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Ecstatica Cheats



Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve Ecstatica. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll spoil the game. But I guess that's why you're here, eh? Big cheater.


This is just one way of solving the game. Some events you
can solve in different ways... And I'm too lazy to write

all details, so it would be a good idea to explore the
game first.

->  I haven't managed to kill the bloody werewolf, but then again
I never tried with the magic stick. Whenever he attacks you,
just hit him a few times and he'll back away and you won't
see him for some time, however he keeps coming back and bugging you. Sometimes he captures you and hang you somewhere,
then he'll hurt you. The heal, enter the barn and sleep on
grass in the right corner (from outside view)

        1. THE ARMOR ROOM (Sword)

The best weapon is the sword, you'll find it in a room in the
village, just explore a bit first. Pick up the sword from the
floor (you'll probably encounter a blue dragon and a bunch of
gnomes - just kill 'em all) don't bother about the armor,
it's too heavy for you anyway.

        2. THE KITCHEN (Vegetable)

>From the starting point:
Walk to the right (if the werewolf attacks you, try sneaking
instead (F4)). Enter the building on the left side, here you
will find a dragon attacking a man. Kill the dragon. The man
will fall. You can pick up his mace. The man will ask for
help, so just pick him up and you will automatically walk to
the kitchen. He will tell you some stories about the demons
etc. Pick up the vegetable located on the shelves to the
right of the door. Next, go outside, go right down the alley,
go to the end of the alley until you get to the door, there
is a bear-demon guarding the stairs here. Kill him (easiest
with the sword). Go upstairs, read the diary to get more of
the plot (if you have the time!). Continue upwards, walk near
the device and you will automatically drop the vegetable.
You can also read the formula next to the device, it explains
how to make a witchbreed that turns you into a squirrel!

        3. THE BEDROOM/THE BARN (Teddybear/Girl)
In the room where you found the diary there is a teddybear.
Pick it up and run back to the village intersection, from here enter the barn. You will automatically throw the toy and the
girl will ask you to follow her. Do so, and she will open
the dungeons for you, but you're not small enough to enter
yet. You can walk downstairs and kill some skeletons if you
want to.

        4. THE CHURCH (stickfigure)

Get the stick figure that's on the floor in the church (the church is located near the centre of the village) and put it in the
device (where you put the vegetable)

        5. THE CHURCH/THE ABBEY (the bible/the flower)

Go back to the church, grab the bible, head back to the doorway
that leads to the bear-demon you killed, go left down the alley,
keep on walking that direction until you find an opening that
leads to vegetation and grass.
You can walk two ways at this point - to the right and to the left.
Go to the left, it will lead down a path, and in the distance you
will see a beggar walking in front of a small fortress (the abbey).
Once you get infront of the abbey, you should read the book
automatically and the monks will let you enter. You can drop the
bible now since you don't need it anymore. Go back to the village,
some screens from the abbey you will see a flower. Get it. Run
back to where you put the vegetable and the stick figure, and throw
this final ingredient in the device as well.

        6. THE DUNGEONS/THE OLD KNIGHT (You're a squirrel/the knight's sword)

At this point, you'll drink the potion and turn into a squirrel.
Go back to the place where the girl tried to take you.  Now you're   just the right size. Cruise down the little hallway until
small enough to enter. After walking through the corridors for some
time you will reach a stairway leading up, at this point you will
automatically turn human agian. Go up the stairs, you will find an
old blind knight, approach him and he will throw the sword on you.
Pick it up.

        7. THE LAKE (Becoming a knight)

Now, go outside, and go back to where the path leads in two
directions (to the grasslands). You'll have to fight and kill
two Minotaurs. Find the lake (it's somewhere beyond the castle)
step on the stone near the lake and you will meet the lady of
the lake, and she'll make you Knight of Tirich.

        8. THE CASTLE/BENEATH THE EARTH (Meet the sorceror/Magic Book)

Go back to the castle and enter it (you can try to sneak by
the port or use the side entrance on the right)
The sorceror will welcome you. Go to the tower, then head down.
You will find a stoneguardian. You can sneak by him or kill him.
Keep goin forward, you'll encounter two invisible fighters, just
smack 'em, and continue. When you come to the staircases, take
the RIGHT side of the room (The one with the fire breathing stone
dragon), walk around the edge of the room, take the stairs down.
Once you're in the centre of the, you will have to watch out for
spikes (there is two of them in the centre of this stairway).
You can sneak by them by walking on the edges of the centrestones.
Now, go down those stairs, avoid the spikes in the floor, go into
the centre room. There will be two coffins standing on end. Walk
past the first one, a skeleton should pop out, kill it. Walk past
the second one, it'll open up showing a Skeleton wearing armor.
Walk past it again and towards it until it closes on you, and opens
up again.. Now you have got armor. Go to the outside of the inner
room (Where the floor has spikes that come up and tag you), and
pick an enterance that has gargoles around it. There are three
entrances from this plane, one leading downstairs, one leading to a cell and one leading to an old beaver. In the room with
the beaver you'll find the magic book. (This room can be kinda tricky to find, took me two bloody hours, but it's there, on
one of the place where you got the armor). Get the book.

        9. THE ABBEY (The bone - a holy relic)

Walk back upstairs, exit the castle, run to the abbey, enter
the abbey. You'll find two monks praying infront of a statue.
Approach the statue and you'll see there is a bone beneath it.
Take the bone (the monks will go mad, just kill them if they
get in your way). Now walk to the right (you'll find the library)
and walk down and you'll see a hole in the ground. Just fall into
it and you're in the dungeons again. Walk until you find the
staircase under the knight and exit.

       10. THE STONECIRCLE (Get the magicfireshooting stick)

Walk to the grasslands again, and somewhere in between the lake
and the abbey you'll find a magic stone circle. It's important
that you hold both bone and the magic book in each hand. Step
onto the round stone in the middle and you'll get a magic stick.

       11. MEET THE KING (open the demongate)

Go back to the place where you find the book and got the armor,
this time continue downstairs (one of the three entrances
has got a stairwell leading down as you might remember).
You will see a lot of ladies lying on sofas, and some guys
fanning. You will also see another staircase leading down.
Go down that staircase, and you will encounter a copy of yourself,
just kill the copy and continue. You'll meet the king (a skeleton)
he'll talk to you a bit etc. Now the demonhead in the room where
you found the magic book is gone (this is what the beaver there
told ya, rememba'?) go back there and you'll find a new set of
swirling staircases windling down. Just keep going down and
you'll encounter the final demon. He'll invite you to his table,
and he'll talk to you. Just don't give him the magicstick, but
stand up and go away a bit, and he'll turn into a green dragon-
thing... Kill him (10-15 blows should be enough).

Thanks to Revolution reader Justin Vingerhoets!

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