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F1 2013 Cheats for the PS3


A Break from Testing  - Win an Online Race with any car from the Classic 80's at Jerez.  - Silver
Achiever  - Pass all of your objectives over a race weekend in Season Challenge.  - Bronze
Always Believe in Yourself  - Achieve gold in the Time Attack Classic 80's challenge.  - Silver
Back to Front  - In Career, qualify last, but finish first.  - Bronze
Back to the Beginning  - Return to your starting team in Season Challenge.  - Bronze
Co-op Drivers' World Champion  - Win the Drivers' Championship in Co-op.  - Silver
Constructors' World Champion  - Win the Constructors' Championship in Career.  - Silver
Driven  - Earn a medal in each scenario of Drivers' Championship in Scenario Mode.  - Bronze
Drivers' World Champion  - Win the Drivers' Championship in Career on any difficulty.  - Silver
Eyes of the Beholder  - Complete 10 races using only the cockpit camera.  - Bronze
Family Ties  - Stay with the same team through the whole season in Season Challenge.  - Bronze
Five Star Rating  - Set clean lap times at 5 different circuits in Time Trial.  - Bronze
FORMULA ONE Driver  - Complete a 100% race in Career or Grand Prix.  - Silver
Going for Gold  - Earn a gold medal in any of the Young Driver Tests.  - Bronze
Gold Digger  - Earn a gold medal in every scenario in Scenario Mode.  - Gold
Gold Fever  - Earn a gold medal in all of the Time Attack scenarios.  - Gold
Hardcore Champion  - Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge on hard difficulty.  - Silver
It Only Takes One Shot  - Take pole position in One-Shot Qualifying.  - Bronze
Medal of Honour  - Earn a medal in Scenario Mode.  - Bronze
My Saviour  - Perform a Mid-Session Save.  - Bronze
Nemesis  - Beat your first rival in Season Challenge.  - Bronze
Online Addiction  - Complete 25 online races.  - Bronze
Online Obsession  - Complete 50 online races.  - Silver
Podium Finish  - Finish a race in the top three in Career or Season Challenge.  - Bronze
Pole Position  - Take pole position in Career.  - Bronze
Rookies and Cream  - Earn a medal in each scenario of Rookie Driver in Scenario Mode.  - Bronze
Rule the Roost  - Set the fastest lap time in every session of a long race weekend in Career.  - Bronze
School's Out  - Successfully complete all of the Young Driver Tests.  - Bronze
Showdown  - Earn a medal in each scenario of Team Mate Challenge in Scenario Mode.  - Bronze
Split Mode Squad  - Complete 3 races in Split Screen.  - Bronze
The Golden Child  - Earn a gold medal in each Young Driver Test.  - Silver
The Good Old Days  - Earn a medal in each scenario of Final Year in Scenario Mode.  - Bronze
The Heat is On  - Set a valid lap time in One-Shot Qualifying.  - Bronze
The Passion of FORMULA ONE  - Acquire every Trophy in F1® 2013.  - Platinum
The World is your Oyster  - Move to another team mid-season in Career.  - Bronze
There's No "I" in Team  - Win the Constructors' Championship in Co-op.  - Silver
These cars are Laud!  - Set a clean lap at Brands Hatch and Jerez in Time Trial with the Ferrari 312 T2.  - Bronze
This Time Next Year...  - End R&D early on the current seasons car in Career.  - Bronze
Times are Good  - Post a time in all of the Time Attack scenarios.  - Bronze
Trading Places  - Race for five different teams in Season Challenge in a single season.  - Bronze
Training Day  - Complete all Day 1 tests in the Young Drivers Test.  - Bronze
Tried and Tested  - Set a clean lap time for all circuits in Time Trial.  - Bronze
Unrivaled  - Beat four rivals in one season in Season Challenge.  - Bronze
Who Needs Assists?  - Win a race with all driver assists disabled.  - Bronze
Winning!  - Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge.  - Bronze
You Hit Nothing!  - Complete a Career race without colliding with another car or object.  - Bronze

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