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Madden NFL 06 Cheats for the PS2

Performance Boosts:
In Superstar mode, go to the performance institute on day of the game, not before. Once you are done with whatever drill you did, leave the map and go to your schedule. Leave that also and then go back to the map. You will be able to do it again.

NFL Superstar mode: New apartment:
If you win a Super Bowl and are inducted to the Pro Bowl, you will move into a new apartment.

NFL Superstar mode: Switching teams:
When you become a key player to a team, you can upgrade to an excellent agent. Then, after two seasons you can resign with almost any team you desire

Sign created player with high attributes for three years:
When you create a player, make him a free agent. Then, get his attributes up to 75. Next, sign the player for any team desired. Go to that team's rosters and edit his attributes. You can make it as high as 99. When you go to franchise mode with the team the player you created will be on the team with a contract for three years.

NFL Superstar mode: Easy practice points:
Create someone as a QB, then go into a practice and select a HB Swing. Have the defense do FG Block. When you say hike, lob the pass to your RB, He will score a touchdown for 48 points every time.

Pick a formation with at least three receivers, Then, choose a play that has an inside receiver doing a slant or short post. Pick the defense 4-3 Engage Eight or 3-4 renegade. Simply throw the ball to your slanting receiver every time. He will be wide open and get tackled for 17 to 48 points per play.

NFL Superstar mode: Increased stats:
You can get your Overall, Awareness and Stamina up in practice mode by having your superstar get practice points by getting a big gain on offense with your superstar, or creating s big loss with your superstar on defense. You also can get your stats up by getting an agent that has the Performance Institute and get a medal on it:

Bronze: 3 points
Silver: 4 points
Gold: 5 points

Note: Your stats are not permanent. They will be reset after each game. You must do the practices and Performance Institute again to get them back up.

Due to the fact that the punt blockers do not like to block very much, you should select the "Punt Block" formation instead of any other punt return formation. With the "Punt Block" formation, the punting team will not be spread out, therefore allowing your blockers to somewhat block for you; which in turn will give you more time to field the ball and have a little space to start something big.

Sign created player with high attributes for three years:
When you create a player, make him a free agent. Then, get his attributes up to 75. Next, sign the player for any team desired. Go to that team's rosters and edit his attributes. You can make it as high as 99. When you go to franchise mode with the team the player you created will be on the team with a contract for three years.

Create low paid all-star QB:
Create a punter or kicker with all his attributes at maximum, including passing. You will sign him for a low salary simply because he is a kicker. Then, set him as the starting quarterback on the depth charts as the season begins. You will now have the best kicker/punter and QB in the league. You may also maximize all passing attributes and take the kicking attributes down to sign him at an even lower price. This is most recommended if you only rarely kick.

Antonio Gates Has 0 TDs:
Look in the Antonio Gates Player Information screen. It shows his receptions, rec yards, etc. However, they show that Gates had 0 TDs. Gates set the record for TDs by a Tight End with 13.

Fake Deuce McCallister stats:
When your game is loading you will see a player and their 2004 stats while you are waiting. Once you see Deuce McCallister, it shows that he had 1600+ yards rushing. However, Deuce had 1074yards rushing last year (2004).

Bonus agent:
Load a player from NCAA Football 06 or NFL Street 2 into NFL Superstar mode to unlock Dan Baker, an agent who has access to the Performance Institute.

From the Main Menu, go to "My Madden", then "Madden Cards", and select "Madden Codes" to enter the following:

555128 Every Stadium
Z28X8K 3rd Down (Opponent has 3 downs to get a First)
P66C4L 5th Down (Get 5 downs to get a First)
L96U8Z Coffin Corner
N44D6E Bad spot
J33I8F Bingo! (+75% defensive interceptions)
2Y7L8B 1st and 5 (First down yards to go set to 5)
2W4P9T 1st and 15 (Opponent must get 15 yards for first down)
3H3U7F Human Plow (Broken Tackles increased by 25%)
3D3Q3P Extra Credit(2 points for interceptions, 1 point for sacks)
3J3S9Y Da Boot (Unlimited field goal range)
3H8M5U Super Dive (Diving distance increased by 25%)
3D8X6T Tight Fit (Opponent's uprights very narrow)
2Z2F4H Unforced Errors (Opponent fumbles when he tries to juke)
614897 Classic Teams
5E8H1A Donovan McNabb Gold Card

IQ test Q & A for Superstar mode

- Do you ever obsess over people? Yes
- Goalposts are 18 ft, 6 in
- Carson Palmer's rating: 77.3
- Say NO to the afraid of spiders question
- A slipper and a boot are alike because they are both shoes.
- 3-6-9-12; Which number is next? 15
- 105-92-79; Which number is next? 66
- 7-14-21; Which number is next?28
- 9-16-25-36; Which number is next?49
- 7-10-13-16; Which number is next?19
- 2-3-4-5; Which number is next? 6
- Joe is 4 and his sister is three times older than him. How old will she be when she is twice her current age? 24
- If Mike runs 1 block in 60 seconds, how long will it take him to run 5 at the same pace? 5 minutes
- If Sarah runs 1 block in 90 seconds, how long will it take her to run 4 blocks at the same pace? 6 minutes
- Which is the smallest amount; 0.1 -1 or -3? -3
- Which is the smallest amount; 0.1 1 or -1? -1
- Circle is globe as square is to CUBE
- Can u hear the sound of one hand clapping? Yes
- Which is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of metal? Both Equal
- How many sides does an octagon have? 8
- If it takes two to tango, how many does it take to mango? 4
- What came first chicken or egg? egg
- Who was the best player on your team in college? The RB
- Peyton Manning is number 18.
- Vick was the number 1 pick in 2001.
- How long is the end zone at Lambeau Field? 30 feet
- A muffed snap from the center to the QB is a fumble? True
- Your glass is always half full
- Do you like practical jokes? NO
- Do you wish you were more assertive? NO
- "Sideways" and "athwart" have SIMILAR meanings.
- Which doesn't belong: Arrow - Sword - Bullet?Sword
- All end zones are 10 yards or 30 feet or 360 inches? The field would be 120 yards 360 feet too many inches to count.
- If Rick learns by going to school, and he gets better grades by learning, does Rick get better grades by going to school? Yes
- I pay attention to detail.. Choose the one that says, You have two periods at the end of your sentence.
- Have you ever lied to give yourself an advantage? No
Irritate = annoy
- Wood is unlike copper and aluminum
- Fish is to submarine
- Reliable and Trustworthy have SIMILAR meanings
- Mother is to girl as Father is to boy
- Whale is unlike Salmon and Tuna
- Eagle most unlike Dog and Lion
- Artificial = synthetic
- Floor most unlike Mat and Rug
- Rustic = pastoral
- Sea Lion - Whale - Shark, Shark does not belong
- Circle is to SPHERE as square is to cube.
- Have you ever eaten a turnip... Yes
- Will you take the last piece of pizza Yes
- Do you avoid exciting rides ... No
- If you fumble, what do you do? Focus on the next play
- Curtis Martin led the league in rushing yards in 2004
- 2,3,4,5... The next number is 6.
- What is the penalty for a chop block? 15 yards
- What is the penalty for a flagrant roughing the kicker penalty. 15 yards
- The hash mark to side line is 70 feet.
- The width of a field is 53-1/3 yards wide

Thanks to Revolution readers Degacide, GC, Diego, Shanil Sharma and JOW!

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