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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Cheats for the PS3



Unlockable How to Unlock
Act 1 Master (Bronze) Finish all Act 1 Missions on Master Difficulty
Act 1 Padawan (Bronze) Finish all Act 1 Missions on Padawan Difficulty
Act 2 Master (Bronze) Finish all Act 2 Missions on Master Difficulty
Act 2 Padawan (Bronze) Finish all Act 2 Missions on Padawan Difficulty
Act 3 Master (Gold) Finish all Act 3 Missions on Master Difficulty
Act 3 Padawan (Silver) Finish all Act 3 Missions on Padawan Difficulty
Bowling Master (Bronze) Destroy 10 Droids with a rolling Destroyer
Campaign Veteran (Gold) Get a Gold Medal for every mission
Can’t Touch Me (Bronze) Defeat Kul Teska on Behpour without either player dying
Clone Captain (Bronze) Get a Gold Medal on a Clone Mission
Clone Commander (Silver) Get a Platinum Medal on a Clone Mission
Combat Master (Bronze) Buy all Combat upgrades
Come back soon (Bronze) Buy a Hat or Mask
Dance Master (Bronze) Buy all Droid Dancing upgrades
Dance of Death (Bronze) Destroy 25 droids while they are dancing
Demolition Derby (Bronze) Destroy over 100 droids with Droid-Jaks
Double Trouble (Bronze) Perform a Droid-Jak at the same time as your partner
Dressed for Success (Silver) Buy every Hat & Mask
Droid Disruptor (Bronze) Get over 250 points while controlling a single droid
Droid Dynamo (Bronze) Get over 100 points while controlling each type of Droid
Droid Hopper (Bronze) Destroy 25 Droids by Jumping from Droid to Droid
Droid Master (Bronze) Buy all Droid-Jak upgrades
Dynamic Duo (Bronze) Finish all Jedi missions as Anakin & Ahsoka
Force Crusher (Bronze) Destroy 50 Droids with a mounted Force Kill
Girl Power (Bronze) Finish all Jedi Missions as Ahsoka
Gold Leader (Bronze) Force Kill one of each type of Gold Droid
Grand Slam (Bronze) Destroy 25 Droids by doing a jump attack off another character
Handle with care (Bronze) Destroy 20 droids with explosive props
Heroic Alliance (Bronze) Finish a mission in co-op with a combined score of over 10000 points
High Achiever (Silver) Get a total score of over 200,000 points
I got one! (Bronze) Destroy a Gold Droid
Jawa Hunter (Bronze) Collect 25 Artifacts
Jawa Lord (Silver) Collect 50 Artifacts
Jawa Scavenger (Bronze) Collect an Artifact
Jedi Knight (Bronze) Get a Gold Medal on a Jedi Mission
Jedi Master (Silver) Get a Platinum Medal on a Jedi Mission
Master Award (Silver) Get a Gold Medal for every challenge
My Hero (Bronze) Destroy 10 Droids attacking your partner
No Favorites (Bronze) Destroy at least one droid with each Droid-Jak
Nobody messes with… (Silver) Finish all Clone Missions as Cad Bane
Refresher Course (Bronze) Finish the Prologue Mission: Master & Padawan
Republic Hero (Platinum) Collect all trophies
Republic Heroes (Silver) Finish all missions with another Player
Scrap Lord (Silver) Destroy 5000 droids
Tag Team (Bronze) Destroy 100 droids your partner has stunned
Time to kill (Silver) Get a combined best time for all missions under 200 minutes
Two’s company (Bronze) Finish a mission with another Player
Up close and personal (Bronze) Destroy 50 droids with a clone melee attack
Watch your step (Bronze) Push 50 enemies off an edge to their doom
Youngling Award (Bronze) Get at least a Bronze Medal for every challenge

Spider Droid-Jak Upgrade

Enter the following whilst in the Shop Menu

Code Effect
Up, Left, Down, Left, Right, Left, Left Left unlocks the Spider Droid-Jak Upgrade

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