dahlia in Winslow's hand.

 The other ending, you can either choose to shoot Winslow, or, do nothing at all; both lead to the same ending.



Stained Glass Puzzle: Leadhead
Lockbox Puzzle: Loghouse
Winslow's Safe: Masterlock
Sealstamp Puzzle: Ringding
Pressure Guage Puzzle: Pressure
Door w/ Revolving Planets Puzzle: Sunspot
Sarcophagus w/ Sliding Blocks Puzzle: Blockhead
Bag of Runes: Gemstone
Crate on Train Puzzle: Boxtop
Cane Puzzle: Candycane



Many thanks to Revolution reader P. Hart!

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