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Wish List for Fallout 4
By oblivion437
Posted on 11/24/14
So I promised that list and here it is.  It's late and it's not as thorough as I'd hoped.  I also wish I had images handy to illustrate every point where helpful.  So, in no particular order - a subjective set of desired features for Fallout 4: Things to...

Pokemon Snap Cheats

Pokemon Snap


6 Poke Signs:
You will not be able to take pictures of the signs until Professor Oak asks you to. Most of the signs (the tunnel being the exception) are at the beginning of the levels.
  • Beach sign. At the beginning you will see a Pikachu and a surf board. Almost directly across is the rock formation that is the sign. You have to pass it by then look behind to see it.
  • Tunnel sign. You can only get this sign after you have the Poke Flute. After the first part of the cave you will see a Pikachu and an egg. You must lure the Pikachu to the egg with pokefood and then play the flute. Have your camera ready, because when the egg bursts a Zapados will come out. Snap the Zapados and the proceed further into the cave. You will see a shadow being cast by a film projector. Snap this because it is the sign.
  • Volcano sign. You have to be quick about getting this sign. Right at the beginning when the Rapidash runs by turn to the left and throw a pester ball into the lava crater. The smoke formed is the sign. Quickly snap this one or you'll miss it.
  • River sign. Around the first bend there will be a Vileplu blocking the sign. Play the pokeflute to make it dance. The sign will appear where the poison cloud was.
  • Cave sign. This sign is in the middle of the course. There will be a Jigglypuff being chased by a Koffing. Throw some pokefood at the Koffing then turn to the left. There will be a bunch of stars/crystals. Snap a picture of the middle one and you will have the sign.
  • Valley sign. This is the easiest sign to find. It is at the very beginning. It is straight ahead when you start the course.

Hidden Pokemon Locations!

Found in the Volcano Level. Throw pester food then pester balls into the lava pits across from Charmeleon. Arcanine will appear out of one of the pits.

Found in the the Cave level. When you see the Jynxs play the pokeflute. The egg will hatch and out will pop Articuno.

Found in the Beach Level. Throw a pester ball at the ball Evee is chasing. It will turn into Chansey.

Found in the Volcano Level. Hit the Charmeleon at the end of the level into the lava pool. It will turn into Charizard.

Go to the volcano stage. Go up to the moltres egg {don't hit it or you'll start moving}turn to your left you'll see two charmanders try to throw the apple over the cliff keep on throwing apples soon after you'll start to see charmanders coming from the cliff and jumping off!!

Found in the Cave Level. Throw pester balls at any of the three Bulbasuars and you should see a Ditto.

Found in the Valley Level. Throw a few pester balls into the whirlpool at the end of the level. Dragonite will pop out.

Found in the Tunnel Level. Keep taking pictures of Diglett. Eventually, Dugtrio will appear instead of Diglett.

Found in the Valley level. Throw a pester ball in the water in front of the first mankey, between Magikarp and Dratini. A Goldeen will jump out of the water.

Found in the Valley Level. Play the Pokéflute in front of the Gravelers on the ledge past the second waterfall.

Found in the Volcano Level. Throw pester balls in the pits across from Charmeleon. They'll turn into Growlithe.

Found in the Valley Level. Throw pester balls at the Magikarp in the water in front of the first Mankey. The Mankey will knock him over to the plateau nerar the waterfall. Go to the Magikarp and throw a pester ball at it to hit it into the water. It will now evolve into Gyarados.

Found in the Tunnel Level. Take a picture of the purplish mist. A Haunter will appear.

JigglyPuff trio:
Found in the Cave Level. Throw a pester ball at each Koffing to make JigglyPuff go on stage (there are three of them).

Found in the Tunnel Level. Throw apples near the three Magnemites to push them together. They will evolve into Magneton.

Find all 6 signs. Prof. Oak will tell you about the Rainbow Cloud, where Mew is located. When you arrive, you will see Mew in a protective bubble. Throw a pester ball at the bubble and it will flash, and Mew will fly away. Keep doing this until you break the barrier. Then try throwing some Pokemon food or a pester ball at Mew. Mew should now start spinning. Speed up using the dash engine while Mew is spinning for a better picture. You'll only have a few seconds to photograph him before he disappears so be fast!

More Mewtwo:
If you have more then 10.000 points in the mew level you get a new level. There's Mewtwo.

Found in the Volcano Level. Throw an apple at the egg sitting in the middle of the path to make it fall into the lava. Moltres will appear.

Found in the Cave Level. Shoot gas bombs at the Grimmer to turn it into a Muk.

There are several good picture opportunities for Pikachu:

  • Surfing Pikachu - Beach Level. When you start the level, throw apples at the Pikachu until he gets on the surfboard, then snap some pics.

  • Pikachu on a Stump - Beach Level. When you get to a place in the level where Meowth first comes out of the bush chasing Pidgey, shoot pester balls in the bushes until Scyther comes out. This should make two Pikachus jump on the stumps. If you have the Poké Flute, play something to make them worth more.

