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Star Gladiator Cheats

You wanted hidden characters, we give you hidden characters....

Play as Bilstein:
In Arcade mode, press and hold select, move the cursor right to Gore, and enter: X, O, X, O, S, S, S, T, T, T, simultaneously press X and O. Bilstein appears to the right of Gore...

Play as Kappah (only works if you have already entered above code for Bilstein):
In Arcade mode, press and hold select, move the cursor right to Hayato, and enter: O, S, T, S, X, S, T, S, O, S, simultaneously press X and T. Kappah appears to the left of Hayato...

Play as Blood (only works if you have already entered codes for both Bilstein and Kappah):
In Arcade mode, press and hold select, move the cursor to Bilstein, and enter: X, S, X, S, X, S Now move the cursor right one to Kappah, and enter: O, T, O, T, O, T, simultaneously press L1 and R1

Here's some combos for the hidden characters (assume you are on the left):


  • KABBB, right left +K

For more combos, try using the hidden characters in Training Mode!!

Still hungry for cheats?

  • Change camera view during win pose: After you beat your opponent, press and hold O + X before it switches to the winning pose. Use the D-pad to maneuver camera, S to zoom in, T to zoom out.

  • Fighting the REAL Bilstein:
    You must beat all the characters before the timer reaches six minutes (or three minutes in a one round game). You will then fight Bilstein a second time, and now he'll be much harder. Once you beat this second Bilstein, you will see the real ending for your character.

  • Wall Mode:
    Beat the game once with any character, see the real ending, go to Option Mode. A new mode called "Wall" will be there, which will place a wall in Versus mode around the ring, disabling Ring-Outs.

  • Night Fighting:
    Before the round begins, simultaneously press L2 and R2 and down on the D-pad. The screen will black out, but you'll be able to see the players' weapons.

  • Large Heads and Feet:
    During the Loading screen (the screen that shows the two characters in the following fight), press and hold Right, Start, Square, and Circle until the fight begins.

  • Small Heads and Feet:
    During the Loading screen (the screen that shows the two characters in the following fight), press and hold Left, Start, Square, and Circle until the fight begins.

GameShark Codes

Hit Your Opponent 	801468d22400
Anywhere On The Screen	80146a362400

Extra Characters	801ea8e40101

Infinite Health P1	801d7a0400c8
801d7ca000c8 Infinite Health P2 801d7a0600c8 801d821800c8 Longsword Hayato 801cc5f81500 801cc6001c00 801cc6dc1500 801cc6e01c00 801d7e1401c0 801d7e1601c0

Thanks to Revolution readers Stephanie Goble and Huyah Ciddin!

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