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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats

God Mode

To enable God Mode, press ~ and type "tgm". God Mode enables unlimited health, magicka, and fatigue attributes. Weapons and armor are not degraded either.

Kill All

If you press~ and enter "killall" everybody in that room is death except important humans.

Testing Hall

First press the ~ key to bring up the menu. Then type in oco testinghall to be transported to a room with a ton of doors. One room in the hall has all the weapons in the game, while another has all the armor.

Unlimited money
FIRST you need a paralyze potion or spell
SECOND go to Taloz Plaza District in the Imperial City
THEN find Dorians house, go inside
FINALLY paralyze him and pickpocket while immobile and keep taking his money, it's unlimited

Easy Conjuration Skill:
This is nice if conjuration is one of your major skills. Simply keep summoning your basic skeleton from your initial spell, beat the hell out of it, and repeat. Not only with your conjuration go up, so will your combat stats!

Gold Glitch:
In the Imperial City, head to the Telos district. In the South-east section, look for "Dorian's House", and head inside. Dorian will ask you to leave. Kill him dead. Now, when you loot his corpse, click on his gold and just keep pressing A. The gold should just keep on coming, and it'll never drop below 8 or so, but the amount of gold will be proportional to your level (a higher level character will net more gold per grab). It takes awhile to actually make some money off this, but hey, it's free. Just make sure you get what you want before heading outside, because once you do, it's over.

Infinite Gold:
Complete the Cure Vapirism quest for the Count of Skingrad. When you ask him about the reward, he gives you at least 1000 gold (more for higher levels). If you keep selecting the conversation option about the reward, he'll keep giving it to you for as long as you want.

Another Gold Glitch:
Jump on a horse and head for camp south of the town of Kvatch. Stay on your horse and talk to the Orc female named Batul gra-Sharob and choose to barter with her. Sell her your equipped weapon. You'll receive the gold, but the item will stay in your inventory. You can repeat this as much as you'd like.

Duping Items:
Ok, duping is a little different for the PS3 version. Get two magic scrolls of the same type in your inventory. Next, make sure whatever you want to dupe is at full durability and the maximum number of charges (when applicable). Now, open your inventory and click on one of the scrolls twice. Then drop the item that you want to duplicate. Exit the inventory and pick up your stuff! Repeat to taste.

Free Iron Arrows
Go to the arena in the Imperial City and go to where the archer is training. He will shoot at the hay target and the iron arrows will be there. Wait untill he starts walking towards it then you grab it before he does. He will repeat the same thing until he runs out of iron arrows. Enjoy the iron arrows.

Ride a Unicorn!:
Head to Bruma and take the road north. Keep going north and look for an icon shaped like a mountain on the map. Another unicorn can be found in Hargrave Grove just east of the Inn of Ill Omen. For the Bruma one, look for a white unicorn in the middle of a field. It'll be surrounded by a few minotaurs. Take out the minotaurs, but do not get the unicorn's attention (he will kick your ass). After you take care of the minotaurs, sneak up to the unicorn and hop on it's back as quick as you can. Now ride, fantasy boy!

Improved Vampirism:
When you've been transformed into a Vampire, there are certain powers you obtain that usually only work if you don't feed on anyone for awhile. To obtain these powers, you must wait at least 2 days after becoming a full-fledged vampire without feeding. That would be about 5 days after first getting the sickness. Anyway, the downside to not feeding is that once in that state, you'll die incredibly fast in the sunlight. However, if you hotkey those specific Vampire abilities (Vampire's Seduction, etc.) to the hotkey wheel before you feed, you'll be able to have your...cake...and eat it too! Enjoy!

Easy Stealth Leveling:
All you have to do is find a corner behind someone (guards near doors work great) and crouch so you're in sneak mode. Then just keep walking into the corner. You can put a rubber band on the d-stick so you don't have to hold it.


Getting out of Anvil:
Go to the house with the broken box in front of it. Then jump onto it and then the house. Let your fatique get nearly full and go to the part with the wood sticking out. Get a running start and jump on the edge to the next house, but keep running otherwise you will fall. Walk around on the edge until you get on top of the house. Once on top, run and jump until you reach the last house. Jump on top of the brick apparatus then get full fatique again. Run and jump onto the wall surrounding the town. Go to the left until you hit the post and jump over the wall on to a crack sticking out (so you won't die from the jump). Slowly go down the wall until you hit the ground outside. There will be many "holes" in the ground don't worry you will not fall and die. If done correctly you should be out of Anvil.

Thanks to Revolution Readers BMK812, Gary, The Messenger of Death, Yerg3, Blake Ahlfenger, ignorethispart, Warlord55, Mark C., Eric Z-man, TheEdgeGuy,Straken and Taylen!

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