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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cheats

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Playstation 2


Secret Item:
When you hold up a guard (Run up behind them then press and hold Square) Run around the front of him and aim at his head or ...ahem... down under, and he'll start begging for his life. He'll also start shaking and drop a dog tag, collect 100 of these and you get a special item.

Ah a Smart Guy Eh?:
When you hold up a guard and aim at his head or groin, he'll usually shake and drop his dog tags. Some guards refuse to shake their dog tags loose, saying "Are you going to shoot me?!" or some other smart-mouthed comment. Simply fire a gun that uses live bullets somewhere near him. It'll show him that you mean buisness and he'll shake the tags loose.

Alternate Title Screen:
Beat the game once and you will get a different title screen.

Help with Olga:
Before going to fight Olga go down to the entrance to the engine room where there is a shadow of Raven up on the wall. Walk around the corner and there is a little figurine of Raven. Shoot the figurine with the tranquillizer gun and he starts to move around shooting little pellets out of his machine gun.

Pin Ups:
In the beginning of the game you will see some female posters of attractive Japanese woman, take a picture of these, (The 2 I found are in the locker room) and then when you get to the part with the marines, send the pictures to Otacon through the computer, and listen to what he says. In addition when you're looking at one of the posters in first person view mode outside of the locker and you contact Otacon, he'll get all upset at you for being such a naughty boy!

Codec Trick:
When using the codec wait for the person who called to speak and press R1 or R2 to hear what snake is thinking about them (really funny).

Another Codec Trick:
When talking with someone over the codec, move the Left and Right analog sticks and the character's faces will move. Press L3 or R3, and the faces will zoom in close.

Stay In Shape:
To increase grip strength hang from a railing where you can let your feet dangle. Now hold R2 and L2 simultaneously to do a pull-up. If you can do about 100 pull-ups, you'll get a call from your comrades saying your grip has increased. Just make sure you get back up before your grip meter reaches zero. The max grip streingth is Level 3.

Camera Control in Cut-Scenes:
During a cut-scene, press R1 to zoom in, and use the Right analog stick to move the camera around.

Need a Challenge?
Beat the game once to unlock the Extreme difficulty level.

Go Gamer, It's Ya Birthday!
When you log into the Plant Episode, you're given a chance to put in your name, birthday, bloodtype and nationality. If your birthday matches the date set in your PS2 (most likely you set it to the correct day) you'll receive a Happy Birthday logo along with a Birthday cake.

Trust Me It's in Style:
Collect all of the dog tags and when you start a new game, you can wear a wig, which works like the bandana from MGS1.

Fatman's Last Bomb:
After you kill fatman he will tell you he planted the biggest bomb very close by. To find it drag fatman a little and the bomb will be undernea th him. Use the coolant like any other bomb.

Parrot Secret:
On floor b1 of shell 2, take some time to knock out each guard with your tranq... or just kill em, but when you do that, point your gun at the parrot in the center of the computers, it says "top of the lockers!" Take a hint from this and run out to the locker on the left, you'll see a magazine on top, do a few punches/kicks on it and a whole mess of magazines fall out! You can get infinite magazines to use to distract guards! These make it really easy to sneak up on them.

Coolant Trick:
When you're in the plant and trying to collect dogtags, if you accidently use your M9 on someone, there's no more waiting for them to wake up, just take out your coolant and squat down above them and spray the coolant on them, works best in the head, and they'll be right back up in seconds!

Pissing off Pliskin:
After Pliskin gives you the socom pistol, shoot at him a few times and he will get pissed off and shoot at you when he see you.

Man Overboard:
When you start out on the tanker (First time you are outside) if you stun or kill a guard, drag him to the first floor- to the very side (where the 2 floor deck is stopping the rain). Drag the guard to the area with a white line around it. Lean on the wall and watch him splash. (there are 2, one on each side of the ship)

Hello Hideo!:
In the plant enter the name Hideo Kojima (producer of MGS) in the first node. It automatically give you his profile.

