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REVIEWS Dead Rising 3 PC Review
Hack ‘n’ slash if you want.

Take some of the greatest tunes Square Enix has ever produced, weave them through an interesting rhythm system with a couple famous, friendly faces, then make it portable. What could possibly go wrong?
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The makers of Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja head into uncharted territory (again).
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A Letter to the Big “N"
By shandog137
Posted on 09/12/14
I have and will continue to have a place in my heart for Nintendo. In fact, my first console was a Super Nintendo. The video game market has changed drastically since the early '90s and it seems like what once was platinum is more so along the lines of silver now. Nintendo has always been...

Batman: Arkham City Cheats for the PC

Use Alternate Skins in Main Game

To use alternate skins in the main game, download the free Batman Inc. skin, choose your save slot and enter the following code:

Effect Code
Use Alternate Skins in Main Game Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down

Secret - Alternate ending

Note: The alternate ending requires the bonus "Catwoman" downloadable content. In Catwoman's third mission, when you have the option to go left or right with the "loot", go right to view the alternate ending. You will still be able to go backwards and not ruin anything in the main campaign.

Secret - Hidden messages

Use Batman's Cryptographic Sequencer to go to the following coordinates to intercept secret radio broadcasts that read numbers, make a buzzing sound, and then repeat the numbers again. When the numbers are matched to the corresponding letters of the alphabet, they spell out a hidden message.Note: Some of the secret broadcasts may not be available until after completing the main campaign.
Hidden message 1
Location: X: 700.00, Y: 500.00
Message: 9-23-9-12-12-18-5-20-21-1 8-14-2-1-20-13-1-14
Decoded message: "I WILL RETURN BATMAN"
Hidden message 2
Location: X: 500.00, Y: 900.00
Message: 5-15-9-7-21-18-18-14-3-5- 24-15-12-7-22-3-10-5-15-9 -22-3-8-25-26-15-16-25-10 -15-17-25
Hidden message 3
Location: X: 200.00, Y: 500.00
Message: 3-20-26-18-26-16-24-1-11- 4-24-9-3-8-5-2-12-18-6-16 -7-11-3-10-17-5-13-4-21-8

Games for Windows Live Achievements

Achievement Description
50x Combo (5) Complete a combo of 50 moves (any play mode, any character)
Acid Bath (10) Save the damsel, but is she in distress?
Aggravated Assault (10) Stop all assaults in Arkham City
AR Knight (25) Complete all augmented reality training exercises
Bargaining Chip (15) Reunite the separated couple
Brainteaser (40) Rescue the fifth hostage from Riddler
Broken Toys (25) Destroy it all
Bronze Revenge (10) Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman)
Campaign Bronze (10) Obtain 36 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)
Campaign Gold (40) Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)
Campaign Silver (20) Obtain 72 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)
Catch (5) Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with
Chimney Sweep (10) There is only one way in
Communication Breakdown (10) Clear the airwaves
Contract Terminated (25) Stop the contract operative
Conundrum (20) Rescue the first hostage from Riddler
Dial Z For Murder (25) Stop the phone booth killer
Distress Flare (5) Answer the call for help
Exit Stage Right (50) All the world is a stage
Flawless Freeflow Fighter 2.0 (5) Complete one combat challenge without taking damage (any character)
Forensic Expert (10) Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire
Freefall (25) Don't look down
Fully Loaded (10) Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades
Gadget Attack (5) Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight (any play mode)
Genius (50) Rescue all the hostages from Riddler
Ghost Train (25) Fight for survival
Gladiator (10) Last man standing
Gold Revenge (40) Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman)
Gotham Base Jumper (5) Jump off the tallest building in Arkham City and glide for 1 minute without touching the ground
Hide And Seek (25) A deadly game of hide and seek
I'm Batman (10) Become the Bat
Intellectual (30) Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler
IQ Test (10) Solve the first riddle
Lost And Found (10) Uncover the secret of Arkham City
Mastermind (20) Rescue the second hostage from Riddler
Mystery Stalker (15) Reveal the mystery watcher
One Armed Bandit (10) Hammer the point home
Pay Your Respects (5) A moment of remembrance
Perfect Freeflow 2.0 (5) Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode)
Perfect Knight - Day 2 (75) Main Story, Side Missions, Upgrades, Collectables, New Game Plus and Riddlers Revenge (as Batman)
Puzzler (30) Rescue the third hostage from Riddler
Ring Ring (5) Answer a ringing phone
Sand Storm (25) We are legion
Savior (10) Save the medical volunteers
Serial Killer (25) Track down the serial killer
Silver Revenge (20) Obtain 48 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman)
Stop the Clock (15) Time is running out
Story Teller (10) Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man
Twice Nightly (75) Complete New Game Plus
Wrecking Ball (25) Stop the unstoppable

Games for Windows Live Achievements

Achievement Description
Campaign Nightwing (25) Obtain 114 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack campaigns (as Nightwing)
Nightwing Revenge (25) Obtain 78 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack ranked maps (as Nightwing)

Games for Windows Live Achievements

Achievement Description
Campaign Wonder (25) Obtain 114 medals on the original Arkham City and Robin Bundle Pack campaigns (as Robin)
Robin Revenge (25) Obtain 78 medals on the original Arkham City and Robin Bundle Pack ranked maps (as Robin)

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