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By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...

Final Fantasy 8 Cheats

For more help, check out the Final Fantasy 8 FAQ/Walkthrough.

Raise Your Salary:
Here are the answers to all 30 SeeD Tests to raise your salary. You can access the Tests by going into the classroom on the second floor of Balamb Garden, or by simply accessing your menu page and finding TEST under the Tutorial option.
Level	Answers			Salary
01 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N 500
02 Y N Y Y Y N Y Y N N 1000
03 N N Y N Y Y Y N Y N 1500
04 N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N 2000
05 N N N Y Y N N Y Y Y 3000
06 Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y 4000
07 Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y N 5000
08 N Y N N Y Y N N Y N 6000
09 N Y N N N N N N Y Y 7000
10 Y N N N N N N N Y N 8000
11 Y Y N Y Y N Y N N Y 9000
12 N Y N N Y N Y N Y N 10000
13 Y N N N Y N N N N N 11000
14 Y Y Y Y N Y Y N Y N 12000
15 Y Y N N N N N Y N Y 12500
16 Y N N Y N Y N N Y N 13000
17 Y N N N Y N N Y N N 13500
18 Y N N N Y N N N N N 14000
19 Y N N Y N N N N N Y 14500
20 Y Y N Y N Y Y Y N N 15000
21 Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N 15500
22 N N N Y N N N Y Y N 16000
23 Y N N N N Y Y Y Y Y 16500
24 Y Y N N Y Y N N N Y 17000
25 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N 17500
26 Y Y N Y N Y N Y N N 18000
27 N Y N N N N Y N Y N 18500
28 Y N N Y Y Y N Y N N 19000
29 N N N Y Y N N N Y N 19500
30 N Y N N N N Y N N N 20000
A (NO TEST) 30000
Find Out More About Laguna Loire:
There are 10 "Timber Magazines" in FF8. Collect all of them, and you can find out more about Laguna in your computer in the classroom. Here are the locations of each magazine:
1. Dollet Bar
2. Dollet Inn
3. Timber Maniacs
4. Timber Inn
5. Fisherman's Horizon
6. Shumi Village Inn
7. Trabia Garden (Graveyard)
8. Edea's Home (Orphanage)
9. White SeeD Vessel (Left side of control room)
10. Balamb Inn


Shortcut on one of the Laguna Experiences:
Before you reach the Galbadia Garden, you have to go through a forest. Squall, Zell, and Selphie will go through a Laguna Experience. First go to the part where you go right or left (where you have to beat some Esthar soldiers). Take the right route. There will be a ladder. Climb down it. Run down the walkway to the next screen. Go forward and go left. You should be in a crystal room. Keep on going straight after you go through the door. Then go to the right. After that, go up the set of stairs. You will be in a crystal room again. Go straight to where the ladder is. This will put you outside on a cliff. Then you will be attacked by about 15-20 Esthar soldiers.

Beat Omega Weapon:
Okay, everyone knows that Omega Weapon is the hardest enemy to beat in the game of Final Fantasy VIII on Playstation. There is a way to bring him down in a few quick steps. 1. Make sure your party has Selphie, Squall and Zell. 2.Make sure either Squall or Zell has Aura spells. 3. Make sure either Squall or Zell has protect. 4. Make Squall or Zell cast Aura/or/protect on Selphie and make the other cast either aura or protect, 5. With a little luck selphie will get THE END, once you see this hit it and Omega Weapon will be down in a simple way. Then when you go to the tutorial, and then info you will have the Proof Of Omega which shows that you are the strongest fighter in the world.

Stronger GF's:
First you teach your GF the boost move, (some GF's May not have this such as Carbuncle) then in battle when one of your characters dissapears hold Select and in the bottom right hand corner there will be a botton that has a square on it. Then contiusly press square untill it has an X over it then stop, the X will eventually dissapear then continue.

Heal All Parties Members & GF's With No Items:
In disc 3 (before going to Lunatic Pandora),if your party members and/or GFs have low HP,and you don't want to use any items, land at the Esthar Airstation. Take the lower pathway from the Airstation and go to the save point where there is a symbol on the path. If your people and/or GFs are hurt at all, when your at the save point, a green light will surround you for about 5-10 seconds. This green light has the same effect as a COTTAGE! All of your party members and GFs will be healed and you didn't even have to use any items out of your inventory!

To Aquire The GF Diablo:
The get the GF knowns as Diablo use the item Magical Lamp after you save Dollet from the Galbadian Solders. Save before you face him because he is very strong with hp around 8,000. He is weak agaisnt ice techniques so make sure you have Shiva, blizzards, blizzaras, and blizzaga.