Off Duty Snake:
While waiting for Snake in the Arsenal Gear Colon section a movie featuring a Konami Eyes model overtakes the area where the soliton radar normally is. Don't answer the colonel's crazy calls if you want to see all of it.

Useless Hint:
In the plant mission if you start killing sea gulls over and over you'll get a call from the Colonel and Rose saying what a moster you are and if your satisfied get on with the mission.

Travel in Style:
In the Plant chapter, go to Strut E Parcel Room. Hop onto the conveyor belt by running South (d-pad down) toward it horizontally along the edge of the room. There is a black platform that is part of the belt (it's the only piece that's not moving) that you can climb onto. Once your on the platform, equip any one of the boxes. Wait for the platform to come to a complete halt (you can't move if you want this to happen), then climb on! Depending on the box, you'll end up in different struts (box 5 keeps you in strut E, but lets you go to the room with the digital camera early). Box 4 takes you to Strut F, Box 3 takes you to Strut A, Box 2 takes you to Strut B, and Box 1 takes you to Strut C. It really beats walking.

Fatman Made Easy:
When fighting Fatman on the Roof of the Parcel Building (and after you have diffused all his annoying little C4's) simply crawl under the middle shipping crate closest to the stairs you came up and wait. Fatman will skate once around the roof and stop everytime, by the small shipping crate to the left. Just pop him in the head a couple times in first person mode and wait for him to circle around again!

I See You:
Right after you talk with Stillman go to the C-D connecting bridge and you'll see Plisken (Snake) in a cardboard box seanking across the bridge!

"Nighty Night Snake" or "Who Needs Your Help":
Just A cool trick, when fighting along side Snake and you want to get some good practice in with your sword before the big boss fight. Simply put snake to sleep when fighting with him and drag him somewhere where he is unlikely to be shot at, then fight by yourself with the sword. It's pretty cool and you get much more time and preparation to kill your enemies rather than letting snak kill them when your still trying to get a slash in.

Quick Way To Metal Gear:
To get to the hold that houses Metal Gear Ray in the Tanker chapter without being noticed, first knock out the Marine by the projector in Hold 1, then get on your belly and crawl to the left side of the hold. Once you reach the left side, stand near the bulkhead and press Triangle to open up the maintenance hatch on the floor; the hatch will reveal a ladder and a secret tunnel. Climb down and go through the tunnel, it will lead you to the door to Hold 2. Once inside Hold 2, go to the right side of the hold and open up the maintenance hatch on the floor there. It too will open to reveal a secret tunnel. Crawl through the tunnel until you reach Hold 3, a movie of Snake looking at Metal Gear will play. After the movie is done (skip by pressing X) run over to the right side of the room Snake is in. Crawl through the vent, through the tunnel until you reach a ladder which leads to a ledge inside the Hold. Slide down the pole by pressing Triangle, and you're in!

Snake and His Dog:
In Arsoral Gear there is one last dog dag. The person who has it is Solid Snake. How you get is when training with the sword switch it to blue (the side that does not kill) hit him a couple of times the way I did it was easy. Keep punching & kicking until he is knocked out (when stars are over his head). Put the sword away and drag him for a while then drop him and the dog tag will pop out get it and run. Because when Snake wakes up he will be pissed off.

Just Call Me Lefty:
Shoot a guard in the right arm, and he will only raise one of his hands instead of both of them if told to freeze. After you do that, the guard won't be able to shoot you.

More Books:
When you are dressed like a Russian terrorist, go to the computer room and you'll see a parrot, kill a Russian terrorist in front of the parrot to tell him you mean buisness, then he'll say " On top of locker". So go to the lockers on the west side of the computer room and use your punch punch kick combo on the first locker on your left the you'll see a bunch of books drop down from the locker you just used your combo on.

