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       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Cheats for the N64

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


Signature Move Tutorial:
Using any character, get "Gold" on all competitions, and in the Trick Tutorials you will have unlocked the Signature Move Tutorial for that character.


Hidden tape in Mall:
To find the hidden tape in the Mall, get to second escalator and Ollie off the top flat surface. Hit the pipe, and grind the rest of the way.

Tons Of Points 1:
Select Kareem Campbell, go to Downhill Jam and go down until you reach the high rail with the letter E on it. Go up the concrete part on the wall with full speed and aim for the rail. While you're in the air do a 360 Maddona and land on the rail doing a casper slide and try to keep your balance until you are near the end of the rail. When you're near the end of the rail do a 360 Kickflip to Indy and land on the nearest rail (on the right) and pull off the Casper Slide again. When you are near the finish of the level do a 360 flip out. If you've done it right you should get between 75,000-100,000 points.

Tons of Points 2:
In the first level, The Warehouse, I got over 300,000 points. All you have to do is be Jamie Thomas and go down to the half-pipe and do a backflip or frontflip, over the pipe and through the secret room and land on the pipe. Then jump on to the next grind with the one-footed nose-grind and keep doing moves until the end and you will get 90,000 points easy. Repeat this until you have tons of points. I have only done this once, but I jumped at the end of the grind and landed on the pipe in the middle and got over 125,000 points for it.

Tons of Points 3:
Get 800,000 Points With Jamie Thomas (in one move). Choose tthe Roswell stage. Go to the secret room that has a blue bowl. Start a grind along the outside of the bowl. Keep jumping and doing more moves like the One-Footed NoseGrind and 360 flips to add up the number of points and the number of multiplications. Keep going around the bowl multiple amounts of times and jumping the gap to get extra points for a channel gap. I got in the high 800,000s and Anthony got in the low 900,000s.

More Time:
Just grind as the clock reahes "0". You can continue grinding until you fall, or just stop grinding.

Multiple Points:
Pull off as many trick as you can while rotating. If you can incorporate this into your normal routine, you will see an incredible improvement in your scoring.

Special Moves 
Bob Burnquist 
1 Foot Smith Grind   Right, Right, C-Up
Backflip             Up, Down, C-Right
Burntwist            Left, Up, C-Up

Kareem Campbell 
Front Flip           Down, Up, C-Right
Casper Slide         Up, Down, C-Up
Kickflip Underflip   Left, Right, C-Left

Rune Glifberg 
Kickflip McTwist     Right, Right, C-Right
Christ Air           Left, Right, C-Right
Triple Kickflip      Up, Down, C-Left

Bucky Lasek 
Kickflip Mctwist     Right, Right, C-Right
Fingerflip Airwalk   Left, Right, C-Right
Varial Heelflip      Down, Up, C-Left

Chad Muska 
Front Flip           Down, Up, C-Right
One Foot Thumpin     Right, Down, C-Up
360 Shove-It Rewind  Right, Right, C-Left

Andrew Reynolds 
Backflip             Up, Down, C-Right
Heelflip Bluntslide  Down, Down, C-Up
Triple Kickflip      Left, Left, C-Left

Geoff Rowley 
Backflip             Up, Down, C-Right
Double hard flip     Right, Down, C-Left
Darkslide            Left, Right, C-Up

Elissa Steamer 
Backflip             Up, Down, C-Left
Primo Grind          Left, Left, C-Up
Judo Madonna         Left, Down, C-Right

Jamie Thomas 
Front Flip           Down, Up, C-Right
1 Foot Nose Grind    Up, Up, C-Up
540 flip             Left, Down, C-Left

Tony Hawk 
Kickflip Mctwist     Right, Right, C-Right
360 Flip To Mute     Down, Right, C-Left
540 Board Varial     Left, Left, C-Left     
The 900              Right, Down, C-Right (requires a TON of air)

Officer Dick 
Yeeeehaw Front Flip  Down, Up, C-Right
Neckbreak Grind      Left, Right, C-Up
Assume The Position  Left, Left, C-Right

GameShark Codes

Have All Tapes Tony Hawk

Have All Tapes Bob Burnquist

Have All Tapes Geoff Rowley

Have All Tapes Bucky Lasek

Have All Tapes Chad Muska

Have All Tapes Kareem Campbell

Have All Tapes Andrew Reynolds

Have All Tapes Rune Glifberg

Thanks to Revolution editor Ben Silverman and readers Clayton Sowa, FPacker246, Tim, Anthony and Jimmy, Master WilliamGreg Abate and Symon Fealgud!

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