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Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Cheats

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun


Secret Level - "Power Grid" (GDI):
In the level where you must destroy the chemical missle base, first select to free the mutants. Then take the level where you have to destroy the supply base. Instead of destroying all the chemical tanks you can go northwest to find a train. Take the mutants and the ghost stalker with you that you just received by reinforcement, and complete the new objective by getting the ghost stalker on the train. Then destroy the rest of the chemical tanks and get in the level called the Power Grid.

Infinite Firestorm Wall:
Charge up your firestorm wall to full, then activate it. Before it runs out of power, turn off or sell all your power plants until the message 'On Hold' appears on the firestorm icon. The shield will stay on untill you reactivate or build a new power plant.

Kill a Cyborg Commando in One Hit:
First, fortify your base and build it up until you have the option to build a Firestorm wall and sections. Then build Firestorm walls across any sections where an enemy can get into your base. When a Cyborg Commando is over one of the sections turn the Firestorm Generator on and Blam! All of your problems are solved.

Stealth Generator Love:
If you run out of power and your stealth generator shuts down, click the power icon turn it off and then turn it back on. It should stay on then in the low power till you build another power plant.

How to steal an entire air force:
Make a mutant hijacker take over an orca fighter, transport or bomber. You should be able to build another hijacker. Keep doing it and you can have an entire gdi air force.

How to Drive a Village Vehicle:
First get a mutant hijacker then go up to any village car and click on it and it will now be yours. and if you choose a pickup truck it can carry more soldiers.

Make a Demolition Truck:
Fill a harvester with blue tiberium and take it to the enemy's base. Then let them destroy the harvester and watch the explosion take out a few buildings.

Making Room:
If you go to build a base and there are trees in the way you can build a Disruptor and force him to fire at the base of the tree and watch it disappear.

Destroy Tiberium Veins:
To destroy Tiberium Veins, just target the Tiberium Vein holes and the veins will go away slowly.

Adult Visceroids:
When playing as the NOD side, launch a chemical weapon into the enemy base that has a lot of surrounding population. The people will die and turn into adult Visceroids, which will then destroy the base. They are even a threat if the enemy has an Obelisk of Light.

Baby Visceriods
Order an infantry unit into tiberium until the soldiers die and metamorph, to create baby Visceroids. Note: The Visceroids are not friendly after becoming adults.

Control NOD Ore Processor and Mining Vehicle:
Position an engineer next to the NOD Ore Processor and wait for the mining vehicle to dock with the structure before capturing it. You will get control of the building and the vehicle. *Note: Try this trick on the "destroy chemical tanks" GDI mission.

Easy Way to Destroy Enemies:
Build a Tiberium Waste Facility and a Missile Silo. Then, when your Chemical Missile is ready, wait for your Tiberium Waste Facility to fill up again. When it does, fire your Multi Missile at your opponent's Construction Yard, which should destroy it. Then, fire your Chemical Missile at the Weapons factory. It may not be destroyed, but you will have another Chemical Missile ready. Also fire that missile at the Weapons Factory, which should finish its destruction. The enemy cannot build any more, or build vehicles. The Chemical Missile should make all surrounding troops Viceroids. The Viceroids will destroy most of the surviving buildings.

Easy Building Capture and Profit:
When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers and a Cyborg Commando. Take the APCs within their base and pop up next to something important (GDI Upgrade Center, Tiberium Refinery, etc.). Have your engineers pour out and have them take it over. The commando will protect the building that you capture. Should he fail, sell the building for an easy profit.

Easy Way To Capture Construction Yard:
To capture the enemy construction yard while you are the Nod, Build a subterranean APC and put some engineers into it. Then tell it to go to the enemy's base and order the engineers to capture the base. *Note: This will not work if enemy has base paved off.

Stealthy Takeover:
Take over a whole base without the enemy knowing about it. First build a subteranian APC, some engineers and a Cyborg Commando. Mean while build a lot of power plants, and then buy a stealth generator, DO NOT BUILD IT! Pop in next to the constuction yard and take it over with the Engineers. Once the construction yard is taken over, build the stealth generaltor right next to it, (you have to be fast) and thats it, you can now build a barracks and make all the engineers you need to take over the whole base. They cant see you!

