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Jet Force Gemini Cheats

Jet Force Gemini


Multi-player Bonus Totems:
Find the following totems to open up multi-player bonuses.
Hidden Characters

Yellow Ant
Location: Goldwood Character: Vela Requirements: None Blue Ant Location: SS Anubis, Generator Room 2F Character: Any Requirements: None Red Ant Location: Ichor, Military Base Character: Juno, Lupus Requirements: None Green Ant Location: Spawn Ship, Cargo Sewer Character: Any Requirements: None Male Tribal Location: Sekhmet, Channel Area Character: Any Requirements: Magenta Key Female Tribal Location: Rith Essa Mine Character: Vela Requirements: Mine Key Zombie Termite Location: Tawfret, Treehut Character: Lupus Requirements: None Beetle Termite Location: Tawfret, Lost Tomb Character: Vela Requirements: None Metallic Termite Location: Sekhmet, Spiral Walkway (hover across) Character: Lupus Requirements: None Purple Termite Location: Mizar's Palace Character: Juno Requirements: None Extra Stages
Rith Essa Mine Stage
Location: Walkway (station) Character: Any Requirements: Powered-up Tunnels Stage Location: Rith Essa, Waterfalls Character: Vela Requirements: None Space Station Stage Location: Space Station, Basement Character: Any Requirements: None King of the Hill Location: Cerulean Holding Room Type: Totem Pole Character: Any Requirements: None

More bonuses:
To get the following multi-player bonuses, you must fulfill the specific requirements during the game.

Cyborg Ant
Location: Various
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get an 'Expert' rating on all Floyd Missions

Goldwood Target Range
Location: Goldwood
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get Gold on Goldwood Floyd Mission 

Rith Essa Target Range
Location: Eschebone
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get Gold on Eschebone Floyd Mission 

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first on Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing 

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first on Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II 

Greenwood Village Race Track
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Break the top records on both Jeff & Barry arcade machines. 

Mizar 3D Racer
Location: Mizar's Palace
Type: Race Award
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first in the Mizar races. 

Rainbow blood:
Collect 100 ant heads to enable Rainbow Blood in the 'Cheats' menu.

Jet Force Kids:
Collect 200 ant heads to enable this in the 'Cheats' menu.

Ants into Pants:
Collect 300 ant heads to enable this cheat in the 'Cheats' menu. It turns all the enemy drones into stick figures with big pants.

Headless Zombies:
Go to the planet Tawfret and use the shurikens on the small zombie ants. Their heads will come off but they'll keep on coming. Cool huh?

Thanks to Revolution readers steven.s, Mike Smith and Glenn McIsaac!

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Jet Force Gemini cheats at AbsolutCheats

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