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Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...

Half-LIfe 2: The Orange Box Cheats for the PC

Half-Life 2 Codes

Go to the keyboard options and click advance. Then when in game press the [~] button.
Code Effect
sv_waterdist # Set Vertical View when eyes are near water plane.
sk_max_smg1_grenade # # is new max ammo for SMG grenades
air_density # Change the density of air. (Add number in place of #)
physcannon_cone # Changes the radius of the cone used to pick up objects
npc_create_aimed Creates an NPC (Aiming away from player)
Hurtme # Damages player by whatever variable you input as #
cl_ragdoll_collide 1 Enables ragdolls that don't clip through each other, but stack realistically on one another.
exec # Execute a script file (Input filename in place of #)
help $ replace $ with a command to get a brief description of it
sv_soundemitter_filecheck Toggle reporting missing .wav files for sounds
sk_plr_dmg_alyxgun # # is new damage for Alyx Gun (default 150)
sk_plr_dmg_grenade # # is new damage value for grenades
sk_plr_dmg_357 # # is new damage value for the .357 Magnum
sk_plr_dmg_crossbow # # is new damage value for the crossbow
sk_plr_dmg_crowbar # # is new damage value for the crowbar
sk_plr_dmg_pistol # # is new damage value for the pistol
sk_plr_dmg_ar2 # # is new damage value for the Pulse Rifle
sk_plr_dmg_rpg_round # # is new damage value for the RPG
sk_plr_dmg_buckshot # # is new damage value for the shotgun
sk_plr_dmg_smg1 # # is new damage value for the SMG
sk_plr_dmg_smg1_grenade # # is new damage value for the SMG's grenades
sk_max_alyxgun # # is new max ammo for Alyx Gun (default 0)
sk_max_grenade # # is new max ammo for grenades
sk_max_smg1 # # is new max ammo for submachine gun
sk_max_357 # # is new max ammo for the .357 Magnum
sk_max_crossbow # # is new max ammo for the crossbow
sk_max_pistol # # is new max ammo for the pistol
sk_max_ar2 # # is new max ammo for the Pulse Rifle
sk_max_ar2_altfire # # is new max ammo for the Pulse Rifle's energy orbs
sk_max_rpg_round # # is new max ammo for the RPG
sk_max_buckshot # # is new max ammo for the Shotgun
net_graph 1 a more thorough fps display
viewmodel_fov # Adjusts size of the weapon you're carrying (54 = default)
cl_showpos 1 Brings up position display in top right of screen (0 removes it)
getpos can be used to get current coords for use with setpos
skill # change skill level (# = 1, 2, or 3)
physcannon_maxforce # Changes how hard you propel objects with the Gravity Gun
physcannon_maxmass # Changes how large pulled objects can be
physcannon_pullforce # Changes how quickly objects are pulled
physcannon_tracelength # Changes the length that objects can be pulled from
host_timescale # Changes the speed of the game (for slow-mo/fast-mo) (# < 1 = slower, # > 1 = faster)
impulse 76 Creates a human grunt.
shake Creates an earthquake.
mat_yuv 1 Disables Color Mode
crosshair 0 Disables Crosshair
maps Displays map listing
mat_yuv 0 Enables Color Mode
crosshair 1 Enables Crosshair
+mlook Enables mouse look
firstperson First Person View
sv_infinite_aux_power 1 Gives infinite power for sprinting, breating underwater, etc.
give item_battery Gives you 15+ battery
give item_healthkit Gives you 25+ healthkit
weapon_frag Gives you a frag grenade
impulse 101 Gives you all weapons
r_screenoverlay effects/combine_binocoverlay.vmt Gives you Combine vision during gameplay.
give weapon_annabelle Gives you Father Gregori's modified shotgun
give weapon_alyxgun Gives you the 'Alyx Gun'
weapon_357 Gives you the .357 Magnum.
weapon_crossbow Gives you the crossbow
weapon_crowbar Gives you the crowbar
give weapon_physcannon Gives you the Gravity Gun
give item_suit Gives you the HEV suit
item_healthkit Gives you the large health kit (25HP)
weapon_ar2 Gives you the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle
weapon_pistol Gives you the pistol
weapon_rpg Gives you the RPG
weapon_shotgun Gives you the shotgun
give item_healthvial Gives you the small health vial (10HP)
weapon_smg1 Gives you the SMG
r_screenoverlay effects/tp_eyefx/tp_eyefx.vmt Gives you weird vision during gameplay.
buddha Health never goes below 1
sk_plr_num_shotgun_pellets # Increases pellets fired from each shotgun shell. 100 works well. 1000+ and it lags.
give item_battery Increases suit charge by 15 points.
kill Kills yourself (I hardly see use for this)
mat_numtextureunits # Limit the number of texture units. (Add number in place of #) (0=Default)
physcannon_megacannon 1 Makes your Gravity Gun a Super Gravity Gun
setpos Move player to specified origin
sk_npc_dmg_shotgun # NPC's do # damage with shotgun
sk_npc_dmg_ar2 # NPC's do # damage with the pulse rifle
sk_npc_dmg_smg1 # NPC's do # damage with the smg
play demo_name Plays demo.(change demo_name to the demo you want to be played)
record demo_name Records a demo of all the user's actions within the game until the "stop" command is issued.
mat_fullbright 1 removes all shadows (a 0 restores them)
impulse 203 Removes the item or NPC you are pointed at
mat_depthbias_normal 1 See through walls
sv_gravity # Set Gravity (Add number in place of #)dsp_explosion_effect_duration #
dsp_explosion_effect_duration # Set length of confusion/ear-ringing effect(Add number in place of #)
sv_stopspeed # Set Minimum Stopping Speed on ground (Add number in place of #)
sv_friction # Set World Friction (Add number in place of #)
sv_bounce # Sets bounce multiplier for physically simulated object collisions
Developer 1 Sets developer mdoe to on
Developer 0 Sets developer mode to off
Developer 2 Sets developer mode to verbose
sv_maxvelocity # Sets Maximum Velocity of any moving object (Add number in place of #)
cl_showfps 1 Show FPS rate
status shows some game info, incl. current map
setang Snap players eyes to a specified pitch yaw
ch_createjeep Spawn a Jeep
ch_createairboat Spawn an airbot
impulse 82 Spawns a Jeep
weapon_bugbait Spawns a Pherapods.
give item_ammo_357 Spawns ammo for the .357 magnum
give item_ammo_crossbow Spawns ammo for the Crossbow
give item_box_srounds Spawns ammo for the Pistol
impulse 83 Spawns an Airboat
give item_ammo_ar2_altfire Spawns energy grenades for the Overwatch Pulse Rifle
give item_rpg_round Spawns grenades for the RPG
give item_ml_grenade Spawns grenades for the RPG
give item_ar2_grenade Spawns grenades for the SMG (strangely enough)
give item_ammo_ar2 Spawns primary fire ammo for the Overwatch Pulse Rifle
give item_box_mrounds Spawns primary fire ammo for the SMG
give item_box_buckshot Spawns shells for the 12-gauge shotgun
stop Stops recording the current demo.
sv_infinite_aux_power 0 Takes away infinite power for sprinting, breating underwater, etc.
thirdperson Third Person View
npc_create This creates Non-Player Characters. Guide to these characters are a bit below.
prop_debug Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode on/off red - ignore damage, white - respond to damage, green - health)
mat_yuv 0 Turn off Black and White mode
mat_yuv 1 Turn on Black and White mode
sv_cheats 1 Turns cheats on. Type 0 to turn them off. Doing this will turn off achievements, though.
ai_disable Turns Non-Player Characters off. Type again to resume.
cl_drawhud 0 Turns off your HUD
cl_enablehud 0 Turns off your HUD
cl_drawhud 1 Turns on your HUD
cl_enablehud 1 Turns on your HUD
sv_unlockedchapters # Unlocks Chapters 1 through #


Half Life 2 and Portal Cheats

Go to the keyboard options and click advance. Then when in game press the [~] button.

Code Effect
sv_cheats 1 Activates cheats
notarget Enemies dont target you
noclip fly
God God mode

Portal Cheats

When in game press the [~] button to open the console.
Some may require sv_cheats set to 1

Code Effect
change_portalgun_linkage_id # (0, 1, 2, 3) Changes the portal linkage ID for the portal gun held by the commanding player.
ent_create_portal_weight_box Create a Weighted Storage Cube
fire_rocket_projectile Fires a rocket out of your face. (Bugged)
fire_energy_ball Fires an energy ball out of your face.
sv_portal_placement_never_fail # (1 or 0) Place portals anywhere
upgrade_portalgun Used without portal gun: Gives a portal gun. Used with a basic portal gun: Gives full portal gun.

Team Fortress 2:

Faster construction:
As an engineer instead of waiting for what your building to finish, whack it with the wrench so it builds faster.

Thanks to Revolution Reader Mantisstrike!

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