Very Easy Experience:
This is a way to level up your guy 5-15 levels at a time; First you must have Odin. Second go to the island closest to hell. Then run from all the battles you encounter. Odin should appear and kill off the level 100 monsters. The more you run the more he will appear but watch out because if you run too much your seed level goes down.

Easy Final Boss:
First of all, you need every GF. This might be hard if you didn't use draw on the people ( or things ) from the past. If you've already done that (all of this would be done by finding the ragnarok. It is somewhere in the southwest or southeast. It will show up on your full screen map. Use the chocobo to cross the water). Afterwards, train your main party ( I use Zell, Squall, and Irvine ) up to level 100 and try to get their best weapons. Before going, get as much Aura and cure as possible. Once you get to the sorceress, just let all of your secondary party die. Do this by just healing your primary party. Once you get to your full party, battle like you would against a normal boss, considering she has a fairly low amount of HP. After she does her buisiness, she sends out an awesome looking GF that fights you. If you have it, use meltdown. Demi works pretty good too. Use one of your party members to supply HP and give Aura. Go all out until he changes. He should make little ! things. If he doesn't by the time you kill him, then don't worry ( it takes a long time to kill him, but you might still not see any ). If it does happen, use one person to focus on them. On the true form, every time an Aura runs out, use another. Keep using limit breaks until it goes into the long dream sequence. The end is kind of entertaining though. Good Luck!

Infinite Potions:
Potions are quite useful. To get infinite potions, have Rinoa in your party and go to Timber City. Go to a road which is to screens away from the train station of Balamb Garden to Timber or the opposite. Then you will meet a man who admires Rinoa. Tal with him. He will talk a lot, then leave you with a potion. Then he will go. Repeat this non-stop to get infinite potions at the beginning of the game. Note: Sometimes the man won't be there. If he isn't, simply get out of the screen, go in the hotel, and then come out. The cheat should be working like normal again. Second Note: This cheat is very useful at the second mission because you don't get much salary yet, and potions are quite expensive in your eyes. But later in the game you won't need this, because you should be pretty loaded and won't need otions, but Hi-Potions.

Free Pulse Ammo:
Note: This can only be done once, so don't miss it when you reach that section! You know when you control Irvine at Fisherman's Horizon, judging the instruments the others will use? Okay, don't judge and head to where you battled the rotten, stinking, rusty Galbadia fighting machine, where you see the mayor get's scoffed off. Remember the place (the abandoned railway track) where you peeked on them? There was a house along the track. Okay, control Irvine into the house. You should see a scene. After that scene, talk with the galadian soldier and the old man. Leave the house, and enter again. You will meet the galbadian soldier, half-dead crawling on the floor. He was beaten up by the old man. Talk with him, and he will say nothing. You should receive about five of each kind of bullets for Irvine's limit break. Then you can return to the mayor's house to continue the instrument judging. Note:If you still don't get the bullets after talking with the Galbadian soldier, talk a few more times and you should receive the bullets.

Obtaiming Odin:
Odin is probably the wierdest GF of all. He has not only one but two forms. In Centra, you will find the ruins of a old building that is in the shape of a diamond. You can only get here by the spaceship you get in disk 3 or the Garden you get in disk 2. While there you will find a stair way going in two directions. Go up the one on the right. You will come to a room where you will go to a block. It will rise and you will come to a place with two ladders. Go up the one on the left. You will come to a room where you push a button. Go back down, and right in front of block elevator there will be a platform. Press the button in the middle and a stair case will appear. Go up the stairs and you will see a bird with one eye. Go up to it and take out the eye, there is a ladder near where you enter. take the eye to a place up ahead and you will come to a statue on a dome. Climb up the ladder and place the eye in. then a number will appear. Write down the number because it is different every time you play. Take the eyes back to the bird and place them both where the birds eyes are. Then a door under the bird will open. Go in and Odin will be there. You should have at least 12 - 13 minutes left. You must attack with your strongest attacks before the time hits 0.00. If you run out of time, he will use an attack that kills anything. After defeating him, he only comes when he wants to. But he kills the monsters instantly. to receive his second form, you must have him before you get the spaceship. Seifer is attacked by Odin, but Odin fails and kills himself. at the end of the battle, Odin comes back as a new GF and almost permanently kills Seifer. You will then be able to use him for different attacks.

Quezacotl's Card Mod:
If you use Quezacotl's card mod, you will get following out of it.

