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Final Fantasy Anthology Cheats

A List of ESPERS and Where They are Found:

You can find Alexander on the throne in Doma Castle after you defeat Wrexsoul

Beat the Terror in the skys Doom Gaze.

In Magi-tek reasearch Facility.

Same as above.

Beat all 8 legendary Dragons.

After beating Phunbaba in Mobliz.

Get him in Jidoor auction house after you escape Vector.

Ifrit and Shiva:
Beath them both in the Magi-Teck Factory.

At the top the tower in Zozo.

Magitek Reaserch Facility.

In the Ancient castle.

On the beach on solitary island after getting the airship.

Magitek reaserch Facility.

After you locate Locke in the Phoenix cave.

Inside the weapon shop in Narshe in World of Ruin keep it as an Esper.

Find Queens statue in the ancient castle.

At the top of the tower in Zozo.

Magitek reaserch Facility.

Top of tower in Zozo.

You must pay a theif 3,000(world of Balance) and 30 in world of Ruin in Tzen.

In Owzers bookcase.

Top of Tower in Zozo.

In the bone statue in Umaros cave in World of Ruin.

On top of the cliff in Narsh in World in Ruin. You must fight to get it.

Magitek Reaserch Facility.

Zone Seek:
Purches at action in Jidoor for 10,000.

GameShark Codes

Have All Magic Terra  	500036010000 
FF VI 			3002fa6e00ff 
Have All Espers  	8002fa68ffff 
FF VI 			8002fa6affff 
Infinite GP FF VI 	8002f860ffff 
No Steps FF VI 		8002f8660000 
Have All Items FF VI 	5000ff010001 
Save Anywhere FF VI 	8002feb68064 
Infinite Item Usage  	8010b8e62400 
All Slots FF VI    

Have 99 of ALL Items  	5000ff010000 
FF VI 			3002f9690063 

Thanks to Revolution reader Big Jack and Kanaeda!

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