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Crash Team Racing Cheats

At the Main Menu, hold L1 and R1 and enter the following. You'll hear a sound to confirm:

Super turbo pads:
Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Left.

Always get invisibility power-ups:
Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right, Right.

Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up.

Unlimited bombs:
Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Left.

Unlimited Wumpa Fruit:
Down, Right, Right, Down, Down.

Unlimited masks:
Left, Triangle, Right, Left, Circle, Right, Down, Down.

View turbo counter:
Triangle, Down, Down, Circle.

Unlock Penta Penguin:
Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up. NOT playable in Adventure mode.

Unlock Ripper Roo
Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Down, Right.

Unlock N. Tropy
Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right, Right.

Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Triangle, Right.

Playable Spyro The Dragon 2 demo
Down, Circle, Triangle, Right at the main menu.

Get Pinstripe:
Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down.

Get Komodo JOE:
Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Down.

Unlock Papu Papu:
Press Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Down, (cannot use in adventure).

More Tracks:
Right, Right, Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Down.


Bonus Battle Arenas:
Win all four Cup Races in Arcade mode at each dificulty setting to unlock extra battle arenas.

Enable Fake Crash:
First, unlock the Purple Gem Cup by collecting all four purple coins in Adventure mode. Now win the Purple Gem Cup to unlock Fake Crash.

Enable Komodo Joe:
First, unlock the Blue Gem Cup by collecting all four blue coins in Adventure mode. Now win the Blue Gem Cup to unlock Komodo Joe.

Enable Ripper Roo:
First, unlock the Red Gem Cup by collecting all four blue coins in Adventure mode. Now win the Red Gem Cup to unlock Ripper Roo.

Enable Papu Papu:
First, unlock the Green Gem Cup by collecting all four green coins in Adventure mode. Now win the Green Gem Cup to unlock Pau Papu.

Enable Pinstripe:
First, unlock the Yellow Gem Cup by collecting all four yellow coins in Adventure mode. Now win the Yellow Gem Cup to unlock Pinstripe.

Enable N. Trophy:
Beat all times in Time rial mode.

Enable Nitros Oxide:
Get a time lower than N.Trophy's best on Time Trail mode to open up Nitros Oxide track ghost. Defeat the ghost on each time trail track to race as Nitros Oxide.

Turbo track:
Collect all coins and all five gems.

Break N. Oxide's records in time trial mode to unlock a scrapbook option at the main menu.

Firing poison potions forward:
Press Up or Left Analog-stick Up while pressing Circle to fire poison potions forward.

Fire bowling bombs backwards:
Press Down or Left Analog-stick Down while pressing Circle to fire bowling bombs backward.

Flatten your opponents:
You can do this by jumping off a ramp or ledge and landing on them. This will flatten your opponent for a period of time.

Drive over your opponents:
You can do this by getting a turbo and while your car is still tilting backwards, go straight to an opponent. You can even jump off the opponent for an extra boost of speed! It may take a bit of practice to get the timing down just right.

Have you ever got a TNT crate stuck on your head? Do you explode in 5 seconds? This can be prevented!
When you have a TNT crate on your head, just keep jumping! After about 10 jumps or so, the TNT crate will fall backwards!

Crash Cove shortcut:
Near the beginning of the track is a ramp with two fruit boxes at the end of it, just before a small lake. Stay to the right of the ramp and begin turning left toward the mountain once you pass the ramp. You will be driving through the lake. You will have to practice this, but it dips right before you would run into the mountain. As your head goes completely underwater, hold Jump. You will jump onto the shortcut and can pick up a box before jumping back down and rejoining the race near the bridge. You can begin your turn when you pass the single star on the ground just to the right of the ramp. You will be jumping onto the land that is connected to the bridge that you drive under which leads out to that boat to your right.

Dragon Mines shortcut:
About a quarter of the way through the race is a railroad track with coal cars on it that go to the right. Follow the coal cars into the tunnel in the side of the wall, then follow the railroad track until it appears at the middle section of the track. You will get run over by the coal cars, but you will still end up ahead.

Dragon Mines Shortcut #2 (EXPERTS ONLY !!!WARNING!!!):
Have a mask ready for this you might want to save one.(You have to have the mask jump on also.) After the wooden bridge there is a coal car track that will go to the left turn. On the track use the mask you saved.You should make it if you do you get run over by a ton of coal cars but you could end up in 1st place and get your prize.

Papu Pyramid shortcut:
In Papu's Pyramid, go to the part where steps appear. Go on the right side where the turbo is located. Hit it and immediately go left and jump onto the ledge. Follow it and you will jump right onto the bridge and get an apple box.