Tanker Bonuses:
If you play on "Tanker" mode, on any difficuly, and you'll get a new item every time you beat it (you can only use one ration)

Tiki Doll:
When playing on extreme mode you can find a tiki doll. In the first floor of the shell 2 core, shoot a nikita missle into the duct closest to the staircase (farthest right). Make two left turns and there will be a tiki doll. There's no way to reach it that I know of. When you go to get emma there will be a doll in the locker to the right of her location. when you approach it, it will blow up like a claymore. also, you can blow up the grates in the ducts with five or six nikitas. Its best to use the brown wig if you have it.

A Little Distracted:
At the tanker level, when you get to the Engine Room in the middle level there should be a guard that patrols north to south pausing to look out over the rail once in a while. If you switch to your digital camera and look in the direction that the guard looks when he looks through his binoculars, you'll see what he's really interested in that's over the rail taped on the wall.

At the bottom Level 1 left room (room with lockers) of Strut F there is a duct and go into it and get into the other Level 1 room. There is a silencer for your SOCOM, and also bullets.

Lots of Rations:
In any level go get a ration. After a few minutes the ration will come back.

Fatman & His Dogs:
After defeating Fatman, drag his body a round until he drops his dog tags.

McFarlane is Everywhere:
If your in the Strut F Warehouse, look at all the boxes and you'll notice that most of them are Todd McFarlane Toys compay boxes. (Metal Gear Solid Toys are made by this toy company)

Marines in their Underwear:
Location : tanker hold with marines. If you are crawling trough the duct UNDER the marines, if you crawl back and forth a couple of times, the marines will soon be standing in boxershorts only, just like meryl in the prison cell from MGS1

GameShark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) 
EC8783B4 14483424

Tanker Level Codes: Infinite M9 Ammo
4C89EE12 1456E788

Infinite USP Ammo
4C89EE18 1456E788

Infinite Magazines
4C89F134 1456E788

Infinite Grenades
4C89F132 1456E788

Infinite Chaff Grenades
4C89F128 1456E788

Infinite Stun Grenades
4C89F126 1456E788

Infinite Rations
4C89F1A2 1456E788

Infinite Bandages 4C89F1AC 1456E788 Have Therm Goggles
4C89F1BA 1456E7A6

Have DG. Camera
4C89F1BE 1456E7A6

Have Body Armor
4C89F1AE 1456E7A6

Have Bandana
4C89F1E4 1456E7A6

Have Stealth
4C89F1B4 1456E7A6

One Pull-up Increases Grip to Level 2
0C89EEE2 1436E788
4C89EEE2 1456E788

Two Pull-ups Increases Grip to Level 3
0C89EEE2 1426E788
0C89EEE2 1436E7E4
4C89EEE2 1456E7E4

Plant Level Codes: Infinite M9 Ammo
4C89F062 1456E788

Infinite SOCOM Ammo
4C89F066 1456E788

Infinite PSG1 Ammo
4C89F06C 1456E788

Infinite RGB6 Ammo
4C89F06A 1456E788

Infinite Nikita Ammo
4C89F070 1456E788

Infinite Stinger Ammo 4C89F06E 1456E788 Infinite AKS-74U Ammo
4C89F07E 1456E70C

Infinite M4 Ammo
4C89F088 1456E70C

Infinite PSG1-T Ammo
4C89F086 1456E788

Infinite Magazines
4C89F084 1456E788

Infinite C4
4C89F072 1456E788

Infinite Claymores
4C89F074 1456E788

Infinite Grenades
4C89F082 1456E7B1

Infinite Chaff Grenades
4C89F078 1456E788

Infinite Stun Grenades 4C89F076 1456E7B1 One Pull-up Increases Grip to Level 2
0C89EEE8 1436E788
4C89EEE8 1456E788

Two Pull-ups Increases Grip to Level 3
0C89EEE8 1426E788
0C89EEE8 1436E7E4
4C89EEE8 1456E7E4

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