Level 1: Monster Cards

Geezard = 5 screws
Fungar = 1 M-stone piece
Bite Bug = 1 M-Stone piece
Red Bat = 1 Vampire Fang
Blobra = 1 Rune Armlet
Gayla (Thunder element) = 1 Mystery Fluid
Gesper = 1 Black Hole
Fastitocalon-F (Earth Element) x5 = 1 Water Crystal
Blood Soul = 1 Zombie Powder
Caterchipillar = 1 Spider Web
Cockatrice (Thunder element) = 1 Cockatrice Pinion

Level 2: Monster Cards

Grat = 1 Magic Stone
Buel = 1 Magic Stone
Mesmerize = 1 Mesmerize Blade
Glacial Eye (Ice element) = 1 Arctic Wind
Belhelmel = 1 Saw Blade
Thrustaevis (Wind element) = 1 Shear Feather
Anacondaur (Poison element) = 1 Venom Fang
Creeps (Thunder element) = 1 Dragon Fin
Jelleye = 1 Magic Stone
Grand Mantis = 1 Sharp Spike

Level 3: Monster Cards

Forbidden = 1 Betrayal Sword
Armadodo (Earth Element) = 1 Dino Bone
Tri-Face (Poison element) = 1 Curse Spike
Fastitocalon (Earth element) = 1 Water Crystal
Snow Lion (Ice element) = 1 North Wind
Ochu = 1 Ochu Tentacle
SAM08G (Fire element) = 1 Running Fire
Death Claw (Fire element) = 1 Sharp Spike
Cactaur = 1 Cactus Thorn
Tonberry = 1 Chef's Knife
Abyss Worm (Thunder element) = 1 Windmill

Level 4: Monster Cards

Turtapod x5 = 1 Healing Mail
Vysage = 1 Wizard Stone
T-Rexaur x2 = 1 Dino Bone
Bomb (Fire Element) = 1 Bomb Fragment
Blitz (Thunder element) = 1 Dynamo Stone
Wendigo = 1 Steel Orb
Torama x5 = 1 Life Ring
Imp = 1 Wizard Stone
Blue Dragon (Poison element) x4 = 1 Fury Fragment
Adamantoise (Earth element) x3 = 1 Turtle Shell
Hexadragon = 1 Sharp Spike

Level 5: Monster Cards

Iron Giant x3 = 1 Star Fragment
Behemoth (Earth element) x10 = 1 Barrier
Chimera (Water element) x10 = 1 Regen Ring
Pupu = 1 Hungry Cookpot
Elastoid = 1 Steel Pipe
GIM47N = 10 Fast Ammo
Malboro (Poison element) x4 = 1 Malboro Tentacle
Ruby Dragon (Fire element) x10 = 1 Inferno Ring
Elnoyle x10 = 1 Energy Crystal
Tonberry King = 1 Chef's Knife
Wedge, Biggs = 1 X-Potion

Level 6: Boss Cards

Fujin, Raijin = 1 X-Potion
Elvoret (Wind element) = 10 Death Stones
X-ATM092 x2 = 1 Turtle Shell
Grenaldo = 1 G-Returner
Iguion = 1 Cockatrice Pinion
Abadon = 30 Dark Ammo
Trauma = 30 Demolition Ammo
Oilboyle = 30 Fire Ammo
Shumi Tribe x5 = 1 Gambler's Spirit
Krysta = 10 Holy Stones

Level 7: Boss Cards

Propagator = 1 G-Mega-Potion
Jumbo Cactaur = 1 Cactus Thorn
Tri-Point (Thunder element) x40 = 1 Jet Engine
Gargantua x10 = 1 Strength Love
Mobile Type 8 = 10 Shell Stones
Sphinxara = 1 G-Mega-Potion
Tiamat = 10 Flare Stones
BGH251F2 = 10 Protect Stones
Red Giant = 5 Meteor Stones
Catoblepas = 1 Rename Card
Ultima Weapon = 1 Ultima Stone

Level 8: Guardian Force Cards

Chubby Chocobo = 100 LuvLuvGs
Angelo (Wind element) = 100 Elixers
Gilgamesh = 10 Holy Wars
MiniMog (Ice element) = 100 Pet Houses
Chicibo (Poison element) = 100 Gysahl Greens
Quezacotl (Thunder element) = 100 Dynamo Stone
Shiva = 100 North Winds
Ifrit = 3 Elem. Atks
Siren = 3 Status Atks
Sacred = 100 Dino Bones
Minotaur = 10 Adamantines

Level 9: Guardian Force Cards

Carbuncle = 3 Glow Curtains
Diablos = 100 Black Holes
Leviathan (Water element) = 100 Megalixers
Odin = 100 Dead Spirits
Pandemona (Wind element) = 100 Windmills
Cereberus = 100 Lightweights
Alexander (Holy element) = 3 Moon Curtains
Phoenix (Fire element) = 3 Phoenix Spirits
Bahamut = 100 Megalixers
Doomtrain (Poison element) = 3 Status Guards
Eden = 3 Monk's Codes

