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RuneScape Cheats

Extremely Fast Prayer Experience
Soloman's General Store now offers the Strongman Burial animation free for members. This animation itself might not seem too appealing, but there is a hidden effect that comes with the animation. With the animation active, you can bury bones more than twice as fast as without the animation. This can result in more than 1.6 million xp per hour burying frost dragon bones. Offering frost dragon bones on a gilded altar only gives 600k xp per hour(or 1 million xp per hour with a pack yak). So if you have a spare 1.2 billion gp and you don't yet have 99 prayer , using this method can get you 99 prayer within 8 hours or 200m xp within 120 hours! Using this method during double xp weekends will give you 99 prayer within 4 hours!

Satan Oracle Amor
You need to have a good weapon, addy or better is recommended. Next, go to Al-Kharid and kill 10 men. The last one should drop a red clue scroll. It is titled "Satan Scroll" or "The Scroll of Satan".
Now you need to read it. It is in a code, but here is the broken code: Go to the graveyard of the cursed souls, to seek what should not be found. Take a holy relic and kill a Demon of the Lesser kind. Take the remains and destroy three spirits, Scorpius Realm.
This means go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search in a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. Take this and a holy symbol and kill a lesser demon. Take its ashes and kill three ghosts. The last one should drop a Necklace of Hell.
Go to the bank and get LOTS of food! You will have to kill Level 235 Satan! Now, once youve done this, wear the Necklace. It should bring you to hell. You will need to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. After this, Satan will appear. He can hit a max of 25 and a minimum of 15.
Once he is dead, he will drop the revered and impossibly rare "Satan Oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You just got the rarest armor in the game! It can be sold for upwards of 200M for each part of the armor. (Thats the gloves, boots, legs, body, helm, cape, ring, and shield.) Thats 1 billion 600 Million Gold Pieces!

Text Formatting:
You know when someone says something in the game and the font above them goes all colorful and silly? Well, it's pretty simple to do. Before you enter your text, try some of the following modifiers:


Just enter your sentence after the colon. To combine color and animation, simply put the color modifier first. Experiment and have fun!

Axes for Life:
Go to Lumbridge and speak with the woodsman tutor. He'll give you a bronze axe. Drop or sell it, and he'll give you another. Exploit.

Silk Success:
Buy silk from Al Khard for 3 gp. Travel to the Lumbridge General Store where they'll buy it for 10 gp. You know what to do.

Flax in Time:
Go to Camelot (members only), collect 1,000 flax and spin it into bowstrings. Then head to the bank where you can sell the strings for 100-200 gold a shot. Use the cash you make to buy more flax and spin more bowstrings. Repeat!

Free Mind and Air runes or Arrows:
First  go to Lumbridge  where there are trainers or guides (Magic tutor, Range tutor, and Combat tutor). Right click on the Ranged or Mage tutor and click Claim. Then she will give you what you came for (runes or arrows). Then you have to wait for 30 min. When 30 mins are up come to the same person. Remember that you have to drop the runes or arrows a few feet away from her so that she won't say that you have some beside your feet plus don't put them in your bank because she'll know you have them in your bank. Once you do that right click on her and click claim again then she will give you 30 more runes of each type. 

Quick Cash - Mining and Smithing Methods:
(1) Smithing level 20. Mining level 20. Go to Varrok and mine iron and smelt them into bars. Go to back to Varrok and smith the bars into short swords. Sell them in the market or at the sword shop. Repeat. This is useful for low level players.

(2) Smith Daggers at first and sell most or all of them. Eventually when you can make Short Swords, make as many of them as you can and sell them at the Varrock Sword Shop. They give you the best value per bar. It is possible to make over 1500 gp by selling Steel Short swords. Let the swords to regenerate after each sale because so you can get the most allowable value for each one.

