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WWF Warzone Cheats for the PS

To enable the following codes, you must win the WWF title with the specific wrestler on Medium or Hard Difficulty. To access the cheats, press L1 then R1 at the main menu when the elevator is going up. This will take you to the basement.

HHH/Shawn Michaels		Female Wrestlers in Create Player
Kane				Extra Duds in Create Player
Steve Austin			2 more outfits for Austin
Goldust				2 more outfits for Goldust
Mankind				Dudelove and Cactus Jack
Brett/Owen Hart			Sue the Ring Girl
Ken Shamrock/Farrooq		No Wimps Mode
The Undertaker			All Meters Off
The Rock/British Bulldog	Big Head Mode
Ahmed Johnson			Ego Mode
Mosh/Thrash			Bean Mode    
Your Created Player Rattlesnake (selectable as a Custom Character)

HAVE A VERSUS MATCH WITH KANE & STONE COLD: (Trailer-park trashPress L1 R1 R2 L1 L1 and you'll get a ring of fire.

Random Wrestler:
At the character select screen, hold up and press block to choose a random wrestler.

View Movies:
At the "Press Start" screen, enter the following IN ORDER 4 times: Up+Triangle, Right+Circle, Down+X, Left+Square. Then, enter the following IN ORDER 2 times: L1+R1, L2+R2.

You should see "Movie 1" in the middle of the screen if you entered the code correctly. You can move up and down to view a total of 64 movies. Each wrestler has up to 6 threats and at the end are movies of the girl in Challenge mode.

Extra Attribute Points:
You can get more points for your custom character by beating certain modes on the 'Hard' setting

Mode		Points
Challenge       6
Versus		2
Tag Team	3
Cage		2
Weapons		2
All of these must be done with a created wrestler on "Hard" setting and each match can only be done once with each wrestler for a maximum total of 40 attribute points per created wrestler.

Alternate Outfits:
Hold down L2 when choosing your wrestler. You will have an alternate style & color of clothing.

Alternate Outfits 2:
To access the extra outfits for Steve Austin and Goldust, hold down R1 or R2 when selecting them.

Each wrestler can taunt his opponent or show off during a match by doing the following:

Taunt 1 - Punch + Block
Taunt 2 - Tie Up + Kick

Finishing Moves

To perform a finishing move, your opponent's health must be in the red zone.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Stunner
When near opponent tap: R, R, U, TU+BLK
When in tieup tap: R, R, TU

The Rock
Rock Bottom
When near opponent tap: R, R, U, P+TU

Mandible Claw
When near opponent tap: L, R, U, TU+BLK
When in tieup tap: L, R, TU
When opponent is on the ground tap: L, R, U, TU+BLK

Triple H
When near opponent tap: L, D, R, P+TU

The Undertaker/Kane
Tombstone Piledriver
When near opponent tap: D, D, D, P+TU
When in tieup tap: U, D, TU

When near opponent tap: U, U, U, TU+BLK

Curtain Call
When behind opponent tap: R, D, D, TU+BLK

Shawn Michaels
Sweet Chin Music
When near opponent tap: L, D, U, K+BLK

Ken Shamrock
Shamrock Ankle Lock 
When opponent is on the ground tap: L, R, U, K+TU

Ahmed Johnson
Pearl River Plunge
When near opponent tap: R, L, U, K+BLK

Bret Hart/Owen Hart
When opponent is on the ground tap: L, L, U, K+BLK

British Buldog
Charging Powerslam
When near opponent tap: U, D, U, P+TU
When in tieup tap: U, D, TU

Headbanger Mosh
Mosh Pit 
Standing on Top Turnbuckle, opponent standing: L, R, U, TU+BLK Headbanger Thrasher Stage Dive
Standing on Top Turnbuckle, opponent on mat: R, U, U, P+K Cactus Jack/Dude Love Double Arm DDT When near opponent tap: R, L, U, TU+BLK Cheesmeister Move set Running Power Slam w/ pin When in tieup tap: R, L, TU Running Power Slam w/o pin When near opponent tap: R, R, U, P+TU Pit Scorpion Move set Scorpion Deathlock When opponent is down, at feet: L, L, U, K+BLK Colossus Move Set Chokeslam When near opponent tap: D, U, D, P+TU Twist Move Set Torture Rack When near opponent tap: R, L, U, P+ BLK

Outside Interference

To call for a certain wrestler to run in during a match, hold all four top buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) and enter the following...

