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Posted on 11/18/14
Last night I returned home from PAX AUS 2014. Long story short, it wasn't perfect, but it was quite possibly the best weekend I've had this year. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to continue reading, the long story is just below. Buckle up. This is gonna be...

Banjo-Tooie Cheats for the N64



Cheat Mode:
You must enter the witch's head on Spiral Mountain in order to locate Cheato. One cheat will be unlocked for every five Cheato pages that you discover. Other cheats are unlocked by finding the mystery eggs hidden throughout the game. Cheat are also unlocked as rewards for doing certain actions.

The cheats are entered in the Mayahem Temple near Wumba's Wigwam. Grenade eggs are required to enter the temple. Spell out one of the following inside the temple. Note: Cheats prefixed with CHEATO are unlocked immediately without collecting the required number of Cheato pages.

Code                          Result  
FEATHERS or CHEATO SREHTAEF   Double feather carrying capacity   
EGGS or CHEATO SGGE           Double egg carrying capacity   
CHEATO NESTKING               Unlimited eggs and feathers   
HONEYKING or CHEATO KCABYENOH Unlimited air and health   
CHEATO SUPERBANJO             Banjo moves faster   
CHEATO SUPERBADDY             Enemies move faster   
JUKEBOX or CHEATO XOBEKUJ     Music test unlocked in Jolly Roger Bay jukebox   
CHEATO HONEYBACK              Unlimited health   
FALLPROOF or CHEATO FOORPLLAF No damage when falling   
HOMING                        Eggs home in on nearest target   
GETJIGGY or CHEATO YGGIJTEG   Jiggy hints given by signs in Master Jiggywiggy's house   
CHEATO PLAYITAGAINSON         All replay sub-options unlocked   
CHEATO JIGGYSCASTLIST         View ending sequence


Easy Globro Finding:
If you are having trouble finding Globros look around Mumbo's Skull and Humba's Wigwam!

Pink Egg:
In spiral mountain go to the tree stump were the jogging boots are, look up, (you will need grenade eggs to do this cheat) there will be a big hole with metal bars around it, shoot it with grenade eggs and it will open. Go to the flight pad at the top of the mountain and fly there. A Nintendo game pak will be there. Break it open to get a pink egg.

Get the Ice Key:
First, learn the Grip Grap from Jam Jars. When it is acquired, go to Jinjo Village and get to the sandy area. Find the ledge and jump onto it to Grip Grap onto it. Move across, avoiding the bear-eating plants and when you come to a place you can get off, press A to climb up. Go back there and you will see an evasive Banjo-Kazooie game pak. Roll into it to get the fabled Banjo-Kazooie Ice Key! This key unlocks the giant Ice Chest in Glitter Gulch Mine, and inside is a super Glowbo which can turn Kazooie into a dragon!

Full Energy Fill-Up:
If you are very low on energy, look for JamJars and press B near his little capsule where you learn new moves and he will refill your energy all the way up anytime.

Minjo Jinjo Mix Up:
Keep your distance from any of them at first. Aim an egg at them and shoot, if the egg hits it and does damage, it's a Minjo so get rid of it. If the egg goes right through the creature without doing anything, it's a Jinjo, and it's safe.

Swim Faster:
Tap A and B at the same time to swim a lot faster.

Crazy Kazooie:
If you are playing as Kazooie and you need to jump a long distance, jump off, then press B to see Kazooie do her helicopter type move, and then press A to make her flap her wings so she can glide a little farther. You have just done three moves. You will need to do this to get a certain puzzle piece in one of the levels.

Dragon Kazooie:
Get the Mega Glowbo by getting the Ice Key and give it to Humba Wumba at the entrance to Witchy World and she will turn Kazooie into a fire breathing bird dragon!

Fish Out Of The Water:
At Spiral Mountain, use your Beak Drill on the only big rock and break it. A goldfish is underneath it and needs your help. Use the peck attack on it to get it and take it to the mote around the mountain and it will give you a few tips.

Play as Jinjo in Multiplayer Shootouts:
Learn Hatch in Terrydactyland.Then go to the doorway of Jiggy Wiggy's temple. Across from there is a giant egg. Go inside. On your right you'll see split up pads. Turn into Kazooie and use Hatch on the yellow egg just up that ramp. You can now play as a jinjo in multiplayer shootouts!

Breegull Bash:
First climb up Spiral Mountain. You will see a flying pad. Fly over to the smallest of the 2 waterfalls. There should be a cavern. Go in. There will be a smaller waterfall there. Go on to the platform to the left of it. Get as close to the waterfall as you can without falling off. Face the wall and do a flip flap jump. You should Grip-Grab onto a ledge. Climb up, then go into the cavern there. At the end fall down and attack the BK game pak. A blue egg will come out. Grab it, and go to Heggy's Egg Shed, which is right across from Jiggywiggy's temple. Give Heggy the egg. She will hatch it. From now on, just tap B twice to swing Kazooie like a club!

Picture of Tootie:
Go to Cloud Cuckoo Land and enter the trash can. Go to the milk carton and look on the sides. On one of the sides you will see a picture of Tootie. Silly but...

Re-Fill on Eggs:
Go to the mole hole where you leared how to do an egg. Then JamJars will re-fill your eggs!!!!!!!!

Jiggywiggy's Secret Wall:
First go inside of Jiggywiggy's temple. If you jump on the platform that Jiggywiggy is on, go behind him and there should be a wall. There is a pattern on the wall and you can walk right through the middle of it. Keep walking and you will see 3 signs. They provide useful tips!

Earier Way to Get The Jiggy:
In the level "Cloud Cuckooland" beat the Aardvark in the high jump and sack race and then meet him as the bee for the footrace. When he says go, fly and keep pressing B to make the bee fly faster. It's just an easier way of getting the jiggy

Evil Mumbo:
In Cloud Cuckoo Land there are two Mumbo Jumbos one good one evil. To defeat the evil Mumbo Jumbo just activate your golden feathers and charge. Once you hit him he will start to lose life rapidly until you run out of feathers (you may not run out).

Meddling Creatures:
To avoid the nasty creatures that pop out of their hole while grip-grabbing across a ledge, simply shoot the hole with a grenade egg. The creature will pop out and die leaving you free to climb across without any distractions.

Super Mega Ancient Glowbo:
You must posess the Ice Key and know the talon torpedo move to use this Cheat. Go to the water fall in glitter gulch mine and destroy the boulder with Kazooie's face on it. Go through the hole & your in a room with a locket use the ice key to open it & inside will be your prize!

Thanks to Revolution readers David Bell, Kyle, Aaron Illingworth, BKBT, Banjoboy, TC, Pete LaGola, soccerguy3002, Dave, Daniel Bridger, Nolan and duckman!

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