(3) Smithing level 25. Mining level 15 minimum. Go to Falador Mine at the mining site behind the Falador Castle. Get some iron and go to the furnace. Go to small dwarf Dorics and smith battle axes and other items including square shields and long swords. They all sell for 50 gp each at the General Store. Repeat. Also, sleep in the bed near Wayne's Chains.

(4) Smithing level 20. Mining level 25. Crafting level 16. Mine a lot of silver and buy a holy symbol mold. Make bars, then holy symbols. Sell them to a shop for about 20 gold.

(5) Mining level 30. Mine coal and can make them into certificates. You can trade them for 1,000 GP each.

(6) Mining over level 30. Go to the Barbarian Village. Mine coal for about two hours until you have up to or over 300 coal. Turn that into over 60 coal certificates then sell them in Draynor Market on World 1 or in Varrock Marketplace on World 1 for 50,000 to 60,000 gp.

(7) Mining level 38. Go to the Barbarian Village and mine coal from the rocks, which you can sell for 100 to 300 GP per piece. You will also occasionally find a gem which can be sold for high prices.

(8) Smithing level 34. Mining level 20. Go to Falador and to the Dwarven Mines. Mine until you have about 100 to 200 iron ore banked. Then, make all the bars you can. You should have between 50 to 100 bars. Smith them into Iron Chest Plates then go back to Varrok and sell them to Hovick The Armorer. If your smithing is lower, then smith Bronze Bars and make bronze two handed and large helms and items until you can make Bronze Chest Plates. When you reach Smithing level 34, repeat the steps for about 10,000 gp every five to ten minutes.

(9) First, put everything in the bank so that you have 25 open free spaces. Go west and then south of Varrock. You will find rocks that you can mine silver from. You can also mine coal in Barbarian Village. After you fill up your inventory, go to Draynor Village and trade silver or coal in for five certificates. Then go to World 1. In World 1, Draynor Market has many people buying and selling certificates. Here you can trade five silver or coal certificates anywhere from 500 to 1000 gp each. This whole process takes a minimum of fifteen minutes.

(10) Smithing level 40. Mining level 40. Mine gold in the Lessers Pits on Karajama Island, where there are level 21 skeletons. There are five rocks, so on a good night when no one is on, you can hit them in a row. You can usually get 25 gold ore that becomes 25 gold bars. Put them into certs and sell for 1k a gold cert.

(11) Smithing, Mining, and Crafting level 40. Go to the Crafting Guild, north of Remington, at a time when there are not many people playing. You will need a Brown Apron and bring a Pick (Adamanite or Rune recommended). Mine the gold ore then deposit them at the Eastern Falador bank. Keep making rounds like this until you have 200 to 250 ores, smelt them and make them into necklaces. If you have gems, you can make an amulet out of it. Sell the necklaces ten at a time at a general store that is out of stock of necklaces for 1195 gp. Plain amulets are only worth about 800 gp for ten, unless it is a gem amulet. If you had 250 gold ores, you will now have about 240,000 coins. Repeat..

(12) Member Trick: Do the Lost City quest, then go to Lumbridge Mine. There is a lot of coal there. Wield a Dramen Staff, which allows you to enter the lost city when you complete the quest. Mine 27 coal then go into the lost city. Put the coal in your bank. You can take it out later and sell it for 200 gp per coal.

Quick Cash - Buying and Selling Methods:
(1) Buy Grey Wolf Fur from the fancy dresser in Varrock for 64 gp. Sell it to Baerek in Varrock Center for 120 gp.

(2) In Al Kharid, buy a lot of silk from the the silk merchant. Then, go to Ardougne and sell the silk to the silk stall owner. He will buy the the silk from you for up to about 180 coins.

(3) First obtain a Rune two hander and buy it for 50,000 gp. Turn around and sell it for 55,000 gp. Re-buy your Rune two hander for 50,000 gp and repeat.

(4) Go to a bank in Varrock or Falador, and buy rune essence for 20 gp each. Sell them in a different world for 30 gp apiece. Repeat.

