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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437 Update: I was unfortunately not aware of Shamus Young's severe criticism of Fallout 3 available here to link in the original piece and I regret that.  It dovetails rather nicely with what I've written and it's much better executed than my piece.  I strongly recommend anyone...

Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats for the iPhone

Cheat Codes

Hidden Package Bonus

Make a point of searching for hidden packages so you get a bonus weapon placed outside your safe house for every 10 that you find.

How to type cheats on I-pad

On I-pad you can use a keybord designed for the device such as a wireless ipad keyboard and then start the game and then type in cheats (the cheats from the pc version) it works for me.

The cheats are:

1) Full health GESUNDHEIT (german for health)
2) All weapons GUNSGUNSGUNS
4) Higher wanted level MOREPOLICEPLEASE
5) Lose wanted level NOPOLICEPLEASE
6) Blow up cars BANGBANGBANG
7) Get a rhino tank GIVEUSATANK
8) Change to other peds ILIKEDRESSINGUP
10) Peds attack you NOBODYLIKESME
11) All peds are armed WEAPONSFORALL
12) Fast game clock MADWEATHER
13) Faster game play BOOOOORING
14) 100 armour TURTOISE
15) Clear weather SKINCANCERFORME
16) Cloudy weather ILIKESCOTLAND
17) Rainy weather ILOVESCOTLAND
18) Foggy weather PEASOUP
19) Only wheels are visible WHEELSONLYPLEASE
21) Improved handling CORNERSLIKEMAD

NOTE that after entering cheat numbers 9 &11, do not save your game as it saves these cheats as well.

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Get weapons fast

First of all, you have to have all three islands. And you should have at least 50 hidden packages found but that is not required. Go to your hideout in southside hoods in shoreside vale (the third island). And collect the weapons, then, get a car and drive around the back of the building where you got your weapons, you should see an opening and there is a truck. Go towards the opening but don't go through. Then turn around (you should still be in your car) and go back to where you got your weapons, there should be more for you. You can get a lot of bullets and bombs in a short amount of time if you repeat this. And if you get 9999-25 bullets for a gun, you get unlimited bullets for that gun. I don't know if you can get unlimited bombs for a certain bomb.


Easily complete vigilante missions

Just as in the original release, when chasing down a criminal, opening and then closing the menu will cause the criminal to stop and exit the vehicle. This makes them an easy target.

No ammo for your RPG

There is a rampage with a rocket launcher near Portland harbor and if you fail the rampage but still have it in the scope view with the box on the screen if you look at the weapon box it says zero and you cant shoot anything though other rampages it doesn't do that.


You can't bail out of your car while driving like in the other gta games so you have to come to a compete stop and if your car is on fire, well, pray that you get out in time or you're taking another ride to the hospital.

If you go to your safehouse, you will see a pistol outside. If you drive a car into your garage and leave it in there, the pistol should appear again. When you walk over it you will get more bullets for your pistol. This can be repeated multiple times if you take your car out of your garage and park it in the garage again and repeat the steps picking up the pistol as you go.

When you get into a car you have the radio stations. But if you go into a cop car, there is a CB radio in it and I think it only works with the music setting on. If you don't hear it as soon as you get in the cop car, wait for it, and one last thing it's not same CB radio where you do the vigilante missions with the same girl with the subtitles at the bottom.

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