GDI Service Depot:
Do not press S while a unit is moving in or out of the GDI Service Depot, because it will explode.

Killer Defense as GDI:
To make a killer defensive unit for your base, build 6 Disruptors, 8 Titans, 1 Mammoth Mk. II, and 4 MLRS units and watch the '4th of July' come early. For extra defense, you might want to add a few Disc Throwers to the defensive party to keep those nasty enemy soldiers at bay while your Titans pound them into oblivian. You might want to also have a Service Depot built incase your Titans, Mammoth or Disruptors take damage.

Get Behind the Lasercannon:
At the right of the cannon there is a small base with a 'hand of NOD' building and a few powerplants. First of all you must destroy the units on that base. After that, destroy all the powerplants so that the NOD has low power. Then you can pass the lasercannon or you can destroy it. When you go to the top of the map there is a base you can capture. Capture it and destroy all NOD units.

Infinite Troops:
During the second mission build exactly 68 infantry to allow you infinite troops on the 12th mission (make sure the troops don't die or get injured or the cheat is invalid).

Protection from NOD Ballistic Missiles:
For GDI commanders, the Firestorm wall can be used as protection against NOD ballistic missiles. The walls should be placed above the base and/or in the general direction of the enemy base. They can have spaces in between to save on power and money. The Firestorm building should be fully charged. Turn on the wall when you hear the "missile launch detected" warning. If you have nothing else to do, you can watch the missile dissipate in the Firestorm wall.
: This was done with a base at the bottom of the map. It may work differently if your base is elsewhere. Also, do not send your aircraft through the Firestorm Wall while it is activated or they will automatically be destroyed.

Tiberium Vein Damage:
Tiberium veins will damage most vehicles, except for the following: NOD Buggy, Wolverine and Hover MLRS. This makes them excellent units for scouting vein areas. Veins also have no effect on infantry and Harvesters.

Winning with an Air Assault:
The easiest way towards victory using an air assault is to take out the SAM sites. However, when you bomb SAM sites they just re-appear. When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers. Send them to the opposing team's base maker, take over the base maker, and quickly sell it. If the other team is NOD, you will first have to disable their power plants.

Laser Save Power:
Are you sick of lasers wasting your power? If you build a laser, switch it to offline in power mode and it will still work while saving power.

Ultimate Defense:
For defense against ground units, you just need one black hole maker since it has long range and a one-shot black hole weapon thingy (back it up with some sam-sites or anything that can shoot in the air for anti-air defense)

Ultimate Attack:
For ultimate offense power, use the ULTIMA then back it up with 5 mammooth M.K.IIs. (deploy the ULTIMA for two multi-misiles every once in a while)

Base Expansion:
If your having trouble expanding your base because of the terrain then build some mobile tiberium refineries and deploy them where the terrain is flat. You can build other buildings near the deployed tiberium refinery. (this is also useful for building bases near the enemy's stronghold)

Infinite Power:
For infinite power, you can just build anti-matter reactors. One of these reactors provide so much energy that on can support an entire base with complete structures.

Conyards Out:
The GDI's drop pods are extremely powerful. Drop them near the enemy's conyard (the construction yard) and order them to attack it. When the conyard's unstable (yellow health bar) shoot it with the ion cannon to destroy it completely. (I suggest you take out the war factory next)

Quick Ultima Reload:
The ULTIMA is a great weapon but takes time to reload. When the ULTIMA is deployed, it fires two multi-missiles immediately then takes long and fires again, so all you have to do is to let it fire first then let it walk to get rid of its deployed state then as soon as it's back to the robot form, deploy it again for instant missile barrage

Thanks to Revolution readers Jeff Jackson, Jon Fung, Matt, Gylfi Mar, Adam Miller, alex_of_borg, Steven, Patrick Cantlin, Jordy van Oostveen, Anthony, Worlok, Seabee201, John Taylor, Ryan Berndt, Rieste, Charlie Myers, Tom, Chris, Master Conjurer, Black Flare and Dave Hogue!

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