(5) Go to Karamja and buy lobsters for 200gp each. Go to varrock east bank and sell them for 250gp each. Repeat.

(6) Teleport to lumbridge if your not already there and go upstairs to the bank and get about 100gp.Then go to the cow fields right across from Lumbridge and get 27 cow hide. Now use 10gp to enter Al kharid than go to the tanner which is right next to the smelting furnace. Talk to him and have him tan all 27 of your cow hides into soft leather for 27gp. Now go to the sewing shop near the general store (remember that this is all in Al kharid.)Buy a needle and as much thread as you can buy. now use the needle with the soft leather and left click on the leather gloves when it says "what do you want to make?" and say "all". You will make 27 pairs of leather gloves. Put them in your bank and go to Draynor village and talk to Aggy the Witch. Tell her you want to make dye (it would help if you have already done goblin diplomacy) she will tell you what you need for certain colors. I recommend to make at least 27 or so dyes. Once you have them you can mix them i (if and only if you have more than ! 27 dyes.)Then dye your gloves all different colors and go to Varrok or Lumbridge bank and sell them for 100gp-1000gp each.( You should gain 1 or 2 crafting levels in the process)

Quick Cash - Scavenging Methods:
(1) Go to Karamja Isle and to where the people fish. People will fish lobsters and swordfish until they cannot carry anymore. And they will usually drop the fish to make inventory room. Take lots of lobsters and swordfish. You can make these into Certs in Draynor, and sell Swordie Certs for 2,000 gp.

(2) Go to Karamja and let people drop tuna. Pick it up until you cannot hold any more. For more money, put everything in a bank and go to Port Sarim with only 30 gp. Then, go to the edge of the wild and sell the tuna for at least 10 gp each.

(3) At Karamja, talk to Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas for him. If you can, use Bones To Bananas. Collect the bones from skeletons and use the spell to get lots of money.

(4) Go to the chicken pen. and kill them to get feathers. Go to the center of Varrock to sell them for 3 to 5 gp each.

(5) Go to the Al-Kharid mine on a day when alot of people are on. Between 50 to 60 people will die and you can pick up their items.

(6) Go to Lumbridge on any World (1-13, etc.) and go to the house where the level 7 Goblins respawn. There are two fishing spots there. If there are people fishing, they will usually drop Raw Salmon and Raw Trout which you can cook (if your cooking level is high enough) and sell in the general store for 10 to 30 gp.

(7) Woodcutting level 60. Behind Varrock Palace there are 3 yew trees. Cut them down and sell them for 300 gp each at the northwest Varrock bank. Before level 60, oak and willow logs will make you some money as well.

Quick Cash - Hunting Methods:
(1) Go by Lumbridge. In a house full of goblins, there will be an Iron Dagger that respawns. You may sell it for 4 to 20 gp.

(2) Go to the house outside of Lumbridge and collect Iron Daggers on World 13 which sell for under 14 gp at the market. Also, defeat Goblins for items that can be sold for gold.

(3) Go to Chaos Temple and kill monks to take the Steel Maces. Sell them to the Mace Store in Falador for 138 gp.

(4) Go to Varrock and kill the level 21 guards there to get skill levels and up to 30 gp.

(5) Kill farmers, men, muggers, and thieves to get small amounts of money ranging from 3 gp to 20 gp. You can find people to kill in the inns.

(6) Put all your items in the bank (including weapons and armor). Go to the Red Spider fortress in the wilderness. Ggo inside and dash for the Steel Legs or Gold Ore. If you die, you will keep the Ore and Legs and lose nothing. For higher levels, try getting three before dying or stocking up all the way before leaving.

(7) Exit Varrock from the sword and general store road. If you are leaving, go to your left and there will be a hill with level 7s and 20s opponents. Get a crossbow, bow (recommended), regular weapon, or staff. Attack whatever level person you are comfortable with. They will drop Bones and money. Frequently, they will also drop Natures or other Runes. Take the Bones and bury them. Take the Runes and sell them to people on the hill.

