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Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) Cheats

General Tips
  • Repeating the same attack lowers its damage, so try to execute combos.
  • Low jumps allow you to execute air attacks when opponents are still on the ground.
  • Master double jumps. They are key to surviving when you find yourself falling off the screen.
  • Marth and Lucina are the two fastest walkers in the game.
  • Focus on one character at a time and learn their special moves. The character roster can be daunting at first, but become comfortable with one or two characters and try to hone your skills that way.
  • Remember to use your recovery move (usually up and B at the same time). Each character has a special recovery move.
  • Some good characters for beginners are Mario, Link, and Villager.
  • Defense is key in Super Smash Bros. A lot of players like to be aggressive when they first play, but that can be dangerous. Remember to use the shield and play the long game if necessary.


Random Stage Exclusion

When you have unlocked ALL 40 of the stages in the game you will then get the option to exclude stages from the random stage selector that you don't want to play on.

Fight Crazy Hand in Classic Mode

When you have reached the Master Hand in under 9 minutes without using any continues on at least the 'Hard' difficulty setting Crazy Hand will then appear alongside Master Hand at the start of a match in Classic mode.

Unlock More Rules

This feature is found at the bottom of the 'Rules' screen and is unlocked by getting 200 KOs in Standard Brawl.

Unlockable Stages

You can unlock additional stages by satisfying the corresponding requirements, as indicated below.
  • Pokemon Stadium 2 - Clear the When Lightning Strikes event
  • Smashville - Clear the Playing Tricks event
  • Kongo Jungle 64 - Clear the Original Heavyweights event
  • Duck Hunt Stage - KO at least 1 fighter in Cruel Smash
  • PAC-LAND - Play all the maps in Smash Tour
  • Flat Zone X - As Mr. Game and Watch, break 100 blocks in a single game of Trophy Rush

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Unlockable Characters

You can unlock the characters indicated by satisfying the corresponding conditions indicated below.
  • Falco - Clear Classic mode, or win 10 Matches
  • Wario - Finish 100-Man Smash, or win 20 Matches
  • Lucina - Beat Classic mode/Master Core at 5.5 intensity, or win 30 Matches
  • Dark Pit - Clear All-Star mode on Normal, or win 40 Matches
  • Dr. Mario - Beat one Master Order on Hard Difficulty, or win 50 Matches
  • R.O.B. - Defeat Crazy Hand after finishing 10 matches in Crazy Orders, or win 60 Matches
  • Mr. Game & Watch - Clear Classic mode with 5 fighters, or win 80 Matches
  • Duck Hunt - K.O. one fighter in Cruel Smash, or win 100 Matches

Unlock Stickers

The following stickers cannot be collected randomly off the ground, to get them you have to complete a specific task. Below is a list of the stickers along with the game that the character originally appears in and the task which needs to be completed to unlock them.
  • Unlock Boo (Mario Tennis) - In the Home-Run Contest hit over 900 ft.
  • Unlock Ryuta Ippongi (Duendan 2) - In under 3 minutes, 30 seconds clear 100-Man Brawl.
  • Unlock Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid -  The Twin Snakes).In Cruel Brawl defeat 10 Alloys.
  • Unlock Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) - On the Easy difficulty setting using any character Clear Classic mode.
  • Unlock Phyllis (Animal Crossing -  Wild World) - On the Normal difficulty setting using any character clear All-Star mode.

Unlock Hidden Assist Trophies

Collect the 6 hidden Assist trophies in the game by completing the indicated task for each one.
  • Unlock Gray Fox Assist Trophy - Unlock Snake.
  • Unlock Shadow the Hedgehog Assist Trophy - Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Unlock Ray MK III Assist Trophy - Play 100 brawls.
  • Unlock Isaac Assist Trophy - Play 200 brawls.
  • Unlock Advance Wars Assist Trophy - Play 300 brawls.
  • Unlock Barbara Assist Trophy - Unlock at least 25 CDs.
Golden Hammers, Masterpieces, And Pokemon
  • Golden Hammer 1 - Clear all of the Solo Events
  • Golden Hammer 2 - Clear 100-Man Smash
  • Golden Hammer 3 - Clear Classic at intensity 2.0 or higher with 5 or more characters
  • Golden Hammer 4 - Clear Crazy Orders while playing as Villager
  • Golden Hammer 5 - Clear All-Star
  • Masterpiece | Dr. Mario - Clear Solo 10-Man Smash without taking any damage while playing as Dr. Mario
  • Masterpiece | Earthbound - Hit Sandbag 1,968 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest
  • Masterpiece | Kirby's Adventure - Clear Solo Classic at intensity 5.5 or higher while playing as Kirby
  • Masterpiece | Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream - Clear the "No Mere Sparring Match" Event on normal difficulty or higher
  • Masterpiece | Yoshi - Clear Solo Classic while playing as Yoshi
  • Pokemon | Meloetta - Clear Solo All-Star on normal difficulty or higher while playing as Lucario
  • Pokemon | Victini - Clear All-Star
  • Pokemon | Xerneas - Play alone and as Pikachu and destroy 200 blocks in a single game of Trophy Rush

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