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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Cheats

Cheat Codes

All weapons (X999)

Press SELECT to activate (AR code manager is suggested)
94000130 FFFB0000
020F61C0 51B651B5
E20F5FB0 00000210
4A6B4A6A 4A6D4A6C
4A6F4A6E 4A724A71
4A744A73 4A764A75
4A784A77 4A7A4A79
4A7C4A7B 4A7E4A7D
4AD24AD1 4AD44AD3
4AD64AD5 4AD84AD7
4E214E20 4E234E22
4E254E24 4E274E26
4E294E28 4E2B4E2A
4E2D4E2C 4E2F4E2E
4E314E30 4E334E32
4E354E34 4E374E36
4E394E38 4E3B4E3A
4E3D4E3C 4E854E84
4E874E86 4E894E88
4E8B4E8A 4E8D4E8C
4E8F4E8E 4E914E90
4E934E92 4E954E94
4E974E96 4E994E98
4E9B4E9A 4EE84E9C
4EF44EF3 4EF64EF5
4EF84EF7 4F454F43
4F4D4F4C 4F4F4F4E
4F514F50 4F534F52
4F554F54 4F574F56
4F594F58 4F5B4F5A
4F5D4F5C 4F5F4F5E
4F614F60 4FB14FB0
4FB34FB2 4FB54FB4
4FB74FB6 4FB94FB8
4FC34FC2 500E500D
5010500F 50155014
50175016 50195018
501B501A 501D501C
501F501E 50215020
50235022 50255024
50275026 50295028
502B502A 50795078
507B507A 507D507C
507F507E 50815080
50835082 50855084
50875086 50895088
508B508A 508D508C
50DD50DC 50DF50DE
50E150E0 50E350E2
50E550E4 50E750E6
50E950E8 50EB50EA
50ED50EC 50EF50EE
51415140 51435142
51455144 51475146
51495148 514B514A
514D514C 514F514E
51515150 51535152
51555154 51A45156
51A651A5 51A851A7
51AA51A9 51AC51AB
51AE51AD 51B051AF
51B251B1 51B451B3
D5000000 00006363
C0000000 00000084
D7000000 020F61D0
D2000000 00000000

Action Replay, US

NOTE: The following codes work only when used with an Action Replay device. These codes WILL NOT WORK without this device.
Game ID: YDQE-23a95403
Max Gold
020f6d48 3b9ac9ff
Max Gold In Bank
020f6d44 3b9ac9ff
Max Skill Points Remaining
120f59dc 00002710
Quick Level Up
220f55c8 000000ff
Faster Level Up
120f55c8 0000ffff
Instant Level 99


Mini Medal Rewards

While playing the game you will find numerous items called Mini Medals. In the town of Dourbridge, you can give these to a pirate king who lives there, and he will give you rare items in exchange. After you've given him 80 Mini Medals, he will sell you rare items. But you must use Mini Medals to buy them instead of Gold. 3 Medals: Prayer Ring 5 Medals: Elfin Elixir 8 Medals: Saint's Ashes 10 Medals: Reset Stone 15 Medals: Orihalcum 20 Medals: Pixie Boots
Bunny Suit - Reward for giving 13 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Dragon Robe - Reward for giving 80 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Jolly Roger Jumper - Reward for giving 18 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Mercury Bandanna - Reward for giving 08 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Meteorite Bracer - Reward for giving 50 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Miracle Sword - Reward for giving 32 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Rusty Helmet - Reward for giving 62 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Sacred Armor - Reward for giving 40 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Thief's Key - Reward for giving 04 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Transparent Tights - Reward for giving 25 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.

Give a shield to a ranger, thief, or gladiator

Well, thieves, rangers and gladiators all have one disadvantage 0 the in ability to equip a shield. however, just save up your skill points and give them all to a chracter that can wield a shield. to get points easily, just change your vocation to a character that can wield a shield to get points faster. then, once the shild-wieldingone has 100 shield skill, change their vocation to thief, ranger, or gladiator. they will still be able to equip a shield!

The hidden Shop

Well, after you have got the Ulitmate key after defaeting Goreham-hogg, you'll be able to unlock those pesky iron doors. to get to the best shop in the game, go to dourbrige, and you know there's a kid in the water, next to the arch? walk through the arch so you'r standing in the middle, with your charcter facing the right. next, walk up against the wall of the arch and very slowly walk up. a '!' will appear on your hero's 'a'. you will unloch the iron door and just go down the stair - the shop had some of the best equipment in the game - i only found it by accident on my way back from max meddlin.


Item Duplication Through Ad-hoc

To do this trick, connect your DQIX to someone else. Give them any items you can, then shut your game off WITHOUT leaving their world. since you never saved after leaving their world, you'll still have the items you traded, and so will they!

Money Exploit

At the Stornway Inn Party Editor you can recruit multiple party characters (Warriors work best for this), and then part with them. This gives you their starting gear free and clear for you to sell at the local shop giving you some easy cash early in the game.

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