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Breath of Fire IV Cheats

Breath of Fire IV


Thought You Were Done?:
After you beat the game save the game (it lets you) then go to the abandoned village (where all the little god invokers ran before getting slaughtered) you'll meet up with Rei and Teepo from BoF III! Teepo will give you a "Rusty Sword" which sucks until you get 1000 kills with it, a large chore. It powers up then. And you'll also come by groups of 6 very high hp - low defence monsters that don't attack, so you can just use combos on them in the abondoned village. I got up to 48 hits and something like 60,000 damage using this combo: Tiger Fist-Ryu Primus-Ershin then a Super Combo from Cray. Tiger Fist and Super Combo come from masters. Don't bother killing the treans or trunks (monsters) they don't' give you much exp or zenny.

Easy Exp:
Get about 6 fairies searching S. Hesperia until they/you have 2 Ivory Dice. Then go into Fou Lou's castle and wander around near the room with all the vases and stone pillars and other religious looking stuff. You'll come by a monster that when you hit it (if you don't kill it) it becomes more powerful. Hit it (without killing it) until its regaining around 6000 life a turn. Then have Ryu become Kaiser the same turn you use the 2 ivory dice on the monster. The next turn use your Best attacks and Kaiser breath (of course) and he'll die. I've gotten up to 85,000 exp from this. The longer you can last without killing the monster the better.

2 "Ultimate" Fishing Lures:
Go to Rei and Teepo in the abandoned village after beating the game and by the "King Frog" or make an items shop in the fairy village using a "lazy" fairy. The lazy fairy will have horrible items up until the last one which will be a "spoon" both of the lures are defined as "attracts any and all kinds of fish"...very handy.

Lotsa Aurum:
Go to wyndia and go into the big mansion then talk to the butler. He'll ask for silverware. You can find the silverware in the folowing places

Spoon      - Lazy Fairy shop
Fork       - In the Cove with the wrecked ship the large crap monsters drop them
Straw      - Rei and Teepo shop, or the crooked buisness man will give you one for helping out with the crates, vases/boxes.
Chopsticks - Send fairies to Wyndia searching, Rei and Teepo shop

The butler will give you aurum that ranges from 1 to 16 aurum for these items

Game Reset:
Hold Select + Start for about two seconds during game play to return to the Capcom logo.


Lookin for a Challenge:
My fairies have mentioned a monster named "Ride" but I haven't been able to find him. I suspect he's something like the archmage from BoF III, don't bother fighting him unless you are a bad, bad mother.

Glass Dragon:
Go to the plains (hate those things) and go to the big rock, you should see a glowing bird, follow it to the grass dragon. If the birds not there wander around looking for it. It moves around supposedly.

Rock Dragon:
Theres a guy in the town where you have to move the blocks all over the water, talk to him and say that dragons look like rocks and grass. He'll tell you about an old quarry. Go there for the rock dragon.

Have a Mudslide..."Hiccup":
Go to the area where you saw the see-through worm like dragon and he'll be there again. He gives you a mudslide.

To Find Rider Toughest Monster:
Go to Mutko. After passing through the Tomb, enter Mutko from the southside and enter the cave in the upper left corner. Have Eshrin headbutt the crack in the wall. Enter the opening. Go through the next three rooms. You should then run in to a treasure chest and then a dead end. You can find Dragon Tear in the chest, And Rider. He has ABOUT 400,000 HP! To make things worse, (and yes, they do get worse) he regenerates half of it each round! He can also cast some heavy-hitters, like Disaster and Primus. Also, if you use Pilfer to steal a very valuable item from him: King's Armor, which has Def100.

124 Combo Hit:
The 124 Hit Combo was achieved by making ALL faeries troops, and then using Megaphone, FaerieAttack, and FaerieCharge.

Helping Out the Thieves:
Here's a tip, for all you thieves out there. I know how hard stealing can be. So that's when I came up with a bright little idea. Charm, charm raises the chances of an item to be dropped at the end of the battle. Pilfer & steal, the stealing rate depends on the chances of the item being dropped at the end of the battle. So, use charm then steal or pilfer. Try it on Fou-lu & his dragon forms you'll get a dragon tear, ROYAL ARMOR & ROYAL SWORD.

Healing with Apples:
When you go into the woods to find the mayor, you have to use "apples" to lure out an animal. If you run out, find the tree that the man told you about where you can find more. Use Ershil's personal action and head butt the tree. An apple will drop down. The apple is a great healing item for early in the game, healing 100 HP. This may not seem like much, but if many apples, they work well. Stock up to get a full 99.

Alternate Ending:
At the end of the game, answer all of Fou-Lu's questions "Maybe so...". You will be merged with Fou-Lu and will play as the Infinity Dragon (Fou-Lu and Ryu God form). Then, just wipe out your ex-partners to get the ending.

GameShark Codes

Infinite HP RYU 
8011A960 270F 

Infinite HP NINA 
8011A9F8 270F 

Infinite HP SCIAS 
8011AB28 270F 

Infinite HP URSULA 
8011ABC0 270F 

Infinite HP CRAY
8011AA90 270F 

Infinite HP ERSHIN 
8011AC58 270F 

Infinite HP FOU-LU 
8011ACF0 270F      

Thanks to Revolution readers Rasan, Abbas kervin D. Pendatun, Jethro Angelo Flores, Link, Jethro Angelo Flores and SpAnKmOnKeY!

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