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Pokemon Diamond Cheats

Shaymin (in game/no wifi/event item needed) Diamond+Pearl
Requirements: -Action Replay
-AR Code: Walk Through Walls
-A few minutes( maybe 4 or 5)
When you have the Walk Through Walls cheat enabled go to Flaorama Town. Enter the area in the left corner of the town that leads into another flowery area. Now go to the far right corner to the edge of the fence(it may look like you can continue going up along this path, but the fence prevents you from doing so, not with the AR though). Get on your bike (this makes the process go by much faster) and go UP( through the fence) and continue going up along the flowery area until you get to the end of the strip of flowery grass( the area of flowery grass should be a continuos vertical strip of flowery grass). At the very end you should see Shaymin sitting there. Activate it and the battle will commence. I believe it will be Lvl. 20. (B.T.W.....THE AREA OF FLOWERY GRASS THAT YOU RIDE THROUGH SHOULD BE SURROUNDED BY WATER ON BOTH SIDES) I can guarnantee that this will work because i have done it twice, on both Diamond and Pearl(but not on Platinum)

Birthday Greetings:
Set the calendar on your DS to your birthday than talk to Professor Rowan's assistant. They will wish you a happy birthday! Only possible after you beat the elite four.

Diamond Dust:
On January 12 every year, instead of snow falling from the sky in Snowpoint city, you will see some sparkles called "diamond dust".

Bonus Pokemon:
If you have a Pokemon FireRed GBA catridge in your DS, search in the Power Plant to find Elekid. If you have the LeafGreen catridge, search Hard Mountain for a Magby. Also try Ruby and Emerald versions!

National Dex:
To get the National Dex, you must complete the Shinou Dex by finding the 150 pokemon listed in it. Unlike the other Pokemon games, you only have to see a pokemon to register it, so don't worry about capturing them all.

Pal Park:
Once you have the National Dex, the Pal Park is unlocked on route 221.

Finding unkown:
Head into the cave east of Solaceon Town. You'll find a few treasures there, but keep walking around to find this pokemon.

Finding Mesprit and Cressilia:
Use the Map Poketech and look for a black monster head.

Hatch eggs faster:
If you're trying to hatch an egg, having a pokemon with the Flame Body or Magma Armor ability in your party will cut the hatch time in half!

Capturing Heatran:
After obtaining the National Pokedex, sail to the Battle zone from Snowpoint city. There, you will meet your rival and a man named Buck. Buck will say something about Stark Mountain. On your way there, in the Survival Area, there will be a house next to the Pokemon center. The old man will say something about a legendary pokemon in the mountain. Go to Stark Mountain and Buck will be there. Travel with him to the last room of the mountain, where he will get the magma rock. go back to the Survival Area and talk to Buck in the old man's house, then he will leave. Go back to Stark Mountain where Buck found the magma rock and Heatran will appear. He will be at Lv.70, and he is a fire/steel type.

Once you reach Canalave City get a ride to Iron Island find a cave and look for a man named riley join forces with him to beat team galactic and he'll give you an egg with Rilou
Trainer Card upgrades:

Blue (one star) Beat the Elite Four
Bronze (two stars) Beat all the Master Rank Contests
Silver (three stars) Beat the Underground Flag minigame with a friend
Gold (four stars) Capture 482 different Pokemon
Black (five stars) Get 100 Battle Tower wins in a row

How to get Eevee:
 There are two ways to get eevee.One is to find bebe at hearthome(she is just beside the pokemon centre inside the house) and the second way is to find Mr. Backlot at the pokemon mansion.You will fly to hearthome and travel down.You will see a house(big)and go inside.Talk to him and he will tell you what happened that day.Talk to him everyday until you see eevee.Catch it and you can breed it with the eevee u got from bebe.

Evolving Eevee:
Eevee can evolve in 7 different ways. If you have played other pokemon games you will already know that 3 of Eevee's forms are Flareon by fire stone, Jolteon by thunder stone and Vaporeon by water stone. The others are Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, and Umbreon. In order to get Espeon and Umbreon you must have 2 Eevee's that are really friendly with you. To get Umbreon it must level up in the night and to get Espeon it must level up during the day. Now during your journey you will encounter a couple of rocks one will say that it is covered in moss (its in the top left corner of Eterna forest) and the other will say that it is covered in ice (go to route 217 and go all the way to the left while going up towards Snowpoint City). To get Leafeon your Eevee must level up by the one covered in moss. In order to get the Glaceon you must go to the one covered in ice and level another Eevee up there.

How to get the mystery gift:
1. go to the jubilife tv station in jubilife city.
2. go to the 3rd floor.
3. talk to the man in the lower room (he is on the left)
4.the first two words you tell him are (everyone) and (Happy)
5. the second two words are (wi-fi) and (connection)
Now you wil have the mystery gift option on the main menu.

How to get Drapion:
First, beat Cynthia then visit the great marsh. look through the binoculars and wait until you see where Drapion is. (Note: Drapion does not appear in the Great Marsh everyday, so check for it often)

Catch a Spirittomb:
Instead of talking  to 32 different people just go underground with one friend and greet him. Then go back up and come back and greet him again. Repeat until you have done 32 greetings than go to the Hallowed Tower and you will automatically face a lvl.25 Spirittomb. Now you can either continue to put in odd keystones and repeat the same process or mate  it with a Ditto.

Easy Way to Find Rare Pokemon:
After you get the national pokedex, go to Sandgem town.If you are Dawn, go to Lucas' house. If you are Lucas, go to Dawn's house.Talk to his/her sister twice the first time. Once every day.She will mention a route # and a pokemon you can't normally catch there.Go to that route and catch as many as you want.

How to Polish your Badges:
First you have to go to the pause menu, then go to that ID card,click on the square button below the pictures of the gym leaders, then when it displays the badges start rubbing them with the stylus and they'll get all sparkly.

Easy way to get Gible:
To get him first you must go under cycling road then go up until your as high as you can get. Go under the road and walk up to the rocks then if you go to the right spot there will be a cave.After you get in follow the paths until he apears. Once he apears lower his health because he has a realy low catch rate also be aware he can hit 40s. I recommend using a marril from the great marsh and teach it surf than using surf straight when the fight starts. He should have 15-20 hp than you should use bubble or somthing weak.After that use a ball. I reccomend a dusk ball since your in a cave.Congratulations! You got a Gible!

Thanks to Revolution Readers username55, NICK93, strrt, hardball619, Bally, ChiChi, FupUEd,  Crush387,sim jun kiat, Remy,DUCKZILLA, alec strickland, Blake,mac and buger king heroes!

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