In Papu Pyramid, before you get to the turn before the stairs, there are two bars that have arrows pointing to the right. Go between them, but keep to the right and jump at the last second to land on a hidden ledge. Then, jump off it. If done correctly, you will land on the other shortcut, or be lined up for it.

There is a jump on the way to the hairpin turn by the finish line . If you time a jump perfectly, you can get across to the other side. This trick has a near 100% chance if done with Aku Aku/Uka Uka or a speed boost. Also, when you approach the other end of the track, release X and press Circle + Right to turn in the air so you do not fall off the other end.

Polar Pass shortcut:
There is a wall before the jump at Polar Pass. Enable the "Unlimited masks" code and use it before the wall to jump over it.

Sewer Speedway shortcut:
In Sewer Speedway, you can take a shortcut that will enable you to go faster and end up ahead of the pack. This shortcut can only be reached with a speed power-up. Go into the tunnels immediately after the first part. Stay on the left ledge and look above the right ledge. You will see a hole in the wall. Speed into it and follow the pathway.

Slide Coliseum shortcut:
There is a very sharp turn at Slide Coliseum. Get a Mask or Speedburst. Use the little hill as a ramp and jump over it. Drive straight and you will be at the end of the turn.

Tiger Temple shortcut:
About half way through the Tiger Temple track is a face in a wall on the left. Shoot a missile, bomb, poison potion (fired forwards) at the mouth of the face, or have an Aku Aku/Uka Uka. The mouth will open and you can drive straight through a shortcut.

Oxide Station Shortcut:
A ways into the race you'll go off a jump and into a tunnel. When exiting that tunnel there are several turbo pads that go up a hill. Use the 3rd turbo pad coming out of that tunnel as a jump (its the 1 directly on a hill) and as you reach the peak of the mini hill jump over the left wall and land on the lower of the 2 tracks for a huge shortcut. This will not work with super turbo pads seeing that you'll overshoot the track.

Defeating bosses:
Do not stay directly behind a Boss to avoid getting hit by power-ups. A Boss cannot hit you if you are in front of him, so drive fast.

Power slides:
Power slides are always good for any turn, but if L1 or R1 is held too long you will spin out and lose precious time.

Polar Pass:
There's a section of this level that can be skipped by jumping off a turbo pad. When entering the part of the level with the lake and a lot of turbo pads, on the first double pads move to the right. Jump to the right side off the turbo pads and hit the brakes when you get on land. If you do it correctly you can skip the whole part of the level with water.

Polar Pass Shortcut without "Unlimited Masks":
Go to the area of the wall in Polar Pass and when you get to the jump before the wall, jump a little ways then jump on the next jump right when front of your car gets to the top of the jump and you'll be over the wall.

Hot Air Skyway Shortcut:
This is very difficult to do. So, in order to take this shortcut, enable super turbo pads (it doesn't hurt to have a mask or extra turbo). Then near the end of the lap there is a jump where you go under a blimp. If you look to the left of the jump you will see the start/finish line. All you have to do is go off the jump to the left and land at the finish line.

Fire Missles Backwards:
This trick has about a 75% chance of working when done correctly. When a driver is behind you (must be within sight), hold R2, down, and Circle to fire backwards.

Straight-Away Turbo:
If you've noticed that Oxide and N. Trophey get turbo boosts in the straight-away, there is a way to do it. When moving, start a powerlide and use the d-pad to manuver staright. When the smoke turns black hit L1 or R1 depending what you where sliding with.

Jump Over Missles:
This is for experts. When the crosshair is on you use the arrows that moves in as an indicator. Right before they hit you, jump. You should be able to leap over the missle. The missle will explode anyways, but it won't hurt you.

Unlimited Homing Missles:
Activate unlimited wumpa fruit and unlimited masks cheats. When you start a race get a little behind everyone. WATCH FOR RED POISON!! hit one without the mask activated. Then gather boxes until you get a homing missle with the 3 in the corner. If you do this you will have a neverending supply of homing missles.

Experts Only:
In Hot Air Sky Way the first green turbo pad that you go on, if you usually go to the left of it then there is another way. You go to the right turbo pad and hit R1 and you will land on another way so that if your right by someone or someone is about to pass you then you can pass them!but you still need skill!

Get Turbo Speed:
If you jump and hold in the jump button you should get turbo speed.

GameShark Codes

Have All Awards    8008fba4ffff

Have All Bosses    8008fb4ffff


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