(8) There are about seven spawn points for coins. In the wilderness, go to the Dark Warrior's castle and kill them until you get the Rare Black Mace and Black Medium Helmet, which both sell for a lot of gp. Get your crafting up to level 40 and make all kinds of jewelry, which also sell for a lot of money. Make Strength Potions and sell them by the wilderness in Varrock for 1,000 gp. Also make food and sell by the wilderness.

(9) When at combat level 10 or 11, kill level 18 warriors in Alcarid. They drop money and Iron Daggers.

(10) Fight enemies, such as Giants, that drop big bones, money, weapons, helmets, and steel axes. If you are a beginner, start off with chickens, then goblins, giant spiders, men, unicorns, bears, scorpion, giants, white knights, black nights, lesser demons, and greater demons. Greater demons drop items such as Rune Medium Helmet Runes Long and up to 3000 gold.

(11) When at level 35, fight Black Knights. They drop runes, sapphires, rubies, and gold. Get as many runes as possible, then go to the center of Varrock and sell them. Let them make the price.

(12) Go to Al-Karid. Go to the house next to the silk trader. When you go in, you will see a range and a man. Kill the man and he will either drop at least three Fire Runes and 1 to 30 GP. After you kill him, he will respawn.

(13) Fight Moss Giants. They drop Black Squares, Magic Staffs, Runes, Uncut Gems, 3 to 300 gp, and Big Bones which can be used for prayer. Moss Giants in free play mode can be found on Crandor Island and Varrok Sewers.

(14) Go to the cowfield in Lumbridge, start killin' cows and stock up on cow hides. Go to Alkarid bank and sell them to make anywhere from 20-100 gp apiece.

(15) If you're a member, you can kill the guards in Ardougne for 50-120 gp apeice.

(16) Member Trick: Level your magic until you can use Fire Wave/Blast and head to Water Birth island. Kill the Giant Rock Crabs, and sell the Rock Shell items they drop for a ton of cash.

Quick Cash - Theivery, Fishing and Magic Methods:
(1) Member Trick: For thieving skill, go to Ardougne where the stalls are. Behind the bakers stall are two houses. You can pick their locks. Go to the one with no upstairs. Enter and search for traps on the chest and you will get 10 gp. Exit and pick the lock again and search for traps on the chest once more. Repeat.

(2) Go to Lumbridge. Go to the general store then go behind it. Walk east until you see a brown path. Follow it southeast until you see a house. In your mini-map you should see a dungeon mark. Go to the mark and you should find a locked trap door. Pick the lock and go inside. You must have level 15 to 20 Thieving. Pickpocket people and sell the items.

(3) Fish for Shrimp and Anchovies until you have level 35 Fishing. While doing that, just let Shrimps overflow your inventory because you do not get much money for them. Once you have level 35 Fishing, start to harpoon Tuna at Karajma. The best place to buy a Harpoon is at the fishing shop in Port Sarim. You can sell Tuna for 30 gp. Even though you can sell Tuna for 40 gp at the general store, the price goes down depending on how much Tuna is in the shop. Once you have level 40 Fishing, start to fish Lobsters and sell them for 50 gp each.

(4) Magic level 33. Go to the basement of the NW bank in Varrock. Use Telekinetic Grab on the items. There are Gold Bars, Ruby Rings, and other good items.

(5) Magic level 55 (high alchemy). Get a Staff of Fire and buy a Runeite Medium for 8,000 to 10,000 gp. Use it on the Runeite Medium to get 11,500 gp. Repeat. This spell uses five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune.

(6) Theivery level 5. Go to east Ardougne, and steal cakes from the baker's stall. Steal a lot of them, and sell them to a wildy in the non-member world for 100 gp each.

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