Level 10: Player Cards

Ward = 3 Gaea's Rings
Kiros = 3 Accelerators
Laguna = 100 Heroes
Selphie = 3 Elem. Guards
Quistis = 3 Samantha Souls
Irvine = 3 Rocket Engines
Zell = 3 Hyper Wrists
Rinoa = 3 Magic Armlets
Edea = 3 Royal Crowns
Seifer = 3 Diamond Armors
Squall = 3 Stars
Card Locations:
All the locations of rare cards:
Debuchocobo: The man sitting on the bench in front of the Balamb Garden libary.
Angelo: From Watts on the Forest Owls train.
Gilgamesh: From the Card Club's King.
Komoguri: From the boy in a blue shirt about Balamb. Garden's hall.
Quetzocohuatl: Fisherman Horizon's male station master on the second floor of the station house).
Shiva: Obtained from Zoon after giving him the Tonari no Kanojo.
Ifrit: After defeating him.
Siren: Second floor of Dollet's pub. Walk east to battle the card master.
Minotaur: After defeating Brothers.
Pandemonium: From the man standing in front of Balamb hotel.
Alexander: From Piet at Luna Base
Ward: From Doctor Odain in Esthar.
Kiros: From the man in black gear in Derring city.
Laguna: From Elone in the Lunaside Base.
Selphie: From Selphie's friend in Travia garden.
Quistis: In Balamb garden.
Irvine: From the female station master of F.H.
Zell: From Zell's mother in Balamb.
Rinoa: From Rinoa's father in Derring City. You have to lose the Ifrit card to him.
Back to Ifrit After you lose him to Rinio's Father you will get him from Dodona in F.H.
Edea From Edea.
Seifer: From Cid at Edea's house.
Squall: From Laguna in the Esthar Presidential building.

GameShark Codes

Infinite HP Squall 	8007780a270f 

Maximum EXP Squall 8007780ce0ff

Maximum Str Squall 3007781200ff

Maximum Vit Squall 3007781300ff

Maximum Mag Squall 3007781400ff

Maximum Spr Squall 3007781500ff

Maximum Spd Squall 3007781600ff

Maximum Luck Squall 3007781700ff

Infinite HP Alexander 80078da4270f

Maximum EXP Alexander 80078da8e0ff

Level 99 Alexander 80078dac0063

Maximum HP Bahamut 300777090001

Maximum EXP Bahamut 80078dc0e0ff

Level 99 Bahamut 80078dc40063

Maximum HP Brothers 300774e90001

Maximum EXP Brothers 80078d6ce0ff

Level 99 Brothers 80078d700063

Maximum HP Cactuar 3007774d0001

Maximum EXP Cactuar 80078dcce0ff

Level 99 Cactuar 80078dd00063

Maximum HP Carbuncle 300775710001

Maximum EXP Carbuncle 80078d78e0ff

Level 99 Carbuncle 80078d7c0063

Maximum HP Cerberus 3007763d0001

Maximum EXP Cerberus 80078d9ce0ff

Level 99 Cerberus 80078da00063

Maximum HP Diablos 3007752d0001

Maximum EXP Diablos 80078d78e0ff

Level 99 Diablos 80078d7c0063

Maximum HP Doomtrain 300776c50001

Maximum EXP Doomtrain 80078db4e0ff

Level 99 Doomtrain 80078db80063

Maximum HP Eden 300777d50001

Maximum EXP Eden 80078de4e0ff

Level 99 Eden 80078de80063

Maximum HP Irit 300774610001

Maximum EXP Irit 80078D54e0ff

Level 99 Irit 80078d580063

Maximum HP Leviathan 300775b50001

Maximum EXP Leviathan 80078D84e0ff

Level 99 Leviathan 80078d880063

Maximum HP Pandemona 300775f90001

Maximum EXP Pandemona 80078d90e0ff

Level 99 Pandemona 80078d940063

Maximum HP Quezacotl 300773d90001

Maximum EXP Quezacotl 80078d3ce0ff

Level 99 Quezacotl 80078d400063

Maximum HP Shiva 3007741d0001

Maximum EXP Shiva 80078d48e0ff

Level 99 Shiva 80078d4c0063

Maximum HP Siren 300774a50001

Maximum EXP Siren 80078d60e0ff

Level 99 Siren 80078d640063

Maximum HP Tonberry 300777910001

Maximum EXP Tonberry 80078dd8e0ff

Level 99 Tonberry 80078ddc0063

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