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Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Cheats

Robo-Ky moves:
By getting certain scores in certain mini-games, you can go to the RK-Factory and get new moves for Robo-Ky. Below are the moves you can get and the scores requires to get them.

Move Mini Game Points
Aerial Stun Edge Hit Down 2000
Axl Bomber Yo-yo Polish 900
Bargain of Street Meeting May's Dolphin Show 2500
Bellows Mantis Sword Master 3500
Chemical Love Note Capture 6000
Do You Want to Suffer? May's Dolphin Show 3000
EXE Beast Balance Game 3000
Gamma Blade Balance Game 2500
Invite Hell Note Capture 5000
Love Hit Down 1500
Mad Struggle Hit Down 2500
Mappa Hanti Note Capture 4000
Phenomenon EX May's Dolphin Show 2000
PotemkinBuster Yo-yo Polish 800
Single Blow of The Reform Venom's Billiards 25
Sliding Head Venom's Billiards 20
Starship Venom's Billiards 10
Tandem Top Yo-yo Polish 1000
Tyrant Rave Sword Master 4000
Whatever is Done Sword Master 4500
Youshijin Balance Game 2000

Thanks to Revolution reader May's Dirty Dolphin Show!

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