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King's Bounty: Warriors of the North Cheats


  • Adventurer - Get the achievements "Greedy", "Collector", "Heartless", "Amateur Jeweler" and "Bane of Death".
  • Amateur Jeweler - Collect 250 chests during your travels.
  • Arachnophobe - Defeat the Undead Spider and all of its troops in under 15 rounds.
  • Astral Rider - You have helped to free the demon Lurfu from the astral captivity in boiling lava, and for this he rewarded you with the title of Astral Rider.
  • At Home Among Strangers - The elf Lin Evere has given you a branch of myrtle as a symbol of peace and friendship.
  • Bane of Death - Defeat Runorm and close the Dark Portal, losing no more than 30% of your forces, or without losing a single troop.
  • Bane of Life - Apply a total of 1,000,000 damage.
  • Beloved of the Gods - You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Christa, and for your generosity you are now a favorite of the gods.
  • Black Death - You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Gudrida, by destroying the army of orcs that were threatening your island.
  • Blademaster - Kael-shot, first blade, in gratitude for your service to King of Merlassar, has taken you into the ranks of the elven order of the Blossoming Blades!
  • Border Guard - You have completed the task of Korn Digor, & cleared New Kordar of the undead hordes. You can now rightfully be called "d'hukha marud" -- Border Guard
  • Butcher - Destroy 25 enemy troops in a row without replenishing your army.
  • Champion - Receive 15 medals (at least to 1 level).
  • Collector - Collect 75 artefacts and game items.
  • Conciliator - You have returned Taor to sanity and killed the rebellious vikings of Chukata and Gronnum! Now everyone knows that it is impossible to resist you!
  • Confident - Defeat Eric with the fewest allies.
  • Connoisseur - Collect all items of the set.
  • Cool Warrior - Win 50 fights without using Rage skills.
  • Dark Blade - You cut out the heart from the chest of the evil necromancer Ksaltotun, and his dark blood has forever tarnished your blade.
  • Defender of the Ice - You saved the Royal Egg of the dragon Massalatrix, and were awarded the title "Defender of the Ice." Now you are a great friend to the Ice Dragons.
  • Demon Conqueror - You completed the quest of the demon Xeona, and bent the four other demon lords to her will.
  • Demon Talker - You have entered an alliance with Xeona, leader of demonic army, & enlisted his support in upcoming battle with usurper Prince Consort Guilford.
  • Destroyer of Myths - You defeated the dragon Glaurmur the Dazzling, and now the "white bird of happiness" will no longer lure unsuspecting travelers into his deadly trap.
  • Dragonslayer - You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Hilda, defeating the mighty Veritory the Blood and his army of dragons.
  • Elemental Overlord - At the request of the magician-daemon Arkton, you tracked down and killed a strange creature of fire and smoke.
  • Enemy of the Kingdom - You have refused to side with the Prince Consort Guilford, and now he is your sworn enemy.
  • Equal to the Gods - You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Mista, by returning to her the weapon of Tyr, stolen by Fenrir.
  • Exterminator of the Undead - You killed four leaders of the undead and took possession of their weapons. That alone is reason enough to be proud to wear this title!
  • Fighter - Destroy 250 enemy armies.
  • Friend of Dwarves - Perform all major and minor quests in New Kordar.
  • Friend of the Giants - You defeated the giant Loki in a fair fight.
  • Friend of the Griffins - You have helped with the griffin Sirranu with the dragon Massalatrix, and he awarded you this title.
  • Friend of the Pirates - You helped Captain Tigg and his friends from Undershore Brotherhood.
  • Gambler - You have overcome a huge dragon Rikshenassitrax and took from him a powerful artifact called the Tear of the Dragon.
  • God of War - Defeat Loki in 10 rounds.
  • Greedy - Accumulate at least 10,000,000 gold.
  • Heart of Flint - You left the poisoned Ele Taera to die in the cave. Of course you have a heart -- as cold as a piece of granite!
  • Heartless - Lose 10,000 troops.
  • Heavy Striker - You won the Dwarven High Hammer, and now you are known across all the dwarven lands as "bhak udrut" -- the Heavy Striker! It has quite a ring to it!
  • High Mage - Inflict 500,000 magic damage over the course of the game.
  • Inspired - Gain all the talents in your class tree (at least to level 1).
  • Jarl Protector - You have completed the task of the King of Asvald, and brought peace and tranquility to the island of South Vinland.
  • Keeper of Order - You killed the rebel Selmy Boros and his rebel troops have returned to their barracks.
  • Killer of Giants - You killed the giant Gloomgnaw, and captain of the palace guard, Renli Swann, has granted you this title in recognition of this great achievement.
  • Looking for Trouble - Receive 500,000 damage points in one game.
  • Lord of the Flame - You helped the strange fiery creature Zahar defeat his opponent, and he awarded you with this title.
  • Lord of the Giants - You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Regina, bringning her 10 giant creatures, and can now rightfully be called the Lord of the Giants.
  • Mad Courage - Defeat Guilford in the final battle, without using your Spell Book.
  • Master Player - Raise your character to the maximum level.
  • Outcast - After battle with your brother, you fled your native island, & now your destiny, it seems, is to roam inhospitable islands on the cold & barren sea.
  • Patron - Thanks to your efforts, the artist Eye Vaz the Orc finally wrote his masterpiece, and has become reknown throughout the world.
  • Professor - Get the achievements "Valhalla's Favorite", "High Mage", "Mad Courage", "Confident" and "Reckless Fighter".
  • Ragnarok's Messenger - Complete the game on Impossible difficulty.
  • Reckless Fighter - Win 50 fights without using the Spell Book.
  • Sea Dog - You have been awarded honorary membership in the Free Brotherhood of Isterreng, making you a real sea wolf. Yo, ho, ho!
  • Snowy Mountain Pathfinder - Performed great service for pirate Simon Danziker, having found & buried remains of his cabin boy, & destroying pack of wild wolves who attacked youth
  • Stranger - After the battle with Runorm, you were swamped by the Dark Portal and ejected in an unknown place. It is no wonder that the locals look at you askance
  • Strong as Hagyr - On Freedom Islands you defeated the necromancer Sirius Pale.
  • True Honor - You helped Ingvar Kopperrad and found the survivors of Fastland. In gratitude, he has awarded your faithfulness with an appropriate title.
  • Valhalla's Favourite - Raise all Valkyries to level 3 before entering Demonis.
  • Valkyrie's Favourite - Raise all Valkyries to level 5.
  • Veteran - Get the achievements "Bane of Life," "Fighter", "Butcher", "Cool Warrior" and "Looking for Trouble".
  • Warrior of the North - You have passed your trials and became a full-fledged warrior of the village.
  • Wizardbane - You overcame the magicians of Arlania and took possession of the Staff of Starlight!

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