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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437 Update: I was unfortunately not aware of Shamus Young's severe criticism of Fallout 3 available here to link in the original piece and I regret that.  It dovetails rather nicely with what I've written and it's much better executed than my piece.  I strongly recommend anyone...

Spider Cheats

Pause the game and enter the code...

To refill weapons and life:

To be the flea:
Flea has a bit more "hang time" than spider, but flea doesn't web.

Flea also lets you do another cheat. Normally you have find all the level ends to see the extra video footage at the end of the game. But, if you simply beat the final brain boss as a flea, you will also get to see the extra video footage.


  • Lab Floor: 1FMLC939GPR8F3BF7KT1
  • Sinks: CHMLC939GPR8F3LWGTS3
  • Lab Top: 86MLC939GPR8F3VFQ5S4
  • 70's Room: FW1MC939GPR8F3BF7KT1
  • Boxes: FW1MC939GPR8F336DTTS3
  • Conveyors: BSRMC939GPR8F3VTKKT1
  • Machine Room: WDRQC939GPR8F3LM8S95
  • Tubes: 8WV5L939GPR8F36DTTS3
  • Mechanical Arm Boss: 8WV5L939GPR8F3G1QJB4
  • City Down The Street: 9WV5L939GPR8F3LRT6S4
  • Side Of Building: 6SXXS939GPR8F3LRT6S4
  • Park: W9PNT839GPR8F3B9LVS3
  • Under The Street: N7KB3Y19GPR8F3V95HR5
  • Along The Street: N7KB3Y19GPR8F3GGK4T3
  • Display Cases: P7KB3Y19GPR8F3BPFGC3
  • Volcano: G7KB3Y11GPR8F3BPFGC3
  • Dinosaur Bones: H7KB3Y1QFPR8F3QXSDS4
  • Model City: J7KB3Y1GWPR8F31766D1
  • Temple: K7KB3Y1B15S8F3QXSDS4
  • Museum Boss: K7KB3Y1B15S8F3BTQBB4
  • The Wells: V7KB3Y1B15S8F3QS7QC1
  • Along The Sewer: W7KB3Y1VBVP8F3LC1M95
  • Food Carton: X7KB3Y1VLN7BF31CH1C3
  • Up The Well: Y7KB3Y1VV16QF3QS7QC1
  • Ryan's World: Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3VKCDT1
Evil Lab
  • Circuit Boards: Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3LCQSR3
  • Lab Top: R7KB3Y118H56T1WTY4R4
  • Hard Drives: S7KB3Y118H56T1TCQSR3
  • Brian's Folly: T7KB3Y118H56T1FNY4R4
  • On the Ceiling: T7KB3Y118H56T1TC4LD1
  • Kip's Bonus: 68KB3Y118H56T151P6C4
  • Brain Boss: 68KB3Y118H56T1TMVM35

Thanks to Revolution readers Hubert E. McCoy, Dan from Boss, and Yours Truly!!

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