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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats

Missle through man

Pick Snake and any other character you want and then go on any level you want. Then have Snake shoot a missile ( B over or 1 over) at the other opponent. Have the other opponent shoot, punch, kick, or blast the missile right before it hits you. The missile will go through you!

How to unlock nights, reala, clawz and jackle (and a secret)

First, to unlock NIGHTS you must use the team healer 60 times in brawls.
Then go to all star mode and beat it on any difficluty
After that you must battle NiGHTS beat NiGHTS and you unlock him/her!
However, to unlock reala just beat boss battles on hard, very hard, or intense. and then you must fight reala beat him and he's your's!
To unlock clawz use the assist trophy and the poke ball 40 times in brawls then go to 3 minute brawl and beat it then you must fight clawz beat him and he's your's!
Finaly, to unlock jackle beat 100 man brawl twice and beat event #50 once and fight him if you win you unlock him!
You can also unlock gulpo (the secret) by donig the elctroplankton stage 20 times in brawls and beat the lake in SSE once and then finaly you can fight him. beat him and he's your's to command! and those are all the NiGHTS characters in brawl

More Rules

To unlock More Rules get 200 KOs In Standard Brawl. More Rules will be located on the Rules Screen at the bottom

Crazy Hand in Classic Mode

To fight Crazy Hand in Classic Mode, you must reach the Master Hand in under nine minutes without using any continues on Hard mode or higher. If these conditions are met, Crazy Hand will appear alongside Master Hand at the start of the match.

Unlock Mega Man

Beat Classic Mode and All-Star with Sonic and Snake on Normal difficulty or higher.

Unlock Sheik

This character is easy to unlock, all you have to do to play as her is select Zelda at the 'Character Select' screen while holding A and don't release A until the match starts and Zelda will automatically transform into Sheik.

Unlock Multi-Player Events

These Multi-Player events are unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.
Unlock Events #1 - #8 - These are automatically unlocked.
Unlock Events #9 - #13 - Beat Subspace Emissary (Adventure Mode).
Unlock Events #14 - #20 - Unlock ALL the characters and beat any 10 Multi-Player events.
Unlock Event #21 - Beat ALL 20 previous Multi-Player events.

Unlock Single-Player Events

These Single-Player events are unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.
Unlock Events #1 - #10 - These are automatically unlocked.
Unlock Events #11 - #20 - Beat at least 7 events.
Unlock Events #21 - #28 - Beat Subspace Emissary (Adventure Mode).
Unlock Events #29 - #40 - Unlock ALL 35 characters.
Unlock Event #41 - Beat ALL 40 previous events.


Virtual Console Trials:
Unlockable                        How to Unlock
Donkey Kong Exceed 10 hours of play time
F-zero Beat SSE having used captain Falcon
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Use Toon Link over 10 times
Super Mario USA Win in VS mode with Peach over 5 times
Super Mario World Play yoshi's Island (melee) over 3 times



Unlockable                        How to Unlock
Captain Falcon Beat Classic in 20 minutes or less then defeat him in the following match or 70 VS matches
Falco Beat 100-man brawl or play 50 VS matches
Ganondorf Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda OR play 200 VS. matches
Jigglypuff Complete Classic Mode with any character other than Ike or Complete Event Match 20 or 350 VS matches
Lucario Defeat in SSE with Meta Knight or Complete 5 Target Tests with any character or 100 VS matches
Luigi Complete Classic Mode on Easy or 22 VS matches
Marth Complete Classic Mode using Ike or 10 VS matches
Mr. Game & Watch Beat classic mode with every character or 250 VS matches
Ness Play five matches OR Reflect ten projecticles AND meet Ness in SSE.
R.O.B. (Robot) Play 160 VS. matches
Snake Play 10 matches on Shadow Moses Island or 130 VS matches
Sonic Complete the Subspace Emissary or 300 VS matches
Toon Link Finish the Classic mode as Link or 400 VS matches
Wolf In the stage "Iseki" (Ruins) skip the first door you pass when being lowered in to the pit. Instead enter the second door at the bottom or 450 VS matches

Unlockable                       How to Unlock
All-Star Mode Unlock all the hidden characters
Boss Battle Mode Defeat the Subspace Emissary with any character

Random Stage Switch

Unlock all the stages with additional rules enabled.