Button Combination	Wrestler
==================	========
Up+Kick			Steve Austin
Up+Punch   		Faarooq
Up+TieUp   		Mankind
Up+Block   		Ahmed Johnson
Down+Kick   		Ken Shamrock
Down+Punch   		Kane
Down+TieUp   		Thrasher
Down+Block   		Mosh
Left+Kick   		The British Bulldog
Left+Punch   		Shawn Michaels
Left+TieUp   		Bret Hart
Left+Block   		Owen Hart
Right+Kick   		The Rock
Right+Punch   		Goldust
Right+TieUp   		Triple H
Right+Block   		The Undertaker

Note: It becomes a Handicap match with you and whoever you called in against your opponent, but no matter what happens, your opponent will win by Disqualification. Also, it can only be done in a 1-on-1 VS Match.

GameShark Codes

P1 Invulnerable			800d69340000
P2 Invulnerable			800f69580000
Infinite Time			80077c240a80

P1 Never Stunned		800d69340000                                          

P1 Stunned			800d69342394                                          

P2 Never Stunned		800f69580000                                           

P2 Stunned			800f69582394                                           

P1 Super Strength		800d69cc0000                                           

P2 Super Strength		800f69f00000                                           

P1 Cannot Be Counted Out	800d69880000

P2 Can Always Be Counted Out	800f69ac00ff

Extra Characters		8007a0f03fff
Creation Points			800b64f40000

Note: The following code is NOT authorized by Interact. Use at your own risk.

Create Topless Female Wrestler	800B4AD8 0001
				800B4ADA 0F06
				800B6018 0005

Thanks to Revolution readers Austin Schlong, Tribal Prophet, Big Bad Baldwin & King Mike, Chris Nashed, Road Dog, Stone Cold Marcus Miller, Stone Cold Codman, Ted De Guzman, Stone Cold Callery, Chris White, Alex, Cody Klingensmith, Dan the Man, Stone Cold Vlad, XanXabar, Jon Hodges, Trickster, Mike M., John Nagal, Nicolas Ammaturo, Sanjeet S. Sidhu-Brar, Chris Donnely, Voo, Stephen Conoscenti, Adam Gunion, Ryan Powell, Jeremy Merritt, Aaron Chambers, GUSEG, Matt Coulombe, Travis Walker, Bill "theTHRASHER", Travis Roberts, "The Rock" MJM, Travis Walker, Rich the man G, Pink Floyd, Stone Cold Fran Bildner, Greg, Adam Gunion, DX 4 LIFE, Nick Amicucci, qeldarc, David Duke, Ruwanga Samath, Jimmy S., Sick-Boy, Ryan, Kris "THA DAWG" Williams, The Black Hart, Brandon Jones, Eddie Fitz, Gtsr47, Christian, Diamond Cutter, Chewbacca007, "Road Dog" Jon Martin, Ryan "peoples champ" Goetz, Brad Hardeman, Matthew Gilbert, Paul Roszko, " Shawn "Fafinator" Fafara, Brad Shields, Derek Fetterman, Brian Schroeder, Mike M., Angelo Nardella, Steven "Zombie Kenny" Hayes, Andrew Gill, David Andzelik, Sean Smith, Val Venis, Michael Cummings, Winston Bell, MMMuller, Cyboy45, T.J., Kenny Dudash, and Anthony Barson!

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