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Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Cheats for the PS3


Trophy Set (US)

  • Absolute Ruler (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Raoh.
  • Annihilate Amiba (Bronze) - Defeated Amiba in the Legend Mode episode "Tragic Genius."
  • Blind General of Valor (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Shew.
  • Bounty Hunter (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Ein.
  • Co-op Play Veteran (Bronze) - Participated in 10 online Co-op Play games.
  • Conquer Kaioh (Silver) - Defeated Kaioh in the Legend Mode episode "A Destined Encounter."
  • Crazed Demonic Fiend (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Kaioh.
  • Crush the Colonel (Bronze) - Defeated the Colonel in the Legend Mode episode "The Tears to End Ambition."
  • Destroy Devil Rebirth (Bronze) - Defeated Devil Rebirth in the Legend Mode episode "The Incarnation of Indra."
  • Dethrone Fang King (Bronze) - Defeated Fang King in the Legend Mode episode "The Stone-Shattering Fist."
  • Emperor of Nanto (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Thouzer.
  • Eviscerate Zeed (Bronze) - Defeated Zeed in the Legend Mode episode "Zeed Attacks."
  • Finish Jagi (Bronze) - Defeated Jagi in the Legend Mode episode "Blood Feud."
  • Fists of Persistence (Silver) - Played for over 50 hours in total.
  • Foil Falco (Silver) - Defeated Falco in the Legend Mode episode "A Duel to Split the Heavens."
  • Free-Spirited Cloud (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Juza.
  • Golden Guardian General (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Falco.
  • Hammer Han (Bronze) - Defeated Han in the Legend Mode episode "A Fated Legacy."
  • Humiliate Juda (Bronze) - Defeated Juda in the Legend Mode episode "Into the Flames of Hell."
  • Inhume Uighur (Bronze) - Defeated Uighur in the Legend Mode episode "The Quiet Giant."
  • Keeper of the Hokuto Spirit (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Bat.
  • Maul Ryuga (Bronze) - Defeated Ryuga in the Legend Mode episode "Tears of the Wolf."
  • Miracle Maker (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Toki.
  • Outlast Ein (Bronze) - Defeated Ein in the Legend Mode episode "A Fearless Smile."
  • Overcome Raoh (Bronze) - Defeated Raoh in the Legend Mode episode "The Harbinger of Death."
  • Passionate Shura General (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Hyou.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Savior (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Kenshiro.
  • Proud Maiden Warrior (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Mamiya.
  • Quash Keiser (Bronze) - Defeated Keiser in the Legend Mode episode "The Most Evil Art on Earth."
  • Quest Master (Silver) - Completed all Dream Mode challenges in Free Mode.
  • Repel Raoh (Bronze) - Defeated Raoh in the Legend Mode episode "The Moment Has Come."
  • Ruin Raoh (Silver) - Defeated Raoh in the Legend Mode episode "Farewell, My Rival."
  • Slay Shin (Bronze) - Defeated Shin in the Legend Mode episode "The Flames of Obsession."
  • Smash the Nameless Shura (Bronze) - Defeated the Nameless Shura in the Legend Mode episode "Those Who Would Consume Death."
  • Star of Enchantment (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Juda.
  • Star of Martyrdom (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Shin.
  • Star of Righteousness (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Rei.
  • Subjugate Shew (Bronze) - Defeated Shew in the Legend Mode episode "The Star of Benevolence Awakens."
  • Team Match Master (Bronze) - Claimed victory in 10 online Team Matches.
  • The One True Hope (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Rin.
  • Thrash Thouzer (Silver) - Defeated Thouzer in the Legend Mode episode "The Empire Crumbles."
  • Towering Mountain (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Fudo.
  • True Master of the Apocalypse (Silver) - Defeated 100,000 enemies.
  • True Rage Master (Platinum) - Collected all trophies.
  • True Savior (Gold) - Completed all Dream Mode quests with the highest rating.
  • True Successor (Gold) - Completed all Legend Mode episodes.
  • Twisted Brute (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Jagi.
  • Ultimate Nexus Master (Silver) - Collected all scrolls and completed an Ultimate Nexus.
  • Vanquish Hyou (Bronze) - Defeated Hyou in the Legend Mode episode "Brother Against Brother."
  • Warrior of Eternal Love (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Shachi.
  • Wolf of Anarchy (Bronze) - Completed Dream Mode with Ryuga.

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