  • Pikachu on a Ball - Tunnel Level. Take a photograph of the first Pikachu that appears. He will run backwards. Take another picture of the Pikachu and he will jump on Electrode. Take a photograph of that scene for extra points.

  • Speed Pikachu - River Level. When you get to the end of the level, you will see a log with Pikachu on it. Either snap a pic of him, or throw something at him to make him run. This is probably the hardest one to get.

  • Balloon Pikachu - Cave Level. When you get to the part of the level where the Jynxs are around the egg, look up to see a Zubat holding Pikachu. If you time it right, you can throw a pester ball and hit the Zubat or Pikachu. When he comes down on balloons, snap some pics of him.

  • Flying Pikachu - Cave Level. After you have gotten Pikachu down from the Zubat, play the Poké Flute to get the Articuno out of the egg. When you go into the room where the Jigglypuffs are singing (if you helped them out earlier in the level), turn around quickly and you should see Pikachu flying around on Articuno. Snap some pics of that.

Found in the River Level. Pass the Metapods, then look right when you see Psyduck near a bucnh of logs. Hit the wood-appearing objects that are flying around with a Pester Ball and Porygon will appear. Hit it with another Pester Ball and it will change into its original colors.

Found in the Valley Level. Throw a Pesterball at a Geodude and a Sandshrew will come out of the ground.

Found in the Valley Level. Near the beginning, you will end up near 2 Geodudes hanging from a cliff. Throw pester balls at them both, and a Graveler will fly down. After he crases down a Sandslash will pop up from the ground.

Found in the Beach Level. Throw a pester ball into the tall grass. A Scyther will pop up.

Found in the River Level. Lure a Slopoke to the mud spot next to the Shellder sign by using apples. The Slowpoke will dip its tail into the water and evolve into Slowbro.

Found in the Beach Level. Play the Poké Flute in front of the Snorlax to wake it up for a better photograph.

Found in the Valley Level. Take a photograph of Staryu. It will circle around you. When you get to the whirlpool, Staryu will fly in and come out as Starmie.

Found in the Cave Level. In the cave near the sign there will be a Weapinbell circling a puddle. Knock him into the puddle and he will become a Victreebel.

Found in the River level. Reach the point where you find the first Slowpoke. Find the flower with green smoke pouring out the top. Play the Poke Flute and a Vileplume will jump up and start dancing.

Found in the Tunnel Level. Lure a Pikachu over to the egg with lightning on it. When it gets close, play the pokeflute and the Pikavhu will Thunderstrike the egg. The egg will hatch and Zapdos will appear.


Mew Strikes a Pose:
With Mew you can make him spin repeatable times until you're within shooting range. Let him stop spinning to get a truly picturesque POSE. "It's Perfect!"

Go Snorlax! It's Your Birthday:
On the beach course, find the Snorlax and play the pokeflute in front of it. Depending on How you play the flute, the snorlax will dance differently, but you'll always get a nice big beefy score for the first song.

Infinite Film:
Capture all 64 Pokemon in film and the Pokemon signs. Then, go take a picture of Mew that's 8,000 points or more!

GameShark Codes

Down on D-pad To Stop On Tunnel Level Press C-UP, C-RIGHT, C-LEFT or pause game to start moving again! 
Down on D-pad To Stop On Volcano Level
Press C-UP C-RIGHT C-LEFT or pause game to start moving again! 
Down on D-pad To Stop On River Level
Press C-UP C-RIGHT C-LEFT or pause game to start moving again! 
Down on D-pad To Stop On Cave Level
Press C-UP C-RIGHT C-LEFT or pause game to start moving again! 
Down on D-pad To Stop On Beach Level
Press C-UP C-RIGHT C-LEFT or pause game to start moving again! 
Down on D-pad To Stop On Valley Level
Press C-UP C-RIGHT C-LEFT or pause game to start moving again! 
This game requires the Diddy Kong Keycode. Please refer to your instruction 
manual for information on the Keycode feature. Diddy Kong Rapid Fire Apples and Bombs 80382cb70000 Have Apples Bombs and Flute 803ae51f0004 Have Apple & Bomb 803ae51f0002 Have Apple 803ae51f0001 Enable All Levels 810c22120006 Must Be On de0004000000 f103d8a02400

Thanks to Revolution readers Adam, Christa, Taylor Van Nest, David Halliday, Jesse Wityczak, Joe Sanchez, Aaron Illingworth, Doug Sweimler, Chris Christman, Glenn Matlock, GameGuy, Kevin, Winson Wong, Rezent, Torin, Joe, iluv Dawn, Takeru Yamoto, Andrew Auyeung, Joe, TelekeniNeSS, Andrew Hemphill, Alex Hemphill, Pokemon Master, Codemaster9000, Wali Elahi, Frank, Jake, Hawkeyer, Ryan Stortz, Little Bro, Icester9000, Judy Perkins, Bill, miles & levim, Alan MacLee, Brian Nicholson, andy dallas, Brett Harmon, Sean Simpson, Shadow Rodriguez, Thomas, Jason Ornelas, ciaran, Sarah Noaman, zac, Dallas Osborn, Paul Stuko, Justin Lawandales, robin, Sam Harrison Sam Harrison and Stanman035!

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