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Welcome Home - PAX AUS 2014
By Master_Craig
Posted on 11/18/14
Last night I returned home from PAX AUS 2014. Long story short, it wasn't perfect, but it was quite possibly the best weekend I've had this year. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to continue reading, the long story is just below. Buckle up. This is gonna be...

Hour of Victory Cheats for the PC


Achievements (Steam)
If You complete the indicated task You'll unlock the corresponding accomplishment. If you have an Xbox 360 gamertag, you can log in using this same gamertag and the achievements will count the same as if you were playing the 360 version.
Total Victory (100) - Complete every campaign.
Battalion Count (50) - Take out 500 enemies in any mode.
Last Second Hero (50) - Score the tie breaker in a Devastation ranked match in the last 10 seconds.
Snipe Expert (50) - Snipe 75 enemies in any mode.
Play all Multiplayer Modes (40) - Complete a game in all Multiplayer Modes.
Silent Victory (40) - Stealth kill 25 enemies.
Bomb Squad (30) - Disarm 50 bombs in Devastation ranked matches.
First Place (30) - Place first in a ranked match, all three game types.
Heroic Defender (30) - Save 50 flags in Capture the Flag ranked matches.
Whites of Their Eyes (30) - Kill 10 enemies in a row in a ranked match without dying.
Juggernaut (25) - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches.
Castle Festunburg Campaign (25) - Complete The Raid on Castle Festunburg campaign on any difficulty level.
Al Shatar Campaign (25) - Complete The Liberation of Al Shatar campaign on any difficulty level.
Demolitions Expert (25) - Destroy 25 Targets in Devastation ranked matches.
Desperate Measures Campaign (25) - Complete Desperate Measures campaign on any difficulty level.
Fight the Good Fight (25) - Place first in a multiplayer game on the losing team.
Company Count (20) - Take out 100 enemies in any mode.
Good Citizen (20) - Host active multiplayer games for 20 hours.
Grenade Expert (20) - Grenade 50 enemies in any mode.
Head Hunter (20) - Take out 20 enemies with a headshot in any mode.
Play Multiplayer (20) - Complete a Multiplayer Game.
Silver Medal (20) - Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag ranked matches.
Breakout (15) - Complete Breakout.
Clash of the Titans (15) - Complete Clash of the Titans.
Ascension Bull (10) - Complete Ascension with Bull.
Ascension Ross (10) - Complete Ascension with Ross.
Ascension Taggert (10) - Complete Ascension with Taggert.
Barbarians at the Gate Bull (10) - Complete Barbarians at the Gate with Bull.
Barbarians at the Gate Ross (10) - Complete Barbarians at the Gate with Ross.
Barbarians at the Gate Taggert (10) - Complete Barbarians at the Gate with Taggert.
Critical Mass Bull (10) - Complete Critical Mass with Bull.
Critical Mass Ross (10) - Complete Critical Mass with Ross.
Critical Mass Taggert (10) - Complete Critical Mass with Taggert.
Hell from Above Bull (10) - Complete Hell from Above with Bull.
Hell from Above Ross (10) - Complete Hell from Above with Ross.
Hell from Above Taggert (10) - Complete Hell from Above with Taggert.
Squad Count (10) - Take out 10 enemies in any mode.
Strategy by the Book Bull (10) - Complete Strategy by the Book with Bull.
Strategy by the Book Ross (10) - Complete Strategy by the Book with Ross.
Strategy by the Book Taggert (10) - Complete Strategy by the Book with Taggert.
The Hallowed Halls Bull (10) - Complete The Hallowed Halls with Bull.
The Hallowed Halls Ross (10) - Complete The Hallowed Halls with Ross.
The Hallowed Halls Taggert (10) - Complete The Hallowed Halls with Taggert.
The Hill Bull (10) - Complete The Hill with Bull.
The Hill Ross (10) - Complete The Hill with Ross.
The Hill Taggert (10) - Complete The Hill with Taggert.
The Net Tightens Bull (10) - Complete The Net Tightens with Bull.
The Net Tightens Ross (10) - Complete The Net Tightens with Ross.
The Net Tightens Taggert (10) - Complete The Net Tightens with Taggert.

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