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Hot Shots Golf 2 Cheats

In-Game Reset:
During game play Press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Start + Select.

In two player mode when another golfer is playing hit the D-Pad or Circle + X + Triangle + Square.

Unlock Everything:
Enter "2GSH" as your name to unlock everything. Enter 2GE as your name in the European or Australian (PAL) versions of the game.

Japanese Golfers:
At the character select screen you must choose the correct shirt color for your golfer while inputting this code. Hold down SELECT on the correct color and hold down TRIANGLE then hit X. If done correctly you will now see the Japanese character instead of the regular one. "This is only for Stroke or Match play and you must either have completed VS. mode or used the 2GSH code for this to work.

GameShark Codes

Unlock All Courses (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
E2046BAA 0005
30046BAA 0005
E204757C 00FF
3004757C 00FF

Unlock All Characters (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
D2046B98 FFFF
80046B98 FFFF
80046B9A FFFF

Unlock All Extras (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
80046BA0 FFFF
80046BA2 FFFF
E2046BA4 0063
30046BA4 0063

Max Spring Points Amatuer/Top Pro

Max Spring Points Semi-Pro

Max Spring Points Pro

Max Spring Points Tour Pro

Max Summer Points Amatuer/Top Pro

Max Summer Points Semi-Pro


Max Summer Points Pro

Max Summer Points Tour Pro

Max Fall Points Amatuer/Top Pro

Max Fall Points Semi-Pro

Max Fall Points Pro

Max Fall Points Tour Pro

Max Winter Points Amatuer/Top Pro

Max Winter Points Semi-Pro

Max Winter Points Pro

Max Winter Points Tour Pro


R1/R2/L1/L2 To End Tournament


R1/R2/L1/L2 To End Tournament

Thanks to Revolution reader Chris Leidecker, Nab24369, Marquis Neal, Allan, Mr4Peaks and Dwayne Johnson!

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Hot Shots Golf 2 cheats at AbsolutCheats

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