Unlockable How to Unlock
3D Hot Rally Title Clear Target Level 5 With Anyone
Dream Chaser Play 10 vs. matches on Port Town
Fire Field Complete Event #24
Goruda Play 10 vs. matches on Halberd
Great Temple Complete Event #33 on Difficult
His World Play 10 vs. matches on Green Hill Zone
Ike's Theme Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary
King Dedede's Theme Complete Event #15
Kuru Kuru Land Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest with one character
Legendary Air Rider Machine Complete Event #13
Love Song (commercial version) Get a combined distance of 12500m in Home-Run Contest
Mach Rider (melee version) Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl
Menu 2 Unlock All 35 Characters
Metroid Prime 2: Multi-Play Play 10 vs. matches on Frigate Orpheon
Mountain and Forest Complete Event #18 on Difficult
Powerhungry Fool Play 10 vs. matches on Castle Siege
Road to Tokiwa Complete Event #8
Snake Eater Play 15 vs. matches on Shadow Moses Island
Song of Storms Complete Event #37
Staff Credits Music Clear Classic Mode on Difficult
Taru Taru Highlands Clear All-Star Mode on Easy


Stage Builder Parts

Unlockable                     How to Unlock
Edit Parts A Play 10 vs. matches on Stage Builder Stages
Edit Parts B Create 5 Stages in Stage Builder
Edit Parts C Create 15 Stages in Stage Builder


Unlockable                    How to Unlock
Big Blue (Melee) Brawl as Captain Falcon 10 times
Electroplankton Stage Complete Event #28
Flat Zone 2 Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Frozen Hillside Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode
Great Sea Unlock Toon Link
Green Hill Zone Unlock Sonic
Jungle Japes Play on any Melee stage 10 times in VS Mode
Luigi's Mansion Complete Classic Mode on Easy
Mario Bros Beat Challenge #19
Pokémon Stadium Play on Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times in VS Mode
Port Town Play as Captain Falcon 10 times in VS Mode
Spear Pillar Clear stage #25 in Event Mode


Target Tests

Unlockable                    How to Unlock
Level 2 (Medium) Beat Classic Mode twice on Easy or once on Medium
Level 3 (Hard) Beat Classic Mode twice on Medium or once on Hard
Level 4 (Very Hard) Beat Classic Mode twice on Hard or once on Very Hard
Level 5 (Intense) Beat Classic Mode twice on Very Hard or once on Intense

Zero Suit Samus

At the start of a match, select Samus on the character screen and hold down one of the following buttons.

Gamecube/Classic controller: Hold the R button

Wii Remote with Nunchuk: Hold the Z button

Wii Remote: Hold the Minus (-) button

Alternatively, to switch to the Zero suit any time during a match, do Up Taunt, Down Taunt, and Up Taunt. You must do it very quickly, and it is not a Final Smash, so no damage is done.


Hidden Conversations

Rotate the D-pad clockwise while using one of these characters in the corresponding stages to trigger a hidden battle conversation:

Fox/Falco: Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage)

Wolf: Lylat Cruise

Snake: Shadow Moses Island


Easy CD and Sticker Drops

First, acquire Stage Builder Parts Set B. Make a level where there are conveyor belts running into a wall, and a platform somewhere in the level that a player can stand on and stay still.

Plug in a second controller and go into options. Set every item EXCEPT Sandbag off. Set items to high. Go into your conveyor-belt-level in a regular Brawl and have the second character jump and stay on the platform.

When the Sandbags fall, they'll stay at the wall. Use your character to hit the Sandbags over and over. Since all other items are turned off, only stickers and CDs will appear. This is the easiest way to get a ton of them quickly.



Hidden Assist Trophies

Unlockable                                                How to Unlock
Advance Wars Assist Trophy Play 300 brawls.
Barbara Assist Trophy Unlock 25 or more CDs.
Gray Fox Assist Trophy Unlock Snake.
Isaac Assist Trophy Play 200 brawls.
Ray MK III Assist Trophy Play 100 brawls.
Shadow the Hedgehog Assist Trophy Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog.


Unlockable Stickers

Unlockable                                    How to Unlock
Boo [Mario Tennis] Hit over 900 ft. in the Home-Run Contest
Liquid Snake [Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes] Defeat 10 Alloys in Cruel Brawl
Phyllis [Animal Crossing: Wild World] Clear All-Star mode on Normal difficulty with any character
Running Chibi-Robo [Chibi-Robo] Clear Classic mode on Easy difficulty with any character
Ryuta Ippongi [Duendan 2] Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds


Sound Tests

Unlockable                                             How to Unlock
Assist Trophies 3 Unlock all assist trophies.
Fanfare Unlock all characters.
Kirby's Copy Abilities Unlock all characters.
Narration Unlock Boss Battles and All-Star.
Subspace Enemies and Bosses Clear the subspace emissary.


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