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Starfox 64 Cheats

Starfox 64


To unlock the Expert Mode and the sound test Graphic Equalizer, you must get medals on all 15 levels.

To play on foot in Vs. mode, earn a medal on Venom in Expert mode.

To get Tanks in Vs. Mode, earn a medal on Venom.

Star Fox Art:
Beat the game in Expert Mode and wait for the credits to end. Depending on whether you went through Venom 1 or 2, you will get two different pieces of Star Fox Art.

Move the '64' on the title screen:
At the title screen, just use the analog control stick to move the 64 around.

Easy 1ups:
At the end of Corneria with the walking a loop through his legs without hitting his body and a 1up will appear.

In Sector Y when your wingmen fly in formation hit the booster and fly with them and a 1up will appear.

Quick Refill:
In Sector Z, to refill your energy quickly, fly through the back of Greatfox. You'll see a movie clip for about three seconds and you will re-emerge from the front of Greatfox with full energy.

Pyramid Game:
This is a cool Multi-player game for Star Fox 64. First, you must have four players and be able to play as a tank or single character (no vehicle). You must select Corneria as the battle arena. Now, three players who are single characters each must find a large pyramid. One player will be a tank and try to run over the other players. The object of the game is that the other three players must try to take over the other players' pyramid by shooting each other. When someone has captured all the pyramids he must defend himself against the tank. If the tank runs over the other player, he wins. If the person defending himself defeats the tank, he wins.


Fly Under Water with an Arwing In the Zoness Level:
When you see the "Enemy Tankers" fly at water level but not to the point of colliding with the water... then crash into the side of the tanker. Your arwing will be pushed under water for about 4 seconds and you can still fire!

Go Off Radar:
When you are playing in a 2 to 4 player battle royal or point match, you can go off radar! To do this you must fly as close to the ground as possible and you will not appear on the other player's radar. This is very useful since you can sneak up on your friends and blast them down before they figure out you're even near them!

Alternate Stage Exits:
-Corneria to Sector Y: Eliminate the three enemies tailing Falco about midway through the stage, and then fly through the seven stone arches afterward. When Falco says "Follow me, Fox!" -- do it.

-Meteo to Katina (WARP): Fly through all seven of the blue Warp Rings found shortly after the Checkpoint.

-Sector Y to Aquas: Collect at least 100 hits.

-Fortuna to Solar: Defeat the Star Wolf team before time runs out.

-Sector X to Sector Z (WARP): Blow open and fly through each of the large metallic doors down the left side of the second half of the stage.

-Sector X to Macbeth: Defeat the boss before Slippy tries to fly in and help. Otherwise, you'll have to go to Titania to retrieve Slippy.

-Zoness to Sector Z: Destroy each and every Search Light in the stage.

-Macbeth to Area 6: Shoot all eight flags toward the end of the stage, and then shoot the lever on the huge lighted switchboard to send the boss careening down the wrong track and into oblivion (and then you'll exit to Area 6).

-Sector Z to Area 6: Destroy all six missiles before any of them reach Great Fox.

Fight Star Wolf in the Training Mode:
Once you get to the All-Range mode during your Training, you can practice against Star Wolf - that is, if you actually want to. Just get 100 hits and Star Wolf ships will appear.

Vehicle Guide:
In order to maximize your score it is important to master every aspect of your vehicle's control. Here is a quick guide to some of the craft's capabilities.

Throttle- A lot of the levels require you to slow down in order to get the maximum amount of kills (especially Area 6). Get used to playing while holding down the break button.

Lock On Blast- By holding down the fire button you can build up a charge of green energy that has a larger blast radius then your regular laser. Once the blast is charged simply move your aiming target over an enemy to lock on. Press the button again to release. If you hit an enemy with an energy blast without locking on, you will automatically get a +1 hit.

Homing Bomb- After you have charged up a green energy blast and locked on to an enemy target, try launching a bomb instead. The bomb will actually home in on your target like the energy blast would. Deadly.

Premature Bomb Detonation- Once you have launched a bomb you can detonate it at any time by simply tapping the bomb button again. Useful for short range targets. Or if you miss.

Sharp Turning- In the 360 degree levels you can turn left or right faster by rolling while turning. Press left or right and repeatedly tap the Z or R button respectively to turn faster. Also, try breaking while turning for a tighter turn radius.

Looping and Immelman- If your throttle meter is full you can perform one of the Arwing's two 'special' maneuvers by pressing down and either accelerate or break. The loop is handy for evading enemies on your tail and collecting items stacked vertically, while the Immelman allows for a quick turn around in the 360 arenas.

Hover- The Landmaster's most useful power is the ability to hover momentarily by holding down Z and R simultaneously This allows you to both fly over obstacles and get a better trajectory for shots when there is something blocking your path.

Roll- By double tapping either the L or R button you can make your Landmaster roll. In the four player Vs mode this makes your tank effectively turn around, like the Arwing's Immelman.

Blue Mariner
Lock On- The Submarine's lock on system differs from the other two vehicles, in that you have to use the Bomb button to fire missiles, and you do not need to charge them up first. However, you can only have one missle on screen at a time. Once that missile detonates you can fire the next. Be careful you don't fire a missile at something in the distance when you need to shoot multiple targets in the foreground. Click your stick left or right to lock on to your next target.

Game Shark Codes

Unlimited lives           80157911 0040

Unlimited smart bombs 8016DC13 0004
Infinite Dual Blue Laser 8015791B 0002
Infinite Armor 8013AB27 00FF 80137C47 00FF Infinite Smart Bombs 8016DC13 0004
Start with 1 gold ring 80157904 0040
Start with 2 gold rings
80157904 0041
No shots P1 8015791B 0040
999 Kills 80157907 0040 80157909 0040
Background distortion
801578AD D99A
Unlimited Boost           81137C9C 0000
                          81137C9E 0000
                          8113AB7C 0000
                          8